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Depopulation by Mandatory Vaccination – Your Non-Future is Secured by the Hypodermic Pricks Of the Establishment!

Posted by angelbabe43 on May 14, 2011

Foreword by Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent –

The article below is so full of holes and blatant lies that the Irish Independent should be prosecuted but there are no laws to state that the media has to tell the public the truth about anything so that’ll never happen. However, they should be prosecuted or at least taken to task the next time an Irish child suffers serious side effects such as autism or even death due to vaccination.

The ‘herd’ immunity theory is so bogus as to be laughable. Oh and by the way… We’re human beings, not CATTLE! Put simply, if I’m unvaccinated and my friend is unvaccinated and 80 % of our friends are vaccinated, then who is at risk? Through a simple calculation, that leaves 20%; my unvaccinated friend and myself. Do we care? NO because it was our informed choice, through our own independent research, not to become vaccinated. Therefore what have the other 80% of our friends got to worry about if the vaccines work?

The truth is that vaccines have never been proven to work and that every major disease eradicated and attributed to vaccines is a lie. These diseases were virtually eradictaed prior to mass vaccination campaigns. The historical record shows that absolute FACT! It also shows that the same diseases have been introduced on many occasions by the vaccines which were meant to prevent them. It also shows that most cases of these diseases are in VACCINATED memebers of the population.

I’m not going to put the links up here to make it easy for you. DO IT YOURSELF! START GETTING INTERESTED IN THE HEALTH OF YOUR CHILDREN!

Either that or you can trust a lying, thieving, parasitical and corrupt cabal of political puppets in the back pockets of the owners of Big Pharma corporations… THE WORLD BANKERS who continue to destroy your financial well being and who seek to destroy your health for profit and a depopulation agenda that is global!

Concern for children’s health as parents ignoring vaccines

By Edel Kennedy

Parents were yesterday warned to ensure their children get all of the jabs against potentially fatal diseases as figures show a drop in the uptake of vaccines.

The Health Service Executive said infants need five GP visits in the first 13 months of life for full immunisation — and if they fail to get the necessary booster shots then the early vaccines are worthless.

Dr Alf Nicholson, a paediatrician at Temple Street Hospital in Dublin, said that many parents are not getting their children vaccinated, despite the fact that they are free of charge.

This failure by parents means we are just below the numbers needed for herd immunity — meaning that if an outbreak occurs, it will spread rapidly amongst those who have not been immunised.

“We need a vaccination rate of about 90pc or 95pc for herd immunity,” he said. “But at the moment we’re at the 88pc or 89pc mark.

“About two years ago we had a major drop in the numbers getting the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine because people were concerned about the link between MMR and autism. But that’s been completely refuted and the numbers have gone back up. But they’re still not high enough.”

He said the problem was exacerbated by a very strong anti-vaccine lobby in the US and Europe — but each country was handling the problem in their own way.

“In Hungary vaccination is compulsory,” said Dr Nicholson. “And in France it’s linked to child welfare payments. So if you don’t have your child vaccinated your payments drop.”

Dr Brenda Corcoran, of the national immunisation office, said there has been a drop in numbers getting the Hib booster and third doses of PCV (pneumococcal conjugate vaccine) and Men C vaccine, which protects against meningitis and septicaemia.

“We have seen a number of measles outbreaks in Ireland in recent years, which could have been prevented,” she said.

A new guide to childhood immunisation for parents has been launched to coincide with European Immunisation Week, which runs until Saturday.

A new immunisation tracker has also been launched to help parents keep track of their children’s vaccination history while also sending them timely reminders of when a further vaccination is due.

The tracker, which is available on and iTunes, sends parents reminders when their child needs to be immunised, or needs a booster shot.


Among the vaccines given is one for tuberculosis (TB) at birth, a six-in-one shot, which must be given three times to protect against polio, whooping cough and other diseases; and the MMR vaccine, which is first given at 12 months.

Separately, the Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) has also raised concerns over the drop in uptake of life-saving vaccines.

