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Posted by angelbabe43 on November 26, 2012

Facsimile of the original draft of the United ...

Facsimile of the original draft of the United States Declaration of Independence with images of the signers around the border. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The TIME HAS COME. The monumental wave of participation in the secessionist petitions has gotten their attention! It is now time for America to unite under ONE BANNER, ONE IDEAL, ONE PEOPLE!It matters not your gender, your lifestyle, your political or spiritual beliefs, your color, your ethnicity, your station or your occupation. You are either free or you are slaves, there is no in between. You can have Freebies or you can have Freedom but you most certainly cannot have both. …

For the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY SIGN YOUR DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE! LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE FREE, YOU ARE AMERICAN AND YOU ARE THE BOSS! SIGN THE DECLARATION (Audio File by Teri Hinkle) DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE 2012 no preamble Sign the Full Document here… Sign the petition that lets them know here: Full Audio of Declaration on YouTube (Entire Declaration Audible) Note:  Be sure to sign BOTH the Full Document at Soldierhugs and the petition! THE QUESTION IS NOT ABOUT SOCIAL ISSUES, THE QUESTION IS, DO YOU BELIEVE YOURSELF FREE OR DO YOU WANT TO BE LED AROUND BY THE NOSE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? DO YOU WANT THAT FOR YOUR CHILDREN? Don’t hesitate to stand and speak for Freedom and Liberty. Since the installation of the Homeland Security Fusion Centers and the government takeover of Facebook they now know more about you than you do yourself! Let them know they have no right and they DO NOT OWN YOU! Stand with ALL AMERICANS and show them YOU ARE NOT A HUMAN RESOURCE FOR THEM TO BUY AND SELL!

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Suppression Of Great Truth Is The Norm It Seems (8-30-2010)

Posted by angelbabe43 on April 13, 2012

This blog concerns the suppression of important new discoveries, and “great new truths” by our government, “the corporations”, and the media.

This blog contains two parts. The first part is what I have to say on the topic of suppression. And the second part involves an Introduction, and the Table of Contents, of a document written by Gary Vesperman on the topic of suppression. (Gary compiled this material with the help of numerous contributors.)

I found Gary Vesperman’s material on the Internet recently. It is absolutely amazing. It concerns over ninety cases of suppression of great discoveries and inventions in regard to “energy invention”. This material should be translated into EVERY language, and read in its entirety… by every human being on this planet that can read. That is how important this information is.

What is “energy invention”? Perhaps the best way to define “energy invention” is to give a few examples of it.

I gave one example of “energy invention” in a blog I wrote recently titled “Governmental vs. Alternative Medicine; It Is Time For Change (2010)”… found at

In this blog I mentioned that a man named Stan Meyer, as well as other persons, had invented a way to split water in a manner that generated “more energy” than it took to do so. In doing this, these people were able to run a car ON WATER, not gasoline.

As a second example of what “energy invention” means, what if some one could invent an electric generator that generated “more energy” than the energy that was needed to power it? Doing so would mean that instead of using oil, natural gas, coal, or uranium to fuel electric power plants, this new discovery COULD GENERATE ELECTRICITY FOR FREE, AND WITH NO CARBON FOOTPRINT, POLLUTION, OR NUCLEAR WASTE AT ALL.

Well, over twenty years ago “two some ones” (two people working together) did invent EXACTLY THAT (the above). They co-invented a generator that generated almost five times the energy that it used to do so! In doing so, they essentially had discovered “how to make electricity for free”… without burning any fossil fuel or using nuclear power as well.

“During the early 1980’s Adam Trombly and Joseph Kahn, Ph.D., co-invented the Trombly-Khan closed-path homopolar generator which has an output power exceeding its power input by a factor of 4.92. The patent application and drawings represent the result of the expenditure of $290,000 in two phases. Their US patent application was rejected twice on the grounds of impossibility that the machine could work. Then the United States Patent Office notified the Department of Defense. Instead of congratulations, Trombly and Kahn received a secrecy order. The two authors were warned not to publish any information on the basis of violation of secret homopolar generator work being done concurrently in the U.S. Government’s Department of Defense.” [Note from Allen: This was taken verbatim using “cut and paste” from Gary Versperman’s material at]

The “energy invention” discovery of how to power a car with water has repeatedly been suppressed.

The “energy invention” discovery of how to “make electricity for free”, and WITHOUT BURNING ANYTHING or using nuclear fuel, has been repeatedly suppressed.

The above two discoveries COULD HAVE, AND SHOULD HAVE, helped both humanity AND the health of our planet (the environment) in profound ways. For the sake of our very survival as a species, NEITHER of these discoveries should have been suppressed.

Many dozens of OTHER MAJOR DISCOVERIES in the “energy invention” realm have been suppressed as well… as per the material below.

“Energy invention” is not the only thing being suppressed.


Royal Raymond Rife was suppressed in the 1930′s for finding a way of using various radio frequencies to cure cancer, and cure much else.

