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Our ‘government’ is just another corporation!

Posted by angelbabe43 on May 31, 2013

Our ‘government’ is just another corporation!.

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How hospitals violate healthcare worker vaccine rights – with impunity

Posted by angelbabe43 on September 24, 2011

(NaturalNews) Following swine flu emergency declarations in 11 states, Washington D.C., American Samoa and the entire U.S. in 2009, hospitals around the country began implementing new flu vaccine mandates for their employees. Healthcare workers who worked for decades without getting vaccinated were suddenly faced with choosing between getting vaccinated and getting fired. Some had observed over the years that it was the vaccinated workers who most often took sick leave each winter to recover from flu-like illnesses. Nevertheless, since the so-called pandemic,[1] hospitals have increasingly been requiring vaccination for their employees. And the pro-vaccine rush hasn’t stopped there. In more recent months, entirely new categories of employees have been facing vaccine mandates, including airline employees, pharmacists, and hospital sales reps. Ultimately, all workers and adults will be in the sites of the rapidly advancing pharmaceutical vaccine agenda. Presently, immunization laws and policies for healthcare workers vary widely from state to state and from hospital to hospital. According to the CDC, some states have statutory vaccination requirements for healthcare employees, some have only recommendations, some have requirements and recommendations, and about 20 have no requirements or recommendation at all, leaving the matter entirely to hospital policy.[2] Of the 12 states that require one or more vaccines, only six offer a medical exemption, two offer medical and religious (Maryland and New Hampshire), and one offers medical, religious and philosophical (Maine). So, where employer-required vaccines are concerned, most healthcare workers are dealing with hospital policy only or a mixture of policy and state law. In the absence of applicable statutory exemption laws, hospital employees are left with indirect legal arguments to support the right to legally refuse vaccines in the workplace without penalty. Here’s an overview of one approach: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination of employees covered by the Act on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.[3] With regard to religion, employers must reasonably accommodate their employees’ religious beliefs unless it would cause an undue hardship for the employer. (What potentially qualifies for a religious exemption is quite broad, but there are also legal pitfalls to avoid.)[4] However, since Title VII does not specifically mention healthcare employees and vaccines, we have to look to legal precedent to get a definitive legal answer to the question of whether or not — and if so, how — Title VII applies to this specific situation. Unfortunately, there appears to be no legal precedent on this specific point. So, we must assess the strength of the legal arguments for and against an employee’s right to refuse vaccines in the workplace for religious reasons under Title VII. For starters, don’t worry if you’re not a member of a church with tenets opposed to immunizations. First Amendment protection of the “free exercise” of religion is broad. Virtually anyone who is not an atheist can potentially qualify for a vaccine religious exemption. When assessing whether or not hospitals can “reasonably accommodate” their employees’ religious beliefs, we could examine the herd immunity theory (all are protected if most are immune) vs. the heightened infectious disease concerns in hospitals, but since there are hospitals around the country with Title VII policies allowing employees to refuse vaccines for religious reasons, this hospital environment debate may be a secondary concern. In fact, the federal government even recognizes a possible Title VII exemption for religious objections to pandemic vaccines during a declared pandemic.