Young adults and children are most likely to carry the bacteria that cause meningitis — inflammation of the lining around the brain and spinal cord — and septicaemia, the blood poisoning form of the disease.

Up to 300 cases are recorded each year with one-in-10 patients dying. And 20pc of survivors are left with after-effects including brain damage, deafness, blindness and limb loss.

Clodagh Hegarty, medical information officer, said: “Many types of bacterial meningitis can be prevented through vaccination.

“It is vital that parents ensure their children are fully vaccinated against strains of meningitis and are also aware of the signs and symptoms of the diseases as this can save a life.”

– Edel Kennedy

Irish Independent

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False Flag Terror Attack Imminent as US Claims the Ghost of Osama Bin Laden Killed AGAIN! World War III on the Agenda!

Posted by angelbabe43 on May 7, 2011

By Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent –

So they’ve finally had to admit that Osama bin Laden is dead despite the fact that he’s been dead for close to a decade already.

They claim to have the body. I’ll place a small wager that his face is unrecognisable and that ‘dental records’ or ‘DNA’ will be used to identify him to satisfy the rent a mob which turned up outside the Whitehouse chanting ‘USA, USA’ on the ‘news’ that bin Laden had been killed.

Surprise, surprise… it’s DNA!

So what’s this all about then?

We’ve already had the farce this week of the fake birth certificate being produced to authenticate Barak Obama as an American citizen, a birth certificate so easily discredited as to make one wonder whether this was the intention. It has been a huge distraction across America over the past few days and will now be quickly forgotten and put away as the real deal in terms of Obama’s legitimacy as US President.

The ‘news’ will be saturated for days now with this non-story of the killing of Osama bin Laden. Obviously this was times to coincide with the birth certificate issue to further muddy the waters.

We truly are living in Orwell’s 1984.

I wonder who the new bogeyman will be? They’ve got to have somebody. I’m guessing he, or in this age of ‘equality’ where we can have a ‘bogeyperson’, she, may just have some ties to Iran or Syria, or how about North Korea? Venezuela?

According to the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) document, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya and North Korea are on the list of targets of interest. We’re already over halfway in invading these countries with Syria now firmly in the gun sights of the powers that be, not only in America but in the wider realms of the UN with their war intentions clearly on display following their first ever declaration of war a sovereign state, namely Libya. Coming from an organisation which we’re led to believe was created to end war would be seen as farcical if it weren’t so deadly and brutal ending the lives of millions already in Afghanistan and Iraq. The civilian murders by NATO allies have already killed many innocent men, woman and children in the United Nation’s definition of bringing peace to the world.

So what will the announcement of bin Laden’s death achieve in terms of the fake ‘war on terror’?

Well, I would suggest it’s fairly obvious to many people with the sense to understand that this is a huge game being played out before us, that the real terrorists, the ones in government, will use this to commit further false flag terror attacks on their own people and blame it on their own created terrorist organisation under the banner of al Qaeda and cite them as ‘revenge’ attacks.

Watch out America! This is of course going to be used to implement martial law on the country with the excuse for further ID legislation and gun confiscation. We’ve already heard from Joe Biden in a speech recently to the Supreme Court where he said: ‘Can a microscopic tag be implanted in a person’s body to track his every movement? There’s actual discussion about that. You will rule on that, mark my words before your tenure is over. Can brain scans be used to determine whether a person in inclined for criminality or violent behaviour YOU WILL RULE ON THAT!”

This is where this ‘war on terror’ is headed. One more false flag attack and we’ll see this rolled out worldwide. The ‘war on terror’ is being ratcheted up and we are now going to be branded the terrorists!

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We can Stop the Global Elite – We can Win! – By Naomi Klein & Bill Mc Kibben ( Funded by The Rockefeller Foundation, the Very Elites He’s Trying to Bring Down? Really?)

Posted by angelbabe43 on April 14, 2011

Foreword by Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent –

In the following article we’re being led to believe that Bill McKibben, and by association Naomi Klein, are against the global elite. But just who is Bill McKibben?

