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Michael Jackson still alive

Posted by angelbabe43 on September 30, 2009


Cassandra Gretchen-Sims – the source for the latest in a series of “Michael Jackson is Alive” stories that have captured the imagination of  people worldwide – has agreed to answer questions from his fans to, as she puts it, “give people all the information that is available, directly, with no go-between.”
“Ask your questions and I’ll answer them honestly and as fully as I can,”
Alive and well? Source says, “Yes, Michael Jackson is alive.”

Michael Jackson

continues Cassandra Gretchen-Sims, a writer and producer who as late as last April was known by Hollywood and recording-industry insiders to be working hand-in-glove with the pop star on a secret movie script about his life.

“Send your questions to me and I’ll address every one – but please, only one letter per fan.

“If too many people send too many questions, there will be no way to keep up and everyone will feel cheated. Also, please, don’t waste time asking me for my person e-mail and home addresses and contact information.

“I cannot give them out, but, instead, will work through this blog.

“I will answer as quickly as I can, and that means within one to 48 hours, depending on my schedule and the complexity of your questions.

“I am in touch with Michael – he is, indeed, alive. And if I have to talk with him before answering a question, to answer it accurately, there could be an additional delay as he chooses the times we speak, not me.

” I look forward to your mail,” she adds. “I am honored to be in a position to answer your questions.” Posted From

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57 Responses to “Michael Jackson still alive”

  1. alicia25 said

    Michael ,if you really are still with us, Pleeeeease come back soon


  2. I’m sorry if you think I am Cassandra this is the blog of angelbabe43 I started it because I needed a place to write my feelings about Michael Jackson’s supposed death.If you click the link it will take you to the right page .I too believe that MJ LIVES and that he wants his fans to know .Again I’m sorry for the confusion.

  3. Me to cuz my family think I’m off my rocker so to speak lol but I believe with my heart.I don’t know the reason but I believe!!I love and miss you MJ stay safe and come back soo your fans we love you and need you too!!!

  4. Nenitamg said

    Michael jackson

    Doesn’t have life without him meaning…

    I love always

    I prefer be crazy and believing, than to have no part in history!

    • Prisme said

      Hello Nenitamg!

      I really like your post, especially your last sentence. I share your thought.



      Love always MJ!

  5. Thanks for the reply ,so my family and my best friend still think I’m making all this up,they don’t watch ,read investigate and find the real truth I will not quite because Michael needs his fans too beLIEve the truth will prevail and it is all for L.O.V.E. [Let Odvious Visuals Exonerate]I found out last night that This is it is playing in my city.[Keep the faith MJ FANS]I’m soo excited I finally got tickets one to the preview and one to the regular showing and quess what not that many people know about I find that very odd since it’s sold out the world over.More later I’m also on twitter same name .We are all in this together and we are so blessed to be Michael Jackson fans.Keep the faith and keep your eyes on the prize (MJ LIVES]

  6. Cause he is, otherwise Cassandra will never start that on Derek Clontz. I’ll think he is breaking the silents befor Christmas.
    But Michael has to heal also.

    Greetings Angel Wynton

  7. Eleonora49 said

    Iam so confused I belive he is alive!!! I am so hoping he is getting well.His Voice is soooo beautiful to lisen to.He sounds to me like the whisper of a fall wind.Like the leaves in my Garden in Fall when I am waking through.His Face looks like a Face of an Angel in my Church.His smile touches my heart in the deepest Corner.Love Love.Love.You forget all your Sorrows for a Moment in Time.A Moment you dont want to end…Fall Leaves and Love. Please give this to Michael to get better, Eleonora.