[5] So, if a hospital refuses to accommodate their employees’ religious beliefs by refusing all vaccine religious exemptions, period, they are confessing, in effect, that infectious disease is a greater concern for them than other hospitals that do allow Title VII exemptions. Of course, few if any hospitals would argue this as their reason for rejecting any and all employee religious exemptions. Perhaps there’s another reason… (Did I just hear someone say: “Follow the money”?) But there’s a more insidious aspect to this. Many hospital employees are “at will” employees. They can’t be fired for an unlawful reason, but they can be fired at any time for no reason. So, if a healthcare worker is denied an exemption and successfully sues their employer under Title VII, they may get their job back, but they may also be terminated shortly thereafter for “no reason”. The practical result is that some hospitals get away with violating their employees’ rights, because they can, and not because they have a good-faith legal argument favoring their pro-vaccine position. Employees whose employer takes a hard line “so sue me” position may not have much of a choice. Fortunately for now, the majority of hospitals appear to recognize a Title VII right for their employees to refuse vaccines for religious reasons, and most of my healthcare worker clients have been successful in refusing vaccines and keeping their jobs without facing the decision of whether or not to sue. As long as you avoid the legal pitfalls and your employer has a religious exemption policy, there’s a good chance of success. If your employer requires vaccines you wish to avoid, the first step is to find out what your employer’s exemption policy is. It’s best not to talk about your religion or religious beliefs before finding out what the policy is and what beliefs do and don’t qualify, legally, for religious exemptions. Unfortunately, this is an arena where a common sense approach can cost you the exemption; what many people think should qualify as a religious objection often doesn’t. For example, copied belief statements can be rejected as insincere, so copying from anti-vaccine websites is risky. These websites mean well, and I mean no disrespect, but they don’t understand the law. People have needlessly lost exemption rights by relying on anti-vaccine websites in the exercise of vaccine religious exemptions.[6] If your employer has an overly strict policy — e.g., requires membership in an organized religion or support from a religious leader — they are, arguably, overstepping their legal boundaries. You may need an attorney to explain your rights to your employer, to cite the legal precedent that supports your right without having to meet either of these requirements. If they have a lenient policy and ask only for a statement of your beliefs, that’s better, but you should still consider consulting an attorney to avoid the legal pitfalls, as this is one arena where your beliefs are likely to be closely scrutinized for flaws that would allow them to reject you. Disturbingly, some hospitals have even rejected a medical doctor’s recommendation that an employee not be vaccinated. The best long-term solution, then, may be for all concerned to become legislatively active. We need to educate our representatives about the true risks and failings of vaccines and the many better and safer means of addressing infectious disease concerns. We need new laws that allow informed choice, require transparency for all conflicts of interest, and that require prosecution of corruption. I’m happy to help activists anywhere in the U.S. with any pro-informed-choice vaccine legislative initiatives and with legal arguments against limitations on vaccine exemptions and adding more vaccine mandates. For a list of some of the legislative projects I’ve worked on so far, please see Vaccine Choice: Legislative Projects I’m also available to assist individuals with understanding and exercising their exemption rights wherever vaccines mandates are concerned in the U.S. ——————————– [1] We now know that the 2009-2010 Swine Flu Pandemic was a fake pandemic. For documented details, see the Swine Flu Review [2]… [3]… [4] According to federal legal precedent on vaccine religious exemptions, the First Amendment requires only a belief opposed to immunizations that is religious in nature and sincerely held. There are legal pitfalls as well, though, so employees serious about avoiding vaccines in the workplace for religious reasons should consider consulting an attorney experienced in this arena. If you are rejected due to a flawed religious beliefs statement, you may be in the difficult position of having to say, “Oops — what I meant to say was…”, with little chance of success. [5] May an employer covered by the ADA and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 compel all of it employees to take the influenza vaccine regardless of their medical conditions or their religious beliefs during a pandemic? [6] Some people have been successful with school exemptions by copying from anti-vaccine websites, probably because some state exemption laws do not allow the state to scrutinize exemption claims. But in those states and federal contexts where beliefs can be scrutinized, copying can cost you the exemption. About the author: Alan Phillips, Attorney at Law P.O. Box 3473 Chapel Hill, NC 27515-3473 919-960-5172 Vaccine Rights:

