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Occupy Wall Street downloadable Posters

Posted by angelbabe43 on September 27, 2011

The posters provided on this page are free for you to download, print, and hang up within your community, not only to promote local efforts, but the soladarity ofall occupiers around the country. In fact, we highly encourage it as this will be a great means of spreading the word and getting others involved.

All of the posters on this page have been graciously donated to the cause by graphic designers who have contacted us and sent us materials. If you would like to contribute, please feel free to send us your work

To download, just right click and save the poster (an Acrobat PDF) to your hard drive.

Poster by Raina Dayne
Poster by Raina Dayne
Poster by Raina Dayne
Poster by Raina Dayne
Poster by Raina Dayne
Poster by Raina Dayne
Poster by Raina Dayne
Poster by Sam
Poster by Sam
Poster by Sam
Poster by Sam
Poster by Sam
Poster by Mark P.



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Posted by angelbabe43 on May 31, 2011


Ralph Cowan discusses the symbols in his Jackson portrait
1. The writing: ‘It says, “I’m a multidimensional creature going thru the Earth experience to learn in slow-motion the consequence of thought.” I was learning to meditate at the time and was reading different spiritual books.’
2. The suit of armor: ‘Michael was very, very sensitive and he got upset when people said bad things about him. If he wore armor, he would’ve been protected.’
3. The red cape: ‘It means royalty. He was a king. The King of Pop.”
4. The monkeys: ‘It’s not supposed to be Bubbles (Jackson’s pet chimp). I had two dogs in the original portrait, but Michael said he didn’t like dogs. He liked monkeys.’
5. The silver urn: ‘It represents all the awards he has.’
6. The parrot: ‘It represents the many imitators of his voice and movement.’
7. The young Chinese girl: ‘He saw children as angels until they grew up, and he didn’t want to be around them (then) because they had egos.”
8. The space shuttle: ‘When he goes to dance and perform, he goes into outer space.’
9. Jesus: ‘Michael was a Jehovah’s Witness, but he liked to talk about Christ and how great Christ had been to him.’
10. The woman in the white dress: ‘He told me he was seeing this nurse about something and that something magic was going to happen. What was happening was she (Debbie Rowe) was carrying the babies or they were making the deal to do it, so I painted a nurse that looks like an angel.’

The Artist Painter Robert Johnson was honourable and he received in 2010 the title of Academician from the Academy of Fine Arts Saint Louis, France.

Robert painted Michaël Jackson dressed in Napoleon Bonaparte costume “Coronation of Napoleon” original painting by the Master painter David and exposed at Louvres Museum, Paris. Michaël Jackson loved the princes, kings, and emporors costumes and he was also a member of the Napoleon Association.

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Posted by angelbabe43 on March 25, 2011

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Michael Jackson still alive

Posted by angelbabe43 on September 30, 2009


Cassandra Gretchen-Sims – the source for the latest in a series of “Michael Jackson is Alive” stories that have captured the imagination of  people worldwide – has agreed to answer questions from his fans to, as she puts it, “give people all the information that is available, directly, with no go-between.”
“Ask your questions and I’ll answer them honestly and as fully as I can,”
Alive and well? Source says, “Yes, Michael Jackson is alive.”

Michael Jackson

continues Cassandra Gretchen-Sims, a writer and producer who as late as last April was known by Hollywood and recording-industry insiders to be working hand-in-glove with the pop star on a secret movie script about his life.

“Send your questions to me and I’ll address every one – but please, only one letter per fan.

“If too many people send too many questions, there will be no way to keep up and everyone will feel cheated. Also, please, don’t waste time asking me for my person e-mail and home addresses and contact information.

“I cannot give them out, but, instead, will work through this blog.

“I will answer as quickly as I can, and that means within one to 48 hours, depending on my schedule and the complexity of your questions.

“I am in touch with Michael – he is, indeed, alive. And if I have to talk with him before answering a question, to answer it accurately, there could be an additional delay as he chooses the times we speak, not me.

” I look forward to your mail,” she adds. “I am honored to be in a position to answer your questions.” Posted From

FOR MORE INFO GO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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