  8. Jola said

    I love you most. 31 October I was at This is it, and I think that you are alive. Waiting for your return. I am trying to understand why you did it and it seems to me that I know. I am with you wholeheartedly. I really do. I love you so much. Over the last four months of often cried to you, but it was worth it. Sorry for the wrongs done to these people. You are in my heart deeply. I love you so much, Michael. Come back please in New Year. I love you, Mike.
    Jola from Poland

  9. Adriana, age 11 said

    Can you tell Michael that I love him and tell him to email me @ Love always and forever, Adriana,age 11

  10. Adriana, age 11 said

    Dear friend, I feel the need to cry and the day he left My heart was trying to come out my throat. PLEASE, TELL MICHAEL I LOVE AND MISS HIM. WHEN HE RE APPEARS, TELL HIM TO CALL ME AT 218 610 0204!!! AWAITING YOUR RESPONSE!!! LOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER,ADRIANA:]

  11. Carolyn said

    Its great to have finally found some place where people don’t think you’re mental for saying things like ” i think he’s alive”. it makes me so mad when people jsut write me off before they even hear me out. my own family think im mental. 😦
    I really hope he is alive i have seen enough evidence to beleive it. have any of you heard off cassandra coz i’ve sent like 2 messages and neither have been answere =/
    thanx x

    • YES I have heard of Cassandra and have left a few messages as well,and some ppl think that this is her blog and it is not go figure huh,this is just my blog that I started so that I had a place to write my feelings about Michael being alive! My family also think’s I’m mental,and so does my best friend so you are not alone in that feeling.Anyway nice too meet you and feel free to write me.


      • xcarolynx said

        what did you ask cassandra? i couldnt think of anything really that im sure a million people havent already asked. so i just asked if he was goin to write a book about all this you know maybe like a second autobiography. My friends bought me a first edition moonwalk for christmas but i couldnt wait so i secretly took it out the packaging and read it in one night. I thought it was great to actually see what’s truth and what’s not you cant trust the media these days. He seems soooo far from what the media makes him out to be. I just wish i could have been born earlier so i could have seen more of him wayy back.

        Caz X

  12. Prisme said


    Just thinking that Michael would be alive make me hâppy. I love all his fans, because we are like a big family (we share something in common, our love and faith for Michael). I hope is relax, have fun and laugh. When we laugh it’s contageous, everyone surroundding us become happy. We need each other. And my message to Michael is “I will be there for him (and I am sure all his fans in the world too).

    Big hug to Michael, I miss you so much.
    God bless you,


  13. Caroline said

    Michael so very weary to make the ruse is now simply by your intermediary reveals the whole truth. I do not know whether it was therefore not worth the candle. However, that’s not what I want to ask. My question is:

    Why the media is not aloud to you and your mediation?

    It is very strange. Let me believe that you write the truth and you are true.

  14. I Personally Do Not think that Michael is Alive!- I KNOW THAT MICHAEL IS ALIVE!!!!!.Not a fake,not a double..but Michael Jackson himself!! 2010 Michael & his Magic WILL RETURN,sooooo get Ready and Brace Yourself….THIS “WILL” BE IT!! Please visit my blog – an open and Totally honest blog,Dedicated to Michael and All of his Wonderful Fans and will enjoy**Thanks**
    And Thank-you !! -Dale*

  15. Prisme said

    Hi everybody|

    I have an idea. It was special if some fans (include myself) may write a song for Michael. To tell him how much he means to us, and all we miss him. I will try to wrtte a song, but I need help, because my monther tongue is French, I can write in English, but I want to be sure it will don’t have mistakes. But I am not already good in music, I need help for write music. It will be fun if each country have a choir and sing thie song for him, like the tribute “beat it” who was stand this summer in many countries. With that we could proof to the persons who cause pains to Michael, how much his fans love him and how many people have faith in him.

    I hope my idea may could realistic.

    I had and have many problems with my health, and I had a big depression. I really understand what is it to feel alone in a crowd. But I am lucky, when I listen the songs of Michael and interviews, it makes me happy and feel good. And sharing with his fans in differant blogs make me very happy too and give me hope for a better world we should be we have to stand together…

    With love (to all the big family we form including Michael naturally)


    • xcarolynx said

      I really like that idea!
      I can speak french quite well [well enough anyway!]
      Id like to help you do that 🙂
      I think that would be really nice for MJJ!

    • Prisme said

      Hi, it’s me Prisme!

      If it’s to difficult for me to write music for a song, it could be a poem, telling how we feel about Michael.