Rife was a mega-genius similar to Einstein or Mozart. His IQ almost certainly exceeded 200. His life story is on the Internet in video format at This video material is absolutely amazing.

Robert (Bob) Beck, another genius, was suppressed in the 1990′s for finding a relatively inexpensive way of using low voltage electricity, magnetic pulses, colloidal silver, and ozonated water in combination to cure cancer, cure HIV, and cure much else.

Information in regard to Bob Beck is all over the Internet. What follows are some links:

YouTube Video Series: Amazing: how to cure cancer & HIV (Dr. Bob Beck) -part 1/13

A blog I wrote last year: A Tribute to Bob Beck; A World Class Healer (5-21-2010)

A good website in which to learn more: Sharing Health From The Heart Website

Various other YouTube videos in regard to Bob Beck:

Jim Humble, a true hero in these modern times, and a man I deeply respect, is being suppressed for finding that a profoundly inexpensive industrial chemical (called MMS) often used to treat water in swimming pools, and to sterilize surfaces when cleaning them, could cure cancer, cure HIV, cure malaria, and cure much else.

Jim Humble’s website is:

Or simply Google Jim Humble MMS if you want to learn more.

Royal Raymond Rife, Bob Beck, and Jim Humble are all killing viruses, “bad bacteria”, fungi, and parasites in the body in order to “cure”. They are essentially achieving “the same goal” by different means. They are ridding the body of a wide range of “bad biology” that often resides there. This “bad biology” is the primary cause of a wide range of illnesses. In ridding the body of this “bad biology” many illnesses are “cured”.

I am going to digress a bit here.

Incidentally, ANTIBIOTICS CANNOT BE COMPARED HERE. Antibiotics do not stand a chance when compared to the wisdom of Rife, Beck, or Humble. This is because antibiotics only rid the body of some kinds of “bad bacteria”.

Antibiotics do little to kill “bad biology” in the body as a whole, as Rife, Beck, and Humble do.

There is more than one type of “bad biology” that is present in the human body… “bad bacteria” is not the whole of this.

“Bad biology” in the human body has four basic parts to it; (1) “bad bacteria”, (2) viruses, (3) fungi, and (4) parasites.

Antibiotics CAN NOT, and DO NOT, kill viruses at all.

Antibiotics CAN NOT, and DO NOT, kill fungi at all.

Antibiotics CAN NOT, and DO NOT, kill parasites as well.

And there are even many “bacterial problems” that antibiotics cannot handle well (or even at all). Despite many weaknesses antibiotics have in killing “bad bacteria” in the body, antibiotics are heavily promoted to the public by our government, Big Pharma, and the medical profession.

Incidentally, colloidal silver, which can be made for “pennies per ounce” (Bob Beck taught us this), IS FAR MORE EFFECTIVE, AND EFFECTIVE AGAINST A MUCH WIDER RANGE of “bad bacteria”, than ANY antibiotic. In case you did not know this, essentially colloidal silver is “the alternative medical equivalent” of antibiotics. (Colloidal silver may also help resolve some other “bad biology” issues besides “bad bacteria” as well.)

If the truth was known, antibiotics are “a cruel and criminal joke” for the most part. Antibiotics ALMOST ALWAYS do “more damage than good”… EVEN IF THEY KILL the bacterial issue they were supposed to kill. This is because even a single course of antibiotics can mess up a person’s gut flora for decades, if not his or her entire life. And “good gut flora” is CRITICAL to human health. BIG PHARMA ABSOLUTELY KNOWS THIS.

Big Pharma LOVES antibiotics, and they promote them heavily. This is because widespread antibiotics use is generating them hundreds of millions of customers in “a very sneaky way” by causing intestinal dysbiosis. (I suggest you Google search “the definition of intestinal dysbiosis” if you do not know what it means.) Unfortunately, the general public has not yet caught on to this enormous fraud involving antibiotics yet. Few are aware of this.

I have digressed on this critical topic of “the hoax of antibiotics” in the above. It is time to go back to Royal Rife, Bob Beck, and Jim Humble for a bit… and then move on.

Royal Raymond Rife came up with what could be considered “the world’s first solid answer for cancer and many other illnesses as well”. Bob Beck came up with a similar answer to Royal Rife that was much less expensive to implement that the one that had been found before, especially if equipment purchase by the patient is involved. Jim Humble came up with a similar answer that was much less expensive to implement than that of Bob Beck, as “no equipment is involved”. (This is due to a very inexpensive industrial chemical being used “by the drop in solution”.)

The above is admittedly “a bit of an oversimplification of the facts”, but it is very close to the truth.

The great wisdom of Royal Raymond Rife, Robert (Bob) Beck, and Reverend Jim Humble has all been suppressed.

Incidentally, the FDA happens to be UNJUSTIFIABLY suppressing Jim Humble’s chemical answer (MMS) at the moment… because it is such an enormous threat to so many of Big Pharma’s drugs. Taken verbatim from MMS material sent to via email to me: They [the FDA] are forcing the MMS stores to recall every bottle that was sold and now they want to watch while the owners destroy everything in their shops.