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Dear America

Posted by angelbabe43 on September 14, 2011

9/11: 34 Facts The Media Won't Discuss And The...

Dear America, I used to love you so much that I selflessly served in your Army. I took your orders. I bought into the dream. I worked for money, bought houses, and supported my local economy. I voted for leaders…until a few years ago when it became very clear that voting didn’t matter. I noticed that our politicians, regardless of their party, never did what they promised to do, which made them all liars. I started to become suspicious of the motives of our Government, who declared other nations ‘terrorists’, invaded them under false pretenses, ruined their infrastructures, and then sent their close friends to ‘fix’ things up. I heard about pallets of untracked cash being handed out without accountability. I saw videos of the World Trade Center obviously being imploded by well-set explosive devices. I saw our leaders lie on camera, over and over again. I started to hear about conspiracy ‘theories’, and as a thoughtful person whose brain was not completely jumbled by T.V. I started to do research of my own. Always a skeptic, I need to prove things to myself. I watched videos, I heard about secret societies like the Illuminati. I learned about the New World Order. I watched JFK try to warn us about secret societies (youtube). I watched Eisenhower try to warn us about the dangers of Military Industrial Complex (youtube). I found that America is not as it seems on the surface and that the dirty under belly is practically exposed for anyone who wants to see the truth. I tried to tell my friends, but they all seem to be still asleep. It is not their faults – television has rewired their synaptic pathways so that they cannot think critically any longer. I don’t know what to do to help my fellow citizens. Their plans have been so perfect that the Country is now populated by the very compliant, dumb-downed slaves that they had planned for all these decades ago. I mourn for the loss of my friends who I wish would wake up. America is no longer the home of the free, land of the brave. It is now the home of 300+ million slaves who are like little sheep following whatever sound byte is placed so carefully before them by the media. I learned that all media is owned by a few people, all of whom serve the greater good, which is not what I had believed it was. The greater good is actually the will of a few greedy banking families who in essence rule the entire world. They order the skies to be dimmed to depopulate the world because they know that 6 billion slaves is way too many to manage. We think the clouds are real and that chemtrails are normal contrails. We think this because they have ruined our ability to think critically. Our brains can only handle a few lines of info at a time before we feel anxious and bored. We cannot hold onto a simple problem any longer. We don’t want to believe a story so incredibly horrific that involves a conspiracy on a global level run by a few extremely wealthy families. We can’t comprehend that one family holds 1/2 of the world’s wealth. We cannot comprehend what sort of power and influence $500 TRILLION dollars in the hands of one greedy, very fearful family must be able to wield. We cannot understand that the Armies and Governments of the World are actually this family’s minions, and that they must do exactly as they are ordered or very dire consequences will befall them. We cannot understand that H.A.A.R.P. may actually be used against other countries as a weapon of mass destruction. We cannot believe rumors that someone may have actually created the tsunami that destroyed Japan and is now spreading radiation around the World. What sort of person or people could order this? They are not my friends, but evidently they run my country. Why wasn’t I told this in school?? America, i know you are an amazing place, but you have become the bastard step-child of the banking families. They are destroying you right in front of your faces. You are still sleeping, though, and watching T.V. You are eating nachos, drinking beer, and shopping at Target. Until you all wake up and start believing what your friends are trying to tell you, you will let your own country fall before your very eyes. Your rights are being taken away each second of each day. You think it is ok to have your car searched because someone says there is ‘reasonable cause’ to believe that there is going to be a car bomb so every car should be searched…without a warrant. You think this is making you safe. This is actually making you part and party to your own loss of rights. As you comply more and more with illegal activities against the Constitution, you are allowing your own rights to be removed. Soon you will be living in a complete police state and then you will be really angry. But you will find that you cannot even go outside to protest. Protesting is now illegal and you do not have rights of free speech. They will arrest you if they don’t like what you say and do. Is this America? If you have read this far, maybe I have gotten you thinking. Maybe you are even thinking, ‘Well, I am a good little American and those crazies that go out and protest deserve to be arrested.” Just wait until you disagree with something. Perhaps it is the way your children are being treated at school that will get your goat some day and you will want to protest. Perhaps it will be the county removing you from your land because they want it. It will be something personal to you…but do you really want to wait that long? As for the Constitution, I have not seen much evidence of its power in years, and I come to find out that 160 years ago our Constitution was pretty much thrown out the window…they just forgot to tell us all. Does this worry you? It should. It worried me enough to leave the Country I once loved enough to serve. I am frightened for you all. I fear that you will believe the lies that they continue to tell you because you think they are honorable men and women. I beg of you all to wake up and start reading and watching what your friends who speak of ‘sheeple’ are trying to tell you. Wake up! It is not as it seems. American is not as it seems. Nothing is really as it seems. I won’t tell you what you should do about it, you will have to decide that on your own, but do not believe that your government has your best interests at heart. They do not. They have other ideas that are forced upon them by the true powers of this world: the banking families. If you want to start your research, google the following: bill gates depopulation illuminati rothschilds banking illuminati new world order truth for 9/11 Thank you for reading. Please try to wake your friends up. Feel free to share this. Shine! On(e)

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Cultivating The New World Order

Posted by angelbabe43 on April 6, 2011

The logo of the New World Order.

Image via Wikipedia

The conservative libertarian writer Paul Craig Roberts has posted an article, “The New Colonialism: Washington’s Pursuit of World Hegemony” that has received much attention from the alternative-news blogosphere. In this article, I want to comment on the story from a larger point of view. Robert’s perspectives are probably the last piece of the puzzle that we’ve been working on putting together here at DB. With his courageous input, we now have a clearer vision now of how the New World Order is coming together and how it will function. That sounds like a large statement, but in this article I will try to explain it and justify my presentation.

It is important to understand such things. If one does not understand the world, one is doomed to make numerous mistakes in investing and even in life itself. There is the old saying, referring specifically to software: “garbage in, garbage out.” If one’s INPUTS are wrong, then one’s conclusions may be too. In this fraught day and age one should work steadily at refining one’s inputs to make sure that the best and most foolproof conclusions are reached in all areas of existence. It’s actually a survival issue.