  16. Prisme said

    Hi Carolyn,

    You are the first who reply, I a very glad that someone share my idea, I will try to write an english song and translate it in French. But I am not familiar with the author’s right and how managing to edite a song, may be someone may help us with that thing?
    You can join me at, we can talk furthermore this project, I am so excited…



  17. Hi Shim, A LOT of us are asking the same question!!.Through my blog A lot of people e-mail me and ask me why ..and no one seems to have an answer!.I truly wish I could Help you, but Lots of us are trying to find out..If we find an answer I ,Will post the Answer HERE and on my blog…..
    And Always Remember “Michael Is Magic” -Dale*

  18. Leila said

    if anybody cares to coninue the work of Michael Jackson, you can share your suggestions on the site Maybe a good plan!

  19. teresa25 said

    Casandra is VERY busy ,she has a job,and a down syndrome daughter.The last time she had been in active was because her and her daughter were being threatened thus had to stop answering for a few weeks.Let’s hope and pray for her that she is safe and well.She has said she would answer questions and she shall,I belive in her so please,be patient and God Bless You all . ^^:

    It’s all for L.O.V.E

    • Prisme said

      Hello Teresa!

      I share your comment, and it’s true that Cassandra is very busy, she has her own life, and we are lucky she already answered important questions. I am so grateful to her. Tomorrow (Nov. 25 th, it will be 5 months that Michael “gone”. I am sure he knows how much we miss him, but we have to be patient, and when he will be ready, he will comeback without a delay…

      I hope Cassandra will may give us some news of Michael sooner, but I understand it’s a big jub to her.

      God bless you,


      P.S. Thank you Michael and Cassandra for what you do for us, I am really grateful.

      • teresa25 said

        Thank You prisme .This isn’t really the place to ask questions ,but if you go to this link to leave messages for Michael and casandra 🙂

        God Bless You

  20. Hi everyone this is angelbabe43 and this is my blog,no I am not Cassandra,I’m Life long fan of first the J5 then Michael Jackson of course.And I too started questioning everything when it all started on June 25TH 2009.I will tell you that I do not claim too have all the answers ,just the knowledge that I know deep in my Heart that Michael is alive.And I well be there when he decides to come back.Lets Keep his legacy and his visions alive.

    • Hi angelbabe43-, This comment is in response to your post above..nov.25/09,. I Completely Agree with you!!!!! All of Michaels Devoted Fans And Followers..we are All here for Michael not only now, but Always!!.I am new here and you sound like a wonderful person..and also I enjoy your blog “Daily”,Please try to visit ‘my’ blog,I hope you will enjoy. MICHAELS MAGIC and VISIONS WILL LIVE FOREVER!! God Bless & again.. thanks -Dale*

    • teresa25 said

      Hi angelbabe43.I hope you didn’t think I was being rude.Just trying to help out with sending people to the right link to ask thier questions.You are Beautiful and yes,we all need to keep Michaels legacy alive and being fans it’s not hard to do.He will come out when ready and when he does it’s going to be EXPLOSIVE -_~ I love the color here,purple is my fav color.

      God Bless you

      • No you were not being rude ,and I thank you for your Love and help cuz some think I am Caaandra and I assure you all I am not.I just want what is right for Michael for him too be vindicated and too keep his legacy alive!!! My favorite color too hence my blog is the color purple lol.Anyway Wishing you all my L.O.V.E. AND A VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Love will save the day!!

        Always angelbabe43

  21. angelbabe43, thank you soooo very much for your comment!! I hope you got to visit ‘both’ and, I had a fantastic Thanksgiving Last month LOL as I live in B.C.Canada.(But the Sweet And Pure Wish was really appreciated )you are Beyond kind xoxoxoxo – But I Would Like To Wish “YOU AND ALL OF MICHAEL’S DEVOTED FAN’S AND FOLLOWERS
    A BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL..THANKSGIVING DAY”..From All Of Us In Canada..God Bless You Allllllllll xoxoxoxo
    P.S.- 1 month from Today is Christmas!!