Suppression of valid alternative medical truth happens all the time. This has been true for at least seventy five years now, if not longer. Many hundreds, if not MANY THOUSANDS, of alternative medical persons other than those mentioned above have suffered from (1) medical suppression, (2) drug company suppression, (3) FDA suppression, or even (4) suppression by “all three of the above”.

And here is one more instance of suppression of valid alternative medical truth… one that is very personal to me.

I, another genius or at least “near genius”, AM BEING SUPPRESSED for finding the best natural chemical answer to depression over a decade ago, and finding the cure to ALL mental illness in general (to include both bipolar disorder and schizophrenia). In regard to some things I have discovered, especially in regard to (1) free form amino acid use, (2) the NEED TO COMBINE broad based free form amino acids with many other supplements in a proper dosage for them to work right (“Willy’s Baggie idea”), and (3) some of my “brain and gut knowledge”, I am in “knowledge territory” that no one has ever been in before. (Such is the essence of discovery… one has “learned things first”.)

Incidentally, if the world ever becomes wise enough to couple what I know about healing with “the Rife/Beck/Humble approach to disease”… Big Pharma is done. (It is no surprise to me that “someone” is repeatedly hacking me, repeatedly interfering with phones that I use, and repeatedly trying to kill me. I know that “I know too much”, and so do people in the pharmaceutical industry, even if most of the rest of the world does not realize this fact yet.)

This situation is nuts!

It sure appears to me that the “bad guys” are in control… and the “good guys” are on the run.

It also appears that the “bad guys” want to rob us blind by selling us products we do not really need (at least for the most part), such as gasoline, diesel oil, natural gas, coal, uranium, vaccines, chemotherapy, or symptom masking drugs. And it appears that our government is supportive, if not mandates, of all of this.

The ‘bad guys” appear to be doing this either for the sake of greed, or in some grand conspiracy “to kill most of us common people off”, and “enslave the rest”, so that “the chosen few (the enormously wealthy) can inherit the earth”.

God help us all if the “bad guys” win.

A Suggested Action Plan

[Important Note as of the fall of 2011: This blog was written in August of 2010. I have yet to amend the following suggested action plan to address the birth of the OWS Movement. I have given up on the politicians. The political system in the United States is systemically corrupt. It is corrupt to the point that it cannot be fixed by “the voting booth”. The OWS Movement is the only chance that we have got.]

I suggest to the reader of this blog that if you want to help… print a dozen (or so) copies of this blog out. Send these copies via snail mail to your Congressmen/women, your Senators, and to the Tea Party candidates that are running in your district and state as well. And send one to Joe Biden and one to President Obama. Please include your own remarks.

If you can’t find the time to do the above, perhaps you can find the time to email a link to this blog to all of your family and friends. Here is the link:

Don’t do nothing! if you are disturbed about the rampant suppression of important new discoveries. Don’t give up the ship! or “the corporations and our government that supports them will win”.

Make our political candidates aware that “you have become aware of this stuff”… and that “you will not take it any more”… or that “you feel it is time for things to change”.

Talk to your family and friends about the pervasive suppression of important discoveries and important truths as well. (Where is the media in all of this? How come we do not read about these discoveries in newspapers and magazines, or hear about them on radio or TV?)

Get angry at what is happening to you and your loved ones, to all of us human beings, to every other species of life, and to our planet (the oceans, the land, and the atmosphere) as well.

And then take action… legal, moral, and justifiable action.

Thank You! Gary Vesperman for educating me. The world owes you (and your contributors) a great deal for this “reporting of the truth” that you did. And so do I. Thank you again.

Allen Darman

Energy Invention Suppression Cases

Compiled by Gary Vesperman with the help of numerous contributors

[Web address:]


In their efforts to improve the well-being of their fellow humans, inventors often suffer poverty, slander, and suppression. Inventors of energy devices in particular have been threatened by large energy corporations who are allied with the United States Government and seek to enslave people in subtle ways. The tactics used against energy inventors include “legal” imprisonment on false charges, harrassment by the IRS, and outright criminal death threats, beatings, bribery, burglary, vandalism, and arson. At least a few inventors have been murdered if they were not dissuaded by other means.

Sometimes, however, alleged energy inventions actually have been scams, or were tested incorrectly, and their inventors then claimed to be victims of a conspiracy. Many inventors merely have been ignorant of the laws of nature – the history of “perpetual motion machines” provides ample proof of that fact. Many otherwise brilliant inventors have been poor businessmen who signed defective contracts

or whose personalities prevented successful negotiations. Some have failed to persevere: it can take decades to bring an invention to the marketplace, and the vicissitudes of life interfered with their plans. Others unfortunately died of natural causes before they achieved success.

Adding to the practical difficulties of pulling out of thin air new energy inventions that have never before been thought of, testing prototypes of some of these energy inventions can be frustrating due to a weird quick of nature. Thomas E. Bearden, Ph.D., reports that certain types of energy inventions interact with their local vacuums. Thus their coefficient of performance can vary from place to place, due to the local vacuums themselves differing. A machine would produce over-unity energy in one location; then inexplicably quit after being moved to another location!