Source + Read More at : NWO ObserverCultivating the New World Order

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New World Order Alien Agenda Scales New Heights of Idiocy as Intergenerational Victims of Lies and Deception Try to Wake Up to Reality

Posted by angelbabe43 on April 1, 2011

A Borg unicomplex. This unicomplex was later d...

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By Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent –

I’m sure there are days when, as part of a minority group of people in society who can see what’s going on around us, we try to tell as many people as possible what’s going on, in the shortest space of time, but it seems futile. This can be a very disillusioning experience and can indeed depress most of us at one time or another.

This manifests itself, primarily because the real world is a frightening place when the full impact of the reality happening around us hits you. But you keep beating your head against that brick wall of created victims as you realise that most people will never listen to you, or if they do eventually, it’ll more than likely be too late.

We may despair at times and even think to ourselves that the people who ridicule or abuse us aren’t worth saving and they deserve all that’s coming to them. I’ve thought that myself at times.

However, we have to take a step back and realise that these people are indeed victims in the same way that we were all once victims to the reality put before us through early childhood, through school/college/university, a constant barrage of TV drivel, mass media manipulation of the press and deception, corruption and lies from all other mainstream media sources including novels and so called historical documents and political biographies. We have been deceived all our lives in one form or another in a delberately maniplulated fashion to shape our perceptions of reality.

Of course, let’s not forget the politicians who have lied to every generation for centuries. They’ve lied from the times of ancient Rome, and no doubt prior to that, right through to today and will continue to lie to us.

But getting back to the idea that the ‘general public’ are victims should force us to look at the situation in a different light when trying to ‘wake people up’. We have to accept that there are very many who will never wake up and unfortunately we have to make a choice as to who we try to expose to reality and who not to, bearing in mind also the effect it will have on anyone who finally breaks free of the chains of created reality which they’ve been shackled by all their lives; forstly shock followed by the inevitable anger and depression. However, this is a completely normal and necessary reaction. We wouldn’t be human otherwise.

Obviously as human beings, with an instinctive moral conscience, we would in an ideal world want to wake everyone up but we have to accept that this is NEVER going to happen. Even as food disappears or becomes unaffordable for many people, they will still ridicule you if you suggest that this was all planned and you tried to warn them it was all going to happen, even as their fingerprint or iris scan at their local supermarket denies them access to the basic foods they need for survival.

They will also be the first to attack you as if this was your fault.

We’ve all experienced the utter frustration of trying to point out the obvious lies and deception going on around us and on a few occasions reacted in a way that will never help in trying to persuade people that your information is credible.

However, we need to be a little cautious at this point. Credible means evidence based, not speculation on subjects which seem to many in the so called ‘truth movement’ to be relevant, or indeed factual, but which to the ordinary person in the street who’s oblivious to all that’s going on around them in the real world can seem too far-fetched to say the least and possibly utterly absurd to the point of being ridiculous. To mix speculation on subjects as UFO’s or ‘aliens’ of whatever shape or origin, with facts which are blatantly obvious before our eyes,such as the obvious controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and Buliding 7 on 9/11, with all that that implies, is to destroy any credibility for factual, proven information relating to such events which is going to directly affect the ordinary person’s day to day life.

There is ample proven scientific evidence for the multitude of lies and deception used on the general public ‘victims’ on a wide range of subjects from the myth of manmade global warming to the efficacy of vaccines. We do not have to go down the road of alien invasions or reptilian beings colonising the planet. If you believe those subjects or theories to be relevant, and I personally  think they’re irrelevant and untrue, I would also suggest that there are people or groups put out there as ‘conspiracy theorists’ purely and simply to spread disinformation which will be taken up by a few ‘truth’ pioneers who actually believe this stuff or deliberate psy-ops disinformation agents putting it out there and mixing it with factual evidence on the wide range of issues we should be concerned about with the certainty that such relevant and important information for our very survival will simply be discredited as the delusions of cranks and conspiracy nuts. I can also envisage well being individuals in the ‘truth’ movement who may well have been duped into this line of thought who truly believe it to be part of the bigger picture.

Let’s not go there and give the New World Order spin doctors the ammunition to discredit us. It’s hard enough to wake the ordinary person up as it is with provable information which affects every aspect of people’s daily lives.

