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Posted by angelbabe43 on October 7, 2009

I’ve been listening to the dangerous album alot the last few days and there is alot of hidden messages in the lyric there I have realized so need to write them out and try to figure this out.There are also 33 key players and the Movie This is it also has clue .I have to say I’m not really good at this clue game thing,and my being not able to see the movie well even more dishearting, the theaters in my town are not showing it .But I did order the collector set and won’t recieve that until the first part of I’m off for now will be keeping my eyes and ears open and beLIEve that the truth will prevail!! I love and miss you MJ!!

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MJ means love to me

Posted by angelbabe43 on October 5, 2009

I’m just getting started with this blog which I decided to do because I was having such a hard time dealing with Michael Jackson death of June 25,2009 .Frankly I was devistated because to me he is a part of me .The media were doing there usual lets bash MJ but I will not let them have any negative bearing in my life .I have been a fan for over 40 yrs not your usual groupie type .I love him and will always and forever be there for him no matter what.Lets face it Michael was heathy when he supposedly died and everything was just not adding up soo ,I started doing an investigation. I’m new at this so bear with me .Almost everything that we as fans,friends and family have been told lies just to tide us over until the next set of stories are told .I believe in my heart of hearts that he is still with us and he wants his fans to know,I have friend of different sites that tell me this is true and I’m sorry but right now I have to be careful to not let some be my friends of certain sites because MJ’ safety is at stake.I would do anything for him to be ok I love and care for him that much.

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