  22. teresa25 said

    Miss Dale who are you asking this question to? I have no idea what your talking about so it can’t be me,but interested in who you are directing this to,because I would have to say that we ALL on here belive Michael is alive.Unless it’s a hater of MJ that would send the negativity to this page,in which just ignore the haters,they may have issues and don;t know better ^^:

    God Bless


    • #1 Teresa/ did you take ANY time to read The Post????????????
      (((MOTHER TERASA))))) And I’m Positive!! that’s not YOU!.WOW + WOW.PLEASE take some time and read the messages and the way they ARE written, Thank-you soooo very much.My reply was NOT posted under Your message…Wow-Wee (I can hardly believe the words that YOU chose to describe me))).I have a blog Totally Dedicated To MICHAEL!!,and also have A LOT of followers that ALSO Love Michael as much as I DO!!!!!.”MICHAEL IS MAGIC”

      • Teresa (Lockport) said

        Hun,read my post again,it wasn’t against you .I am sorry if that’s what you read,and Ive never said I was Mother Teresa,Teresa is just my name.Im far from her and would never compare myself to her.Again,my post was NOT against you but a mere question.Forgive me if you saw it that way.That was not my intention.I would never hurt anybody in any way,please forgive me if that’s how you read my post.

        God Bless

      • Thanks for the word of encouragement ,I really did need it ,I was feeling the negativity and such,as I’ve not been able too keep up at times.Feeling overwelmed and bombared with negativitiy which I try so hard to stay away from it all. Too many feelings that it’s hard too come up with the words to describe them,its a process for me. Thanks so much


      • teresa25 said

        I wasn’t speaking of you hun,I was looking at what you had wrote about those who are writing they dont belive ,NOT you hun.I know you love Michael ,again my apologies for you misunderstanding my post.It was FOR you not against you.Forgive me.I was just telling you to ignore those who are negative is all.

        God Bless You
        Love Teresa

      • I posted the quote from Mother Teresa,thought it would be better too send LOVING thoughts out.

  23. “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” (Mother Teresa) –> THINK ABOUT IT. KEEP IT IN MIND. KEEP IT IN YOUR HEART. L.OV.E.

    • I told myself I would Not do this/ oh well….There Is NO Judgment Made By Me ONLY An Observation!!!!. There IS A Difference between the two….And if you take the time to re-read my post (maybe))) you will understand
      why my comment was made and still stands!.Pls.try to understand that I am NOT trying to be rude or to disrespect you!.I personally asked 8 other people to read what I read on your blog/ and to then read MY comment,and I’m sorry that they don’t understand the reference that you made Re-(Mother Teresa), as NO judgment was made by me.(only an honest observation)
      Hope you try to take the time to understand me and my Observation…. God Bless….


  25. I joined that blog along time ago ,when I thought he had died,since then I no longer feel that way, I have NO DOUBT WHAT SO EVER THAT HE IS ALIVE!!! LOVE LIVES FOREVER AND MICHAEL IS ALWAYS IN MY HEART.

  26. My post is for Teresa, Thank-you very kindly for your apology!!
    It means ‘a lot’ to me/ As A MICHAEL Hater(I could not + would not ever be)!!. On my blog,MY HEART + MY SOUL ARE PUT INTO IT(Both blogs)/ Michael Saved my life,and has been ‘my’ life for along time!!.I CAN stand in front of GOD and Swear to this!!!!. Again:
    Many thanks to you!. God Bless + the Happiest of the Holiday Season to you Teresa….-Dale*
    and there is a link on “this” blog to my Second blog.. I hope you will visit and enjoy my blogs / May God Bless……..

    • teresa25 said

      This post is for Miss Dale 🙂
      I never thoughT you were a hater hun,I thought you were talking about haters,lol.Thank You for accepting my apology,May you have a wonderful Holiday season and God Blesss you and Your’s.

      A Note: I have loved Michael since the 70’s so I would never do anything to hurt another MJ fan.Always remember that.-_~ We are ALL united in our love and we spread the Love around the world ,I would love to travel and meet everybody from other countries .I live in what’s called Lockport NY(Buffalo NY) very small Im 42 and a mother to a son of 19.I am single AND have been for 13 years(by choice) due to past bad relationships.Sorry for the long letter.Just a tad bit about myself is all.