Such people who take up the baton and run with such notions of alien invasion etc. are themselves unwitting victims through their acceptance of such ludicrous notions who only serve to discredit the entire alternative media in a way that the mainstream could only dream about. Put it this way, if the mainstream media put out those types of stories, they would be classed as conspiracy theorists by most rational minded individuals, who you would hope would boycott such media.

If the alternative, truth seeking media is associated with this type of timewasting nonsense then the game’s over as far as waking up enough people to prevent the ultimate goal of the elite to enslave us all for eternity. This is the enormity of the task we face and it is basically life or death.

Put it another way. If there were aliens out there who were coming to get us all, I reckon they’d have pretty decent technology and weaponry, far beyond anything we might throw at them. So in that respect in the words of the BORG – ‘You will be assimilated’ and if not, in the word of teh Daleks, I guess you’ll be ‘exterminated’!

We need to concentrate on the enemy we can see before us, not some science fiction fantasy video game characters we have no evidence even exist.

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Over 4 Billion Believers In The World

Posted by angelbabe43 on March 28, 2011

Website Yes No Unsure Total
Derek Clontz 60% 40% N/A 100%
Grown Up Geek 64% 32% 4% 100%
MJ-Conspiracy 76% 24% N/A 100%
San Fransisco Chronicle 22% 46% 32% 100%
Quibblo 68% 26% 6% 100%
AVERAGES 58% 33.6% 8.4% 100%
(Figures correct as of 2/22/2011)

The world population is currently 6,901,600,144 so with 58% as an average; it would theoretically mean there is the possibility that 4,002,928,083 believe that Michael Jackson is alive. While only 2,318,937,648 believe that Michael Jackson is actually dead; and a mere 579,734,413 unsure.

Although the study of 5 polls which exist on the Internet is not a completely scientific way of calculating the value of the world population it does at least give a view that maybe the world is not ready to believe all the stories fed to them by the media.

The 5 polls appear on 5 different style of websites. Derek Clontz covers conspiracies and the New World Order style stories. Grown Up Geek covers all things geek surprisingly. MJ-Conspiracy is a Michael Jackson hoax website and forum. San Francisco Chronicle is the website of the newspaper with the same name. And Quibblo is a poll hosting site which hosts polls on all topics and subjects.

So it is not like the 5 polls chosen were all from one style of website; it would be fair to say they are somewhat diverse in their audiences.

So it seems their are more believers in the world than non-believers; even if all those who are unsure decided they were sure Michael Jackson was dead there would still be more believers than non-believers.


Cuss Count: Zero

Legal Notice: This post is accurate to a degree, although it is by no means a TS mathematical equation, and does give a good idea of the possibility of over 4 Billion believers in the world..

So it seems we are not all crazy after all If there are 4 Billion BeLIEvers is this world ,we get called crazy because we have opened our eyes to the truth Facts that this is the Greatest show on Earth….So I will tell everyone who thinks I need to be in the loony bin just how crazy all the 4 Billion and counting BeLIEVERS ARE ALL QUITE SANE THANK -YOU…WE LOVE YOU MORE MICHAEL AND WILL CONTINUE TO BElieVE…….

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Prodigy Says Jay-Z Sides With The ‘Evil Illuminati’ (via Aftermath News)

Posted by angelbabe43 on March 22, 2011

Prodigy Says Jay-Z Sides With The 'Evil Illuminati' Prodigy (photo: KNOWxONE) Baller Status | Nov 6, 2008 by Miles Bennett Like he does in his monthly blog on, the incarcerated Prodigy recently spewed more of his conspiracy theories via a handwritten letter to URB. This time, he reveals the moment his eyes were opened to the sham he calls “the government, religions, politics, the Federal Reserve, and I.R.S.” According to P, in 1996, after reading a book by Dr. Malichi Z. York titled Levia … Read More

via Aftermath News

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The Illuminati Card Game and the Rapture

Posted by angelbabe43 on March 17, 2011

This article is an excerpt from

The Coming Epiphany

…As you see the ultimate goal of their plan is to create a situation in which the world will readily accept the antichrist as the world ruler. After the decimation brought to the world — unleashed in the first 5 seals — through the power of satan and his evil cohorts, the world will be ready for a solution. They will be ready for someone to bring peace to a war torn world, for someone to restore the economy, for someone to put food back on the table. The antichrist will present himself as the savior, the messiah. Unfortunately, the world will be lured into his trap.