Dr. Bill Tiller, former head of the Materials Science Department of Stanford University, developed a unique detector which required that he “grow” its proper pattern in the local vacuum interaction environment. Experimental results from the detector helped Bearden understand changes in interaction between a local vacuum and a novel machine.

All too many times, however, the conspiracy to suppress new energy inventions has been very real. For energy invention suppression updates, see [Note from Allen Darman: This link does not work. The site is gone, or so it appears. It appears that knowledge about “energy inventions being suppressed” may also be being suppressed. This is admittedly “my take on this”.]

Energy Invention Suppression Case Statistics

Number of Energy Invention Suppression Incidents – 95

Number of Dead, Missing, or Injured Energy Inventors, Activists, and Associates – 20

Number of Energy Inventors and Associates Threatened with Death – 32

Number of Energy Researchers and Associates Imprisoned or Falsely Charged – 5

Number of Incidents of Energy Invention Suppression by the United States Government, Patent Office, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Marshals, Army, Air Force, Navy, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, Defense Intelligence Agency, S.W.A.T. Teams, National Security Agency, U.S. Postal Service, Department of Energy, Department of State,

Securities and Exchange Commission, Food and Drug Administration, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Internal Revenue Service, Rural Electrification Administration, White House, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Small Business Administration, and Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police – 59

Number of Inventions Classified Secret by U.S. Patent Office – 5000

Number of Incidents Involving Oil Companies – 9

Names of Companies, Banks, State Agencies, Private Groups, and Universities Involved with Energy Invention Suppression – Standard Oil, Zapata Petroleum, Atlantic Richfield, Exxon-Mobile, Shell Oil Company, General Electric Company, Yakuza, California Air Resources Board, Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, Wells Fargo Bank, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Queen of England, Kollmorgan, World Bank, Rockefellers, Carlyle Group, and Bush Family [Note from Allen Darman: no number was listed here.]

TABLE OF CONTENTS [Note from Allen Darman: This table of contents is as of September 3, 2007. It may have been expanded to include more instances of suppression later. I do not know this one way or the other.]

Nikola Tesla: Wireless Power and Free Energy from Ambient… 1

Robert Golka: High-Powered Tesla-Type Energy Tower… 1

Bruce DePalma: N-1 Homopolar Generator… 1

??????: Mixed Chemical… 2

Andrija Puharich: Method and Apparatus for Splitting Water Molecules… 2

Neil Schmidt: Hydraulic Wind Turbine… 4

United Nuclear: Hydrogen Fuel System Kit… 4

Daniel Dingel: Converts More than 100 Cars to Run on Water… 6

Ken Rasmussen: Water-to-Energy Electrolysis Process… 8

Bob Boyce: Brown’s Gas Carburetor… 8

Stanley A. Meyer: Water Fuel Cell-Powered Car… 10

Frank Roberts: Water Car… 12

Andrew Leech (Reporter): Suspicious Deaths of Inventors in Australia… 13

Gerald Schaflander: Solar-Produced Hydrogen Turned into Liquid Hy-Fuel… 13

John Andrews: Water-to-Gasoline Additive… 14

Phil Stone: Engine Runs on Water… 14

Bill Williams: Joe Cell-Powered Truck… 14

Thomas E. Bearden, Ph.D.: Motionless Electromagnetic Generator… 15

Thomas E. Bearden, Ph.D. (Reporter): J.P. Morgan Emasculated Electrical

Engineering Theory… 17

Frank Richardson: Magnetic Electrical Generator and Bladeless Steam Turbine… 23

Gary Vesperman (Reporter): Energy Inventors are Buzzed by Black Helicopters… 24

Gary Vesperman (Reporter): Shielding Over-Unity Power Converters… 25

Ph.D. Electrical Engineer: Advanced Form of Plasma-Discharge Energy… 27

Gary Vesperman (Reporter): Six CIA Agents at 1996 Tesla Society Symposium. 29

Gary Vesperman (Reporter): US versus Japanese Support of Cold Fusion… 29

Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischman: Cold Fusion… 29

Mitchell Swartz: U.S. Patent Office Blocks Cold Fusion Patents… 30

Robert Bass: Low-Energy Nuclear Transmutation… 31

Bob Dratch: Thorium Powerpack… 33

IPMS: Thorium-227 Electricity Generator… 35

Howard Rory Johnson: Magnatron – Light-Activated Cold Fusion Magnetic Motor… 35

Howard R. Johnson: Permanent Magnet Motor… 39

Stewart Harris: Theory of Magnetic Instability… 43

Lester J. Hendershot: Hendershot Magnetic Motor… 44

James Watson: 8-Kilowatt Battery-Popper Motor… 44

Hitachi Magnetics Corporation: Magnet Motor… 46

Floyd Sweet: Vacuum Triode Amplifier… 46

John Bedini: ‘School Girl’ Motor and Battery Energizer… 46

Two Inventors: Model T Ford Generator with Magnets Added… 47

Yasunori Takahashi: Magnetic Wankel Motor… 47

Teruo Kawai: Motive Power Generating Device… 48

Johan Grander: Magnetic Motor… 48

IPMS-Kiev and Arzamas-16: Super Magnets…. 48

General Motors Corporation: EV-1 Electric Car… 49

IPMS: Energy Storage/Battery Devices… 51

IPMS: High-Temperature Gas Plasma Detonator… 60

Remy Chevalier (Reporter): NiMH Batteries; Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries… 62