      God Bless

      • THANK-YOU!.Teresa for your note,it Really doe’s mean a Lot to me!! xx Please have a Wonderful Holiday Season….GOD BLESS!!….
        MICHAEL!! A LOT OF Michael’s Fans and Followers that follow my blogs are All going to join!!/ I Believe In The Power Of God & The Magic Of Michael!! – Thank-you ALL xoxo

  27. ANGELBABE43….Quite Honestly,crap does happen!!
    It happens to ALL of us,at one time or another!!
    Moving on…and also misunderstandings happen/ I think it’s ‘part’ of growing!! (xo)))))))))))))
    MAY GOD ALWAYS BLESS YOU ‘ALWAYS’ xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo + xo

    • Miss Dale…I know life happens and so do misunderstandings . Thanks so much for your comment .I did spend some time working on my blog,as I was triing to figure out how I wanted it.A labor of LOVE for Michael and his many fans and followers.WISHING YOU A MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND THE HAPPIEST NEW YEAR EVER!!MAY GOD ALWAYS BLESS YOU ‘ALWAYS’AND FOREVER xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  28. teresa25 said

    Miss Dale,I really adore your blog site.Very beautiful ^^:

    God Bless

    • Here is the link to Miss Dales site

      • THANK-YOU very much for your post,I Always enjoy my visit here on Your Blog….ALL The Best To You ANGELBABE43!!!! / Happy Holiday’s
        God Bless You and Pls. Don’t Forget That We
        ALL Really Appreciate You,and Your Labor Of Love(your blog)!!!!! Love Always -Dale*

    • Teresa,Thank-you VERY much!!!!.I Really Do Appreciate your kindness!.I work very hard on my blog and it is Very Important to me/Only the truth is posted.I love the interaction between Michael’s Many fans and followers!.I feel that: we ALL love Michael;so lets be Happy about how Lucky we ALL are to be able to be here together….And To Celebrate The True LOVE:That We ALL Have For MICHAEL!!!!!.May God Bless You!! And “ALL” of Michael’s Many Fans And Followers ALWAYS!!!! A Million Thank’s Teresa xo -Dale*

  29. suz said

    I so believe that this is true. I hope that he is well and off drugs. I only want what is best for him. I have been leaving messages for him on blogs and web pages, and yutube videos. I have been publicly emploring God to return him to us….I have said”We didnt appreciate him and love him the way he needs to be loved when he was with us here on earth. But if God would just let him return, I dont care if he ever sings another note, dances another step, records any new music, or rescues another charity or makes one more dollar in donation to anything anywhere, just knowing he is is alive and living and breathing and enjoying his life and his children, and they are enjoying him, and loving him, then that would be enough for me. I would forgive him if he faked his death, if he planned it to be this way then so be it. As long as he is truly happy and healthy. What this has done, is shown millions of people the world over how much he is loved and is needed in this sick, sorry and sad dying world. Celine Dion sings this song that is called “Call the Man”…the best line in the entire song, is Call the man who deals in once upon atime, maybe he can heal this broken heart of him, shine a light ahead cause the way isnt clear….call the man…he is needed here”….and I couldnt have said it better if I tried. Wel love you Michael. No matter what. If you can come back and be happy thats what I want. I want nothing else, I just want to know….thank you.

  30. C.K. said

    dear michael,

    you must not come back, but let me (us) now that you are healthy and okay.

    Merry christmas to you and your family.
    I love you so much. Love that i never felt before.

    Yours christine

  31. Hi Angelbabe43,this is Dale*/and I Sure Hope that you had a good Christmas and a Safe New Years!!!!
    You must be busy….
    no new posts since Dec.8/09
    Now it’s 2010,and it’s gonna be a Good Year!!!!
    “Michael And All His magic Is:Coming Back”!!.
    (Its In The Air….Its Everywhere)!!.
    Just a post to say hi,and hope your doing good!

  32. C.K. said

    i feel so much love when i look in michael eyes.

    Words can never explain how much i love him. I love his spirit, soul and his consciouness about nature and human being.
    I can not believe the drugs story and his irresponsibility about his own children. This is not the way michael is.

    I believe and keep the faith.

    In love c.k.

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