The Proof is in the Cards

We have discussed several aspects of the plan of the Illuminati to take over the world and usher in the antichrist as their leader. Their plans have helped us to gain insight into formulating a proper chronological scenario and understanding of prophetic events listed in scripture. We have also examined several events that will transpire during the antichrist’s reign and we have seen that he and his kingdom will come to swift and decisive end.

Many readers may think this is a fantastic scenario, but unlikely to occur. I want to present one last piece of evidence I hope will get your attention.

In 1990, game inventor Steve Jackson of S. J. Games started working on an Illuminati role playing card game called “Illuminati – New World Order.” This card game details events that the Illuminati want to bring about in order to establish the New World Order. He revised and published the game in 1995. White magic occultist David Icke has pulled out the most pertinent nine of the 100 cards in the game to tell the story, which was on his web site, for many years.

Rewriting History: The first card depicts academic books being thrown in a trashcan. It represents the use of the public school system by the Illuminati to weaken and control people through false teachings such as evolution, abortion, acceptance of gay lifestyles, and so on.

Terrorist Nuke: This card depicts one of the World Trade Center buildings being destroyed by an explosion in the exact spot that one of the planes hit. The image on the card is an unmistakable representation of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.

Pentagon: This card depicts the Pentagon on fire. It represents and was fulfilled on the 9/11 attack of the Pentagon.

Note: The three cards thus chosen by David Icke have been fulfilled and in the exact order as depicted.

Population Reduction: This card depicts a picture of New York City with black smoke over the whole city in the shape of a skull. It is a representation of one of the goals of the Illuminati, to reduce the population of the earth. They feel that there are too many people and want to clear the globe of the excess. They will accomplish this through wars, famine, pestilence, and terrorist actions.

Center for Disease Control: This card depicts a scientist creating viruses. It represents the notion that the CDC will be used in the future to inflict diseases upon a people group or the world.

Epidemic: This card depicts a pile of dead bodies, blackened from death, and some medical paraphernalia such as gloves and a mask. The word Quarantine is written over the picture. It represents plagues that the New World order will use to lessen the population.

Combined Disasters: This card depicts people running in fear due to buildings falling down around them. It represents the fact that they will combine several disasters at the same time to invoke great fear and thus create an atmosphere conducive for the acceptance of antichrist.

Goal: Kill for Peace: This card depicts hippies, one holding a peace sign, standing over a policeman, who is on all fours in a begging position. The Hippies are poised and ready to kill him. It represents the killing “for peace” that will happen to people who will not go along with the New World Order and its plans—namely, Christians and Jews. A peace sign is an upside down broken cross and also speaks of the destruction of Christianity and its followers at this time.

Tape Runs Out: This card depicts a reel-to-reel audiotape machine with the tape running out. Behind it is a picture of the world being split in half. Under the picture is written; “When the rapture comes…” This card represents the Day of the Lord and rapture of the church.

The order of these cards as presented by David Icke is very interesting. Cards 1-3 have already been fulfilled, and in the exact order as depicted. Cards 4-8 parallel very closely the first five seals as recorded in Revelation. Seals 1-4, as we have already discussed, foretell war, famines, economic collapse, diseases, and so on, and parallels cards 4-7. The fifth seal involves the persecution of Jews and Christians, which parallels card 8. The last card in his list is the rapture. He has placed the rapture occurring last in all these cards and immediately following the card that depicts the “killing for peace” initiative. This is exactly the order that the Bible gives us — the rapture after the first five seals. The existence of these cards should also help prove to you, if you do not believe it yet, that the Illuminati indeed have a plan to take over the world and are in the process of carrying it out.

There are two other noteworthy cards in the deck that I would like to mention. These cards refer to conservative talk show hosts being used by the Illuminati to mislead political conservatives into accepting the Illuminati agenda. These “weapons of mass instruction” give out 98.4% truth and 1.6% error. The problem is that since they give out so much truth, very few are discerning enough to detect the error. It is similar to rat poison: 99% food and 1% poison. This is one way that the Illuminati can get some of their programs such as NAFTA, GATT, Patriot Act I and II, and The Military Commissions Act passed without much conservative opposition. I am not suggesting that all talk show hosts fall into this category, but I admonish you to beware of them. They are smart enough to know about the conspiracy of the Illuminati. If they deny the existence of such a conspiracy, then I believe that it may be a sign that they are part of it. Unfortunately, some are so enamored with these talk show hosts because they promote conservatism that they cannot discern the truth about these individuals.

We have examined some aspects of the plan of the Illuminati to take over control of the world and institute the antichrist as the leader…

The Coming Epiphany

Why The End Times May Not Be What You Think!

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