Paul M. Lewis: Airmobile… 63

Joel McClain and Norman Wooten: Magnetic Resonance Amplifier… 63

Al Wordsworth: Electrical Generator and Advanced Carburetor… 64

John Richardson: 90+ MPG Carburetor; Atomic Isotope Generator… 64

Fish/Kendig: Variable Venturi Carburetor… 64

Dick Belland: 100 MPG Carburetor that Runs on Gasoline Fumes… 64

Ron Brandt: 90 MPG Carburetor… 65

Welton Myers: Myers’ Efficient Carburetor… 65

George Wiseman: Fuel Savers… 66

Tom Ogle: 100+ MPG Oglemobile… 68

Charles N. Pogue: 200+ MPG Carburetor… 68

Allen Caggiano: 100+ MPG Fuel Implosion Vaporization System… 70

William Bolon: Automobile Steam Engine… 73

Shell Oil Company: Achieves 376.59 MPG with a Modified 1959 Opel in 1973… 74

Honda: 60 MPG 1992-1994 Honda Civic VX… 74

IPMS-Chernovitsky: Super Ceramics… 74

Stefan Marinov: Magnetic Vortex Hyper-Ionization Device… 75

Bob Aldrich (Reporter): Vibrating Energy… 77

Dennis Lee: Freon-Based Low-Temperature Phase-Change Engine… 77

Robert Stewart: Stewart Cycle Heat Engine… 77

Jim Powell (Reporter): Flywheel/Dual Hydraulic Cylinder… 77

Christopher Bird/Walter (Reporter): Energy Suppression – An Invisible Galaxy of

Inventions… 80

IPMS: Micro-Channels and Filters… 80

Viktor Schauberger: Jet-Turbine… 81

Canadian Scientist: Standalone Water-Based Electricity Generator… 82

Brazil: Ethanol Produced from Sugar Cane… 82

David Crockett Williams (Reporter): Non-Drug Industrial Hemp as Bio-Fuel… 84

Dean Warwick: Ampliflaire Efficient Wood-Burning Stove… 86

Idaho Inventor: Advanced Zero-Point Energy Device… 86

Grant Hudlow: Method of Converting Garbage and Tires to Gasoline, Etc…. 87

Joseph Newman: Energy Machine… 87

Bill Jenkins (Reporter): Free Energy Machine… 87

Volcheck: Engine Powered by Gas with Unusual Expansion Properties… 88

Gianni A. Dotto: Anti-Aging and Anti-Gravity Thermionic Couple… 88

IPMS: Thermal Electric Cooling Devices… 88

Bob Lantz: Lantz Water and Power System… 89

Dr. Timothy Trapp: 127 Energy Technologies… 91

Richard Diggs: Liquid Electricity Engine… 92

David G. Yurth (Reporter): Remediating Nuclear Waste Materials… 92

Paul Brown: Hyper-Cap E-Converter… 94

Ira Einhorn: Free Energy and Mind Control Researcher… 94

Thomas Henry Moray: Radiant Energy Pump/Electricity Generator… 95

Walter Rosenthal (Reporter): Small Electrical Power Converter… 99

Joseph C. Yater: Heat-to-Electricity Converter… 100

Adam Trombly: Trombly-Kahn Closed-Path Homopolar Generator… 100

Adam Trombly: Trombly-Farnsworth Solid-State Oscillating EM System… 100

Gary Vesperman: My Car was Fire Bombed July 3, 2006… 103

Adam Trombly (Interview): The Truth about Zero Point Technology… 104

Adam Trombly (Speech): Climate Change Factors, Ozone Layer Crisis, and Zero

Point Energy Technologies… 114

Em-Tech Technologies: Advanced Solar Photo-Voltaic Crystal Lattice Cells… 124

Marshall Douglass Smith (Author): The Rise of Fascism in the American Energy

Business… 127

U.S. Patent Office Holds Secret 5000 Patents… 128

Text of Generic Patent Secrecy Order… 129

US Congress: Energy Inventor Protection and Patent Declassification Act… 129

Wilhelm Riech: Orgone Energy Motor… 130

Bruce DePalma (Interview): A Peaceful Revolution Against Energy Oppression131

How to Stop Energy Invention Suppression… 131

[Note: The balance of this material can be found on It can also be downloaded for free.]


Note: Any portion of this blog located at, or this blog in its entirety, can be used, copied, reprinted, or reposted anywhere on the Internet, by any person or party that desires. This material may be used in any manner the reader wishes. It is not copyrighted in any way.