Bill McKibben organises the climate change activist group:

However, is not all it seems as the organisation is heavily funded by the Rockefeller family, supposedly one of the elitist families dear Bill wishes to depose from their lofty heights?

I think not. I wonder if Naomi is actually aware of McKibben’s close ties to one of the most evil, elitist families on the planet or is she a willing accomplice? Maybe she needs to explain why she’s involved with such an eco-fascistic zealot with close financial links to the eugenics organisation called Rockefeller Family. I think it’s about time we saw the real Naomi Klein step forward.

Which is it Naomi? Friend, foe or elitist patsy?


Our Lives Are Under Threat From Some of the Most Powerful and Richest Entities — Here’s How We Can Fight Back and Win

By Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben – April 8th, 2011

Not for forty years has there been such a stretch of bad news for environmentalists in Washington. Last month in the House, the newly empowered GOP majority voted down a resolution stating simply that global warming was real: they’ve apparently decided to go with their own versions of physics and chemistry. This week in the Senate, the biggest environmental groups were reduced to a noble, bare-knuckles fight merely to keep the body from gutting the Clean Air Act, the proudest achievement of the green movement. The outcome is still unclear; even several prominent Democrats are trying to keep the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases. And at the White House? The president who boasted that his election marked the moment when ‘the oceans begin to recede’ instead introduced an energy plan heavy on precisely the carbon fuels driving global warming. He focused on ‘energy independence,’ a theme underscored by his decision to open 750 million tons of Wyoming coal to new mining leases. That’s the equivalent of running 3,000 new power plants for a year.

Here’s what we think is going on, in the broadest terms.

The modern environmental movement was born on Earth Day 1970, in an unprecedented burst of mass organizing–by some estimates 20 million Americans, a tenth of the population, took to the streets. It was a young movement, at a time when large numbers of people were serious about not just cleaning the air but stopping wars and ending official discrimination. That popular base inspired–or, more likely, cowed–Washington: the next four years saw the passage of virtually all the environmental legislation that still forms the core of green law. It also saw the birth or rebirth of many of the organizations we think of when we think of environmentalism. Powered by that initial burst of mass support, they were able to make real headway in DC, and so they concentrated on important and professional tasks: patient lobbying of subcommittees, careful report-writing. And they kept making substantial gains: Superfund toxic cleanups, acid-rain control.

But in recent years two things have happened. One, that battery wound up on the first Earth Day has finally wound down: congressmen, it turns out, can tell the difference between an aging membership list and a vibrant political movement. As the DC political bible Politico put it last month: “green groups are being forced to play defense in a world where D.C. pols aren’t scared of them.”

Second, the key issue has changed. Forget acid rain and Superfund; these were important but relatively easy fights that didn’t directly confront anyone’s business model. You could clean up acid rain by putting a filter on your power plant. But global warming is different–you’d have to shut down that power plant, and replace it with a windmill or a solar panel.

And so the full power of the fossil fuel industry–the most profitable business in the planet’s history–has been brought to bear on the fight, and they play hard and dirty. The Koch Brothers spend huge sums to underwrite the network of global warming skeptics; the US Chamber of Commerce emerged as the biggest campaign funder of them all, shuttling 94% of its donations to climate deniers. This kind of clout carried the day: the biggest dream of DC Washington groups was the so-called ‘cap-and-trade’ bill, behind which they mustered every insider technique they’d spent the last four decades perfecting. But in the end they didn’t come close: Harry Reid refused to even schedule a floor vote, knowing that he was far short of the votes needed to pass the bill. The White House stayed on the sidelines.

To us, the lesson is pretty clear. Since we’re never going to have as much money as the fossil fuel industry, we need to rebuild the kind of mass movement that marked 1970: bodies, passion, and creativity are the currencies we can compete in. It’s not impossible. Working with next to no money, the fledgling campaign at managed over the last three years to coordinate 15,000 rallies in 189 countries–every nation on earth save North Korea. It’s been active in every US state and Congressional district. And this week, it combined forces with another important American grass roots climate campaign, 1Sky, for extra reach.

