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I originally started this blog to deal with my thoughts and information I found as to the disaperence of Michael Jackson because everything was not what we were told ….WHICH LEAD ME TO THE FACT THAT HE IS VERY MUCH ALIVE SOMEWHERE….through it all I found that this World was NOT what it seems hence this blog and my AWAKENING …This blog is to make a difference and Awaken the masses..also for my children and grandchildren what will happen to them when I’m gone will they be slaves in FEMA camps I pray for them I pray for the world we are all a family (If We Raise our voices as One we can make a difference)

This is the blog of Sheri Langley/angelbabe43

26 Responses to “About this blog”

  1. lena said


    Je voudrais savoir ce qu’est devenu la pétition contre Branca et pourquoi n’est-elle plus disponible ? Avez-vous subit des pressions ou des menaces ?
    Ne pouvez-vous pas la remettre pas sur “Angelbabe43”, mais plutôt sur Facebook par exemple. Elle serait plus accessible. C’était une super initiative et je trouve qu’il ne faut pas la laisser tomber !

    Je vous remercie par avance pour votre réponse.


  2. alana said

    when Michael jackson gave his speech freedom and love where did he present at and who was the audience?
    when michael jackson presented his spech freddom and love why was it given?

  3. Grace said

    You do the same thing I do: post articles about what’s really happening in the world today. And you do it for the same reason: Michael.
    Keep up the good work! I’ve added a link to your site on mine.

  4. Grace said

    I noticed you had a link here for my site The Truth About Our World. That site is now World Truth Today.

  5. Uncle Sam's Boot said

    Hello Sheri;
    I just wanted to say that I really like your blog. It is going right to my favorites.
    God Bless;
    John D. Heaton III
    Turlock CA

  6. Uncle Sam's Boot said

    If you have only been blogging a short amount of time, I can’t wait to see when your blog a year from now! I really like the e-book link to the Illuminati site. I don’t work summers so I will have a lot of time to read through it.

    • thanks I’ve been triing to find ebooks and such on the illuminati /NWO/bilderberg ,I have just in the last 18 months or so researched and found out whats really going on in this world. Thanks for the support.

  7. Uncle Sam's Boot said

    What is really going on? It is kind of like the Matrix! If you have not already, go to the Logistics Monster’s blog. If I may ask, what part of the country are you from? I am here in a pretty conservative part of California; Turlock to be exact. I know, Cali is not the conservative captial of the country! LOL!

    • Yes it is a Matrix I live very close to California so on your side of this World, Oregon to be exact well at one point after doing research and such the matix opened up and then I was able to finally see…… and yes my grown children and my one at home think I’m off my rocker lol oh well.

  8. Uncle Sam's Boot said

    It is better to be off your rocker than in one! As a conservative Californian I must apologize for the libs that have moved to your state. I guess we have so many here, that we are willing to share. 🙂 When I went back to college for a second degree, I had the pleasure of attending the Shakesperean Festival in Ashland. Beautiful place.

    • I’ve never been to the Shakespear Festival in Ashland even though its not to far from here,I know plenty of people who have moved here from California because of our climate and beauty…..I moved here years ago from Lebanon Oregon when my older children were little now they are parents them selves 27s yr and 24 yrs and one left at home who is 16 yrs.nice chatting with you.

  9. Uncle Sam's Boot said

    Is it true that in Oregon gas station employees must pump your fuel? I was speaking to a friend and he made mention of this.

    Sounds like you have a couple more years and you will have an empty nest!
    And nice chatting with you too.

    • Yes a couple more years provided that my son finishes High School….. then it will be me and my cats lol,and yes they pumb the fuel for you here in Oregon.I’ve been a single Mom for a quite some time now just happened that way I don’t mind I guess you could say I’ve had very bad relationships so I have just stayed single.Anyway hope you doing well.

  10. Uncle Sam's Boot said

    Pets! They are the greatest. For me, 3 dogs, and 3 cats. There is no bad relationship when it comes to animals. I think God knew that when he made them. 🙂

    • yes he sure did Love my pet cats and kittens .I have 3 cats and 3 kittens need to find home for the kittens and get my babies spayed so we don’t have any more lol…have a wonderful day.

  11. Uncle Sam's Boot said

    Hi Sheri;
    It is a wonderful day; 80 degrees, sunny, and just flat nice! It does not take the kitties long to go from 3, to 6, to 12,…. There is a house in the hood we call Cattown. Always a gaggle of kitties and alley cats. Hope you are having some nice weather there!

  12. please connect with me… I’d like to stay in contact.


  13. Very well written material. I am enjoying reading your work.

  14. nutrientscure said

    Dear AngelBabe43:

    I deeply appreciate the “Likes” you have given some of my blogs.

    I love! your blog. It is very Professionally Set Up, and I strongly believe in what you are doing/saying.

    At this point, I consider you a very Good Friend, and one of my best!

    (((Giant Hug)))

    Allen Darman
    (Caution: Both are monitored by the Mafia and our Federal Government. Don’t contact me via these means if you do not feel comfortable in regard to these parties listening to us.)

  15. why thank you I follow you as well on facebook as Sheri Langley Simpson I don’t take all the credit I find stuff that is important and post it and give credit too the original author.I have learned so much in the last few yr I’ve woken up it amazes me keep up your good work.hugs back too you.


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