Web Address of the Original Copy of this blog:

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Illuminati Cabal Flee By The Hundreds As Mass Arrests Await Them From States Becoming Free From The Fed…

Posted by angelbabe43 on April 5, 2012

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Posted by angelbabe43 on February 4, 2012

Hollywood Unmasked: A very eye opening and revealing expose about the dark side of Hollywood. Due to the fact that this is an expose, it shows some very wicked stuff that has been covertly fed to the masses. There indeed is an occult based agenda driving the entertainment industries which many have been blinded from ever even suspecting.

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Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination

Posted by angelbabe43 on October 13, 2011

Part 1 The definitive look into the history of vaccination. From cancer, to autism, to the purposeful sterilization of innocent people around the globe, find out why all of these things are perfectly legal according to U.S. CODE – why the government considers you no different than cattle in their own law.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to please download and re-post this video to every website possible. Make DVDs and place your activist group name on the menu. Edit pieces and Rickroll YouTube with vaccine truth! This is public domain, and no permission is needed to copy, reproduce, and give away this video and information.

Clint Richardson

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Posted by angelbabe43 on June 28, 2011
Become a member and join us as we initiate a movement for real change.

“The Plan” 1 year. 3 phases. A world of change.
Share this message with everyone you can.

PHASE 1: Better yourself. Spread the message. Be the message.

*Educate yourself on the depths of the system, the functions put it place to inhibit true freedom as well as the mechanisms within the system that motivate the masses to subconsciously accept giving up those freedoms. The structures within the system that promote division within the people of the countries of this world and the injustices that are placed upon the people.

*Spread the message. Share this video and the website with everyone you can. Make your own videos, songs, art, graffiti etc… spreading the word that we are here, the movement is taking hold. Expect us.

*Learn ways that will allow you to break free from the system. Start small and implement them in your daily lives. This will be implemented as a focus of Phase 2 as well, escalating what you have learned.

*ANON hackers – begin supporting the movement. This is a calling to all of you for the aid of this movement. Low-priority targets are your engagement. Assist with the movement and spread the message of “The Plan”.

The resistance is here.
Expect us.

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Michael Jackson’s video that p****ed the Illuminati off

Posted by angelbabe43 on June 14, 2011

Michael Jackson Symbolism Part 1 رموز مايكل جاكسن جزء 1
Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us (Uncensored‘s Uncensored) لا يهتمون بنا

This video was banned and Michael had to make a new version in Brazil without showing the Illuminati‘s violence. Talk about hypocrisy!

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Michael Jackson alive ♥ MJ-DUBAI Palm ISLAND ♥ Lindsay Lohan & “Hollywood Tonight” ~ Updated CLUES by SimPattyk Ro on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 5:11pm

Posted by angelbabe43 on June 1, 2011



Hello dear beLIEvers… or should I say …. KNOWERS! 😉 ♥ I’ve been very intrigued by this whole “MJ – Dubai Island theory” lately so I did some research on the Internet! GOD bless Internet! :)) And of course I’ve found a lot of interesting things… clues…connections…confirmations…well call them as you like 🙂 So this is an UPDATE of my first article on this subject. ENJOY and Think for yourselves! Love you all ♥ L.isten O.bserve V.erify E.volve ♥


I. Some key words to start with—– )) Escape; the Game; Brett Ratner; Grucci; fireworks, Movies; Hollywood; Dubai; Palm Island; celebrities; fame; mass-media; lies; lyrics; truth. ♥