1Sky was founded in the same spirit, and at the same time, as, and has worked to develop leaders around the country and help build a base of hundreds of allies. Together, we’ll be smarter, bolder, faster, and more creative than we were before.

This new and expanded will mobilize on a large scale–circle Sept. 24 on your calendar for a worldwide day of bike-based action. But it’s also going aggressively after the backroom money, with a far-reaching new campaign that tackles the US Chamber of Commerce for its climate stance. This youth-based campaign is linking up with labor, with faith communities, with frontline communities who have the most experience trying to shut down dirty power plants in their backyards. Most of all it’s actually out in the streets, organizing new blood. The idea is not to supplant the Washington green groups, but instead to give the whole movement new clout–enough clout to withstand the crushing power of oil money. And enough energy to let us get off defense and back on the attack.

We don’t know if we’ll win in the end: the science of climate change grows darker by the day, and the window for effective action is swiftly closing. But any chance requires people power replacing corporate power. In the year of Tunisia and Egypt and Wisconsin, it’s worth a try.

Read More: Naomi

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The deliberate dumbing down of our children..

Posted by angelbabe43 on April 4, 2011

By Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent –

Is anyone really surprised that our children are becoming more and more illiterate these days.

It seems a bit ironic that they even publish such a story in the rag press which I have to presume even the illiterate masses of youth wouldn’t read even if they could?

But is it any surprise when we see the garbage they’re given to read, the nonsense they’re given as entertainment on TV and the idiocy of the movies fed to them from Hollywood which are supposed to pass as comedy but which are in fact Hollywood itself laughing at them in their idiotic stupor thinking that the drivel they’re fixated by is actually funny.

But of course, if the ‘education’ system was actually about teaching children anything then we’d have something to complain about wouldn’t we? But the fact is the ‘education’ system we’re led to believe is to teach our children on various subjects to prepare them for a career in whatever field they may be interested in is a complete farce.

Bertrand Russell wrote about ‘education’ in the 1930’s when he said in his book: ‘The Scientific Outlook’ published in 1954. Remember Russell was one of the elites of his day and his books are still praised in academic circles by the same social class to this day. This must be taken seriously in light of what we see in our children today as regards ‘education’. I urge you to read the full chapter and come to your own conclusions. If nothing else it should be fairly clearly to you how it just happens that the same class of people always end up in power and indeed all appear to speak in the exact same manner as eachother and behave like eachother in every aspect. They are like clones.

The Scientific Outlook – Bertrand Russell



EDUCATION has two purposes: on the one hand to form the mind, on the other hand to train the citizen. The Athenians concentrated on the former, the Spartans on the latter. The Spartans won, but the Athenians were remembered.

Education in a scientific society may, I think, be best conceived after the analogy of the education provided by the Jesuits. The Jesuits provided one sort of education for the boys who were to become ordinary men of the world, and another for those who were to become members of the Society of Jesus. In like manner, the scientific rulers will provide one kind of education for ordinary men and women, and another for those who are to become holders of scientific power. Ordinary men and women will be expected to be docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless, and contented. Of these qualities probably contentment will be considered the most important. In order to produce it, all the researches of psycho-analysis, behaviourism, and biochemistry will be brought into play. Children will be educated from their earliest years in the manner which is found least likely to produce complexes.

Almost all will be normal, happy, healthy boys or girls. Their diet will not be left to the caprices of parents, but will be such as the best biochemists recommend. They will spend much time in the open air, and will be given no more book-learning than is absolutely necessary. Upon the temperament so formed, docility will be imposed by the methods of the drill-sergeant, or perhaps by the softer methods employed upon Boy Scouts. All the boys and girls will learn from an early age to be what is called “co-operative,” i.e. to do exactly what everybody is doing. Initiative will be discouraged in these children, and insubordination, without being punished, will be scientifically trained out of them.