  2. Michael Jackson And the Island- 
  3. THE PALM ISLAND !!! HeeeHeee ♥ –
  4. The Emerald City in the Wizard of OZ is identical to the Hotel on MJ-Dubai Palm Island!! –
  5. Face Value –
  6. Fireworks by Grucci – Atlantis The Palm Grand Opening Dubai 2008 (lots of spectacular fireworks! just like MJ likes in his concerts and V from “V for Vendetta” movie:)  :p ) And guess who were present there !? Well what a “coincidence”: Lindsay Lohan, Quincy Jones and Janet Jackson !!! here you can see some photos: ; the work there has started on the island in 2001! Pay really close attention to Kenny Ortega‘s words during the rehearsals of “This Is It”, especially those that I’ve underlined down here:  
  7. “This Is It- transcript-Kenny ORTEGA: “So we open the show, as you know, with all the lights down. We’re gonna create a spectacular opening with pyrotechnics. And we want some sizzles and some cracks and some pops. We have our video that is called “Glimpses and Flashes. And that’s where Light Man comes out on the gantry,  above the stage
  8. Now after you read Kenny’s words, think about this: What happens after Michael’s “death” (death symbolized by Kenny’ words “with all the lights down”) in 2009 ? On July 4th 2009 an interesting FireWorks TRIBUTE to Michael  during the Macy 33rd Annual Fire work – this is it! This was the “spectacular opening” of MJ’s hoax that Kenny Ortega described above ^^ ? what do you think? 😉
  9. Here’s the most interesting part!  In the video at no. 6 above here ^^ you can see the 2008 Firewoks opening Ceremony for the Palm Island in Dubai was done by Grucci!!! Well I came across this article called “Off the Wall”:  where we can read that: “Bermuda’s 400th anniversary celebration culminated with a spectacular !!! Grucciesque fireworks show and and that the winning boat (remember Kenny Ortega said: floating”) was a Michael Jackson-themed barge featuring a 40-foot tall King of Pop wrapped in red lights, a giant illuminated glove[…]” (so it’s the Light Man that Kenny Ortega was talking about! “floating above the stage” ).
  10.  Here’s a more descriptive article of the event: Notice the choice of the title: “Join the parade!” – What is that title??? I mean… like the Elephant parade passing by Staple’s center the same day of Michael’s memorial? like the syntagm “the greatest show on Earth”? See what I mean? Check out the other blogs on this link ^^ And read between the for keywords even if the content of texts doesn’t really say anything clear or blunt… I don’t know, maybe I am wrong and I’m seeing things where they aren’t, but I feel there’s something “fishy” about this blog and the whole “Bermuda” thing on it… I’d like to know your opinions about this, please 🙂
  11. I’ll give you just 2 more links of articles from this same David LaHuta’s -“Bermuda Shorts”-blog ^^ – Again the title caught my eye! “From the Headlines” – it made me think of “Breaking News”, tabloids BS and stuff like that; also notice the refined irony and black humor in the tone of this article (like in almost all the articles touching MJ-subject on that blog )… it’s like criticizing the whole hypocrite “circus” of actions and publications around MJ’s death/tributes & so on an so forth…clearly hinting toward people who had never liked MJ, but now suddenly after his death fell the urge to “remember” him 😉 Then take a look at the title of this article: Curtain Call SUGGESTIVE! isn’t it? 😉 even if the content is not quite likewise…
  12. I also looked a bit into David LaHuta’s biography-the author of this blog ^^ – and if my suspicions are correct…that he might have been working with MJ on the hoax, his blog being some sort of a “sharing island-escape-clues” to the fans/beLIEvers, then I thought it interesting the way he describes himself, starting with this: “International adventurer, television host and seasoned journalist” – made me think of Michael’s speech “It’s an adventure, a big adventure“; Let’s continue with DL’s description: “Originally from New York City, David has also lived in Bayswater, London; Lund, Sweden; St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands and is currently based in Bermuda (since 2010) where the adventurous outdoors man enjoys sailing, spearfishing and snorkeling near his home in Southampton.” – So he also loves nature! (sounds familiar?), he has made a lot of splendid photos with beautiful landscapes, TV shows, etc… he has an entertainment career, received awards, etc…In my opinion, judging from all this, he is a person that Michael would be interested in “collaborating” with on his secret-island escapism-project, releasing those riddle-like short articles on his “Bermuda shorts” entitled blog, to give the fans some clues about the hoax.. I also guess that Bermuda is a “symbol” for MJ-Dubai – Palm Island”, like a cover-up name 😉 What do you think about that?
  13. Michael had a “thing” with the ISLAND theme way back before his “death” in 2004 for ex. – “Miss Cast Away and The Island Girls” – and also – Take a look at the island on the movie poster, doesn’t it look familiar to you?? 😉 – –Just type on Google “Michael Jackson island” and you’ll be amazed of how many interesting results you’ll find!
  14. Michael Jackson – Water Angel    a very suggestive fan-made video!!
  • Palm Islands Dubai – documentary on construction:

part 1 –

part 2 – … re=related

part 3 – … re=related

part 4 – … re=related


  1. Michael Jackson Dubai Island Designs –
  2. Janet Jackson at  Dubai Palm opens with star-studded party –
  3. “Michael Jackson had spent a sum of $1.5 million on a new mansion in his own private island in Bahrain” –
  4. “At the end of June 2005, Michael Jackson went to Bahrain, the tiny 33-island archipelago in the Persian Gulf known less for its isolation than for playing host to the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet: If Jackson wanted to get away from all things American, he chose poorly. So why Bahrain? Blame his own brother – Jermaine, who is a friend of the son of the ruler of Bahrain. Jermaine must have impressed on his brother that he could get himself some private acreage and recharge in Bahrain […]” –
  5. Michael Jackson Island Dubai –
  6. A relaxed Michael Jackson visits Dubai –
  7. Jackson in Dubai: Buffalo wings, speedboats –
  8. Dubai Wants to Build Michael Jackson Island? –
  9. Michael Jackson island proposed for Dubai –
  10. Michael Jackson Island – and also –
  11. Jackson Island –
  12. Who Will Built Man-made Michael Jackson Island? –,who-will-built-man-made-michael-jackson-island,358260.html

IV. Plot Summary for Escaping the Game (2012) –

“According to reports Lindsay Lohan has nabbed a role in an movie titled “Escaping The Game”. This is a golden opportunity for her as she will be starring along side one of the lead actors from “The Amazing Spiderman” Chris Zylka.