Their education throughout will be in great part manual, and when their school years come to an end they will be taught a trade. In deciding what trade they are to adopt, experts will appraise their aptitudes. Formal lessons, in so far as they exist, will be conducted by means of the cinema or the radio, so that one teacher can give simultaneous lessons in all the classes throughout a whole country.

The giving of these lessons will, of course, be recognized as a highly skilled undertaking, reserved for the members of the governing class. All that will be required locally to replace the present-day school teacher will be a lady to keep order, though it is hoped that the children will be so well-behaved that they will seldom require this estimable person’s services.

Those children, on the other hand, who are destined to become members of the governing class will have a very different education. They will be selected, some before birth, some during the first three years of life, and a few between the ages of three and six. All the best-known science will be applied to the simultaneous development of intelligence and will-power.

Eugenics, chemical and thermal treatment of the embryo, and diet in early years will be used with a view to the production of the highest possible ultimate ability. The scientific outlook will be instilled from the moment that a child can talk, and throughout the early impressionable years the child will be carefully guarded from contact with the ignorant and unscientific. From infancy up to twenty-one, scientific knowledge will be poured into him, and at any rate from the age of twelve upwards he will specialize on those sciences for which he shows the most aptitude. At the same time he will be taught physical toughness ; he will be encouraged to roll naked in the snow, to fast occasionally for twenty-four hours, to run many miles on hot days, to be bold in all physical adventures and uncomplaining when he suffers physical pain. From the age of twelve upwards he will be taught to organize children slightly younger than himself, and will suffer severe censure if groups of such children fail to follow his lead. A sense of his high destiny will be constantly set before him, and loyalty towards his order will be so axiomatic that it will never occur to him to question it. Every youth will thus be subjected to a threefold training: in intelligence, in self-command, and in command over others.

If he should fail in any one of these three, he will suffer the terrible penalty of degradation to the ranks of common workers, and will be condemned for the rest of his life to associate with men and women vastly inferior to himself in education and probably in intelligence. The spur of this fear will suffice to produce industry in all but a very small minority of boys and girls of the governing class.

Except for the one matter of loyalty to the world State and to their own order, members of the governing class will be encouraged to be adventurous and full of initiative. It will be recognized that it is their business to improve scientific technique, and to keep the manual workers contented by means of continual new amusements. As those upon whom all progress depends, they must not be unduly tame, nor so drilled as to be incapable of new ideas. Unlike the children destined to be manual workers, they will have personal contact with their teacher, and will be encouraged to argue with him. It will be his business to prove himself in the right if he can, and, if not, to acknowledge his error gracefully. There will, however, be limits to intellectual freedom, even among the children of the governing class. They will not be allowed to question the value of science, or the division of the population into manual workers and experts. They will not be allowed to coquette with the idea that perhaps poetry is as valuable as machinery, or love as good a thing as scientific research. If such ideas do occur to any venturesome spirit, they will be received in a pained silence, and there will be a pretence that they have not been heard.

A profound sense of public duty will be instilled into boys and girls of the governing class as soon as they are able to understand such an idea. They will be taught to feel that mankind depends upon them, and that they owe benevolent service especially to the less fortunate classes beneath them. But let it not be supposed that they will be prigs far from it.

They will turn off with a deprecating laugh any too portentous remark that puts into explicit words what they will all believe in their hearts. Their manners will be easy and pleasant, and their sense of humour unfailing.

The latest stage in the education of the most intellectual of the governing class will consist of training for research. Research will be highly organized, and young people will not be allowed to choose what particular piece of research they shall do. They will, of course, be directed to research in those subjects for which they have shown special ability. A great deal of scientific knowledge will be concealed from all but a few. There will be arcana reserved for a priestly class of researchers, who will be carefully selected for their combination of brains with loyalty. One may, I think, expect that research will be much more technical than fundamental. The men at the head of any department of research will be elderly, and content to think that the fundamentals of their subject are sufficiently known. Discoveries which upset the official view of fundamentals, if they are made by young men, will incur disfavour, and if rashly published will lead to degradation. Young men to whom any fundamental innovation occurs will make cautious attempts to persuade their professors to view the new ideas with favour, but if these attempts fail they will conceal their new ideas until they themselves have acquired positions of authority, by which time they will probably have forgotten them.

The atmosphere of authority and organization will be extremely favourable to technical research, but somewhat inimical to such subversive innovations as have been seen, for example, in physics during the present century. There will be, of course, an official metaphysic, which will be regarded as intellectually unimportant but politically sacrosanct.

In the long run, the rate of scientific progress will diminish, and discovery will be killed by respect for authority.

As for the manual workers, they will be discouraged from serious thought : they will be made as comfortable as possible, and their hours of work will be much shorter than they are at present ; they will have no fear of destitution or of misfortune to their children. As soon as working hours are over, amusements will be provided, of a sort calculated to cause wholesome mirth, and to prevent any thoughts of discontent which otherwise might cloud their happiness.

On those rare occasions when a boy or girl who has passed the age at which it is usual to determine social status shows such marked ability as to seem the intellectual equal of the rulers, a difficult situation will arise, requiring serious consideration. If the youth is content to abandon his previous associates and to throw in his lot whole-heartedly with the rulers, he may, after suitable tests, be promoted, but if he shows any regrettable solidarity with his previous associates, the rulers will reluctantly conclude that there is nothing to be done with him except to send him to the lethal chamber before his ill-disciplined intelligence has had time to spread revolt. This will be a painful duty to the rulers, but I think they will not shrink from performing it.

In normal cases, children of sufficiently excellent heredity will be admitted to the governing class from the moment of conception. I start with this moment rather than with birth, since it is from this moment and not merely from the moment of birth that the treatment of the two classes will be different.

If, however, by the time the child reaches the age of three, it is fairly clear that he does not attain the required standard, he will be degraded at that point.

I assume that by that time it will be possible to judge of the intelligence of a child of three with a fair measure of accuracy. Cases in which there is doubt, which should, however, be few, will be subjected to careful observation up to the age of six, at which moment one supposes the official decision will be possible except in a few rare instances. Conversely, children born of manual workers may be promoted at any moment between the age of three and six, but only in quite rare instances at later ages. I think it may be assumed, however, that there would be a very strong tendency for the governing class to become hereditary, and that after a few generations not many children would be moved from either class into the other. This is especially likely to be the case if embryological methods of improving the breed are applied to the governing class, but not to the others. In this way the gulf between the two classes as regards native intelligence may become continually wider and wider. This will not lead to the abolition of the less intelligent class, since the rulers will not wish to undertake uninteresting manual work, or to be deprived of the opportunity for exercising benevolence and public spirit which they derive from the management of the manual workers.

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New World Order Alien Agenda Scales New Heights of Idiocy as Intergenerational Victims of Lies and Deception Try to Wake Up to Reality

Posted by angelbabe43 on April 1, 2011

A Borg unicomplex. This unicomplex was later d...

Image via Wikipedia

By Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent –

I’m sure there are days when, as part of a minority group of people in society who can see what’s going on around us, we try to tell as many people as possible what’s going on, in the shortest space of time, but it seems futile. This can be a very disillusioning experience and can indeed depress most of us at one time or another.

This manifests itself, primarily because the real world is a frightening place when the full impact of the reality happening around us hits you. But you keep beating your head against that brick wall of created victims as you realise that most people will never listen to you, or if they do eventually, it’ll more than likely be too late.

We may despair at times and even think to ourselves that the people who ridicule or abuse us aren’t worth saving and they deserve all that’s coming to them. I’ve thought that myself at times.

However, we have to take a step back and realise that these people are indeed victims in the same way that we were all once victims to the reality put before us through early childhood, through school/college/university, a constant barrage of TV drivel, mass media manipulation of the press and deception, corruption and lies from all other mainstream media sources including novels and so called historical documents and political biographies. We have been deceived all our lives in one form or another in a delberately maniplulated fashion to shape our perceptions of reality.

Of course, let’s not forget the politicians who have lied to every generation for centuries. They’ve lied from the times of ancient Rome, and no doubt prior to that, right through to today and will continue to lie to us.

But getting back to the idea that the ‘general public’ are victims should force us to look at the situation in a different light when trying to ‘wake people up’. We have to accept that there are very many who will never wake up and unfortunately we have to make a choice as to who we try to expose to reality and who not to, bearing in mind also the effect it will have on anyone who finally breaks free of the chains of created reality which they’ve been shackled by all their lives; forstly shock followed by the inevitable anger and depression. However, this is a completely normal and necessary reaction. We wouldn’t be human otherwise.

Obviously as human beings, with an instinctive moral conscience, we would in an ideal world want to wake everyone up but we have to accept that this is NEVER going to happen. Even as food disappears or becomes unaffordable for many people, they will still ridicule you if you suggest that this was all planned and you tried to warn them it was all going to happen, even as their fingerprint or iris scan at their local supermarket denies them access to the basic foods they need for survival.

They will also be the first to attack you as if this was your fault.

We’ve all experienced the utter frustration of trying to point out the obvious lies and deception going on around us and on a few occasions reacted in a way that will never help in trying to persuade people that your information is credible.

However, we need to be a little cautious at this point. Credible means evidence based, not speculation on subjects which seem to many in the so called ‘truth movement’ to be relevant, or indeed factual, but which to the ordinary person in the street who’s oblivious to all that’s going on around them in the real world can seem too far-fetched to say the least and possibly utterly absurd to the point of being ridiculous. To mix speculation on subjects as UFO’s or ‘aliens’ of whatever shape or origin, with facts which are blatantly obvious before our eyes,such as the obvious controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and Buliding 7 on 9/11, with all that that implies, is to destroy any credibility for factual, proven information relating to such events which is going to directly affect the ordinary person’s day to day life.

There is ample proven scientific evidence for the multitude of lies and deception used on the general public ‘victims’ on a wide range of subjects from the myth of manmade global warming to the efficacy of vaccines. We do not have to go down the road of alien invasions or reptilian beings colonising the planet. If you believe those subjects or theories to be relevant, and I personally  think they’re irrelevant and untrue, I would also suggest that there are people or groups put out there as ‘conspiracy theorists’ purely and simply to spread disinformation which will be taken up by a few ‘truth’ pioneers who actually believe this stuff or deliberate psy-ops disinformation agents putting it out there and mixing it with factual evidence on the wide range of issues we should be concerned about with the certainty that such relevant and important information for our very survival will simply be discredited as the delusions of cranks and conspiracy nuts. I can also envisage well being individuals in the ‘truth’ movement who may well have been duped into this line of thought who truly believe it to be part of the bigger picture.

Let’s not go there and give the New World Order spin doctors the ammunition to discredit us. It’s hard enough to wake the ordinary person up as it is with provable information which affects every aspect of people’s daily lives.

Such people who take up the baton and run with such notions of alien invasion etc. are themselves unwitting victims through their acceptance of such ludicrous notions who only serve to discredit the entire alternative media in a way that the mainstream could only dream about. Put it this way, if the mainstream media put out those types of stories, they would be classed as conspiracy theorists by most rational minded individuals, who you would hope would boycott such media.

If the alternative, truth seeking media is associated with this type of timewasting nonsense then the game’s over as far as waking up enough people to prevent the ultimate goal of the elite to enslave us all for eternity. This is the enormity of the task we face and it is basically life or death.

Put it another way. If there were aliens out there who were coming to get us all, I reckon they’d have pretty decent technology and weaponry, far beyond anything we might throw at them. So in that respect in the words of the BORG – ‘You will be assimilated’ and if not, in the word of teh Daleks, I guess you’ll be ‘exterminated’!

We need to concentrate on the enemy we can see before us, not some science fiction fantasy video game characters we have no evidence even exist.

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