The story is about celebrities who are so overwhelmed by fame they fake their deaths and move to a remote island. Ironically, Lindsay will be playing a detective pursuing the truth behind all of these famous disappearances.

It sounds like Lindsay landed the lead character in this movie and that is great for her. The shooting is said to be starting in the summer and take place in the US and Spain.”

  1. Well guess who the director of the movie is?? Brett Ratner !! So, let’s resume this: This movie is about celebrities who want to escape their fame and the media circus by appealing to the services of a secret company who helps them fake their death and escape to a remote ocean island. The main character is Lindsay Lohan!! and the director, Michael’s good old friend! well yeahhh!!! read the whole plot of the movie, it’s really interesting –
  2. About Brett Ratner: *** Michael Jackson with Brett Ratner at the set of  the movie”Red Dragon“.- he invited Michael during the recording of this movie from the famous Hannibal trilogy – *** Plot: A retired FBI agent with psychological gifts is assigned to help track down “The Tooth Fairy”, a mysterious serial killer; aiding him is imprisoned criminal genius Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter (Anthony Hopkins). *** Inside Red Dragon_part1 – —)) Look at minute 06:18 – the main character says “I thought he was gone and now he’s back!” – it’s exactly the “sex scene” loll that you can see Michael had assisted in the first video I gave you here ^^ so I guess this is a clue, a clear reference to Michael’s hoax! *** Interview of Michael by his good friend Brett – part 1 –
  3. So besides the movie”Red Dragon” which is a Psychological !! 😉 P :)) Other references I saw: first the DRAGON – I guess you all saw Michael’s blouses, shirts and jackets imprinted with a dragon on them! So check out these MIND BLOWING links: *** DRAGON MAN: Michael Jackson appears at the Millennium World Music Awards in Monaco in 2001. –; *** this: *** Michael Jackson tribute at Neverland Ranch’s Dragon Coaster in Coney Island; *** the “Thriller” dance for Dragon*Con‘s world record attempt. – *** Michael Jackson Dragon Games – —)) SO…. what can I say? I am THRILLED and I send thriller KISSSSSSES to our favorite RED DRAGON ♥ ♥ ♥
  4. MICHAEL JACKSON ESCAPE – Pay attention to Michael’s lyrics in the song “coincidentally” entitled “ESCAPE” !! –
  5. Fox News “predicts” the death of Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan- ( At minute 3:22 in you are being told that Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan are going to die within 5 years. – see the print screen-photo I’ve added down here )
  6. In-Depth Look into Michael Jackson & Lindsay Lohan Cases-
  7. Conrad Murray Who is Lindsay lohan-
  8. Michael Jackson’s Death ft. Lindsay Lohan – Daughter to Father –

V. Single “Hollywood Tonight ” ~ Cover-ArtWork

So my friends, what do you think? What are we to beLIEve of all these facts or just simple “coincidences” ?? Can we hope that Michael had this GENIUS idea of creating a remote isolated heavenly ISLAND for celebrities to ESCAPE from the mass-media circus they were living in… from their nightmare….escape to a dream-island ? hummm… I can’t wait to see what’s up next! – I keep thinking of Michael’s phrase “The Best is yet to come!” ♥ LOVE you all ♥

!  !  !  ! ~ You might also wanna read my article and the NEW CLUES I have recently found about the movie “Get Low”:

NEW Hoax CLUES —-)) “Get Low” (2009) versus “This Is It” (2009) -FELIX vs. MJ –

Read this article here: “Michael Jackson alive ♥ MJ-DUBAI Palm ISLAND ♥ Lindsay Lohan & “Hollywood Tonight” ~ CLUES” –
Read this article here: “Michael Jackson alive ♥ MJ-DUBAI Palm ISLAND ♥ Lindsay Lohan & “Hollywood Tonight” ~ CLUES” –
Read this article here: “Michael Jackson alive ♥ MJ-DUBAI Palm ISLAND ♥ Lindsay Lohan & “Hollywood Tonight” ~ CLUES” –
Michael Jackson alive ♥ MJ-DUBAI Palm ISLAND ♥ Lindsay Lohan & “Hollywood Tonight” ~ CLUES –
Michael Jackson alive ♥ MJ-DUBAI Palm ISLAND ♥ Lindsay Lohan & “Hollywood Tonight” ~ CLUES –
Michael Jackson alive ♥ MJ-DUBAI Palm ISLAND ♥ Lindsay Lohan & “Hollywood Tonight” ~ CLUES –
1. Michael Jackson alive ♥ MJ-DUBAI Palm ISLAND ♥ Lindsay Lohan & “Hollywood Tonight” ~ CLUES –
2. Michael Jackson IN Immortal Tour!! ♥
Notice those 2 letters are written differently than the others… –
Michael and his good friend -Brett Ratner – the director of “Escaping the Game” (2012) –

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Truth Researchers Report Censorship Appearing on Some Research Wikis, Facebook, Web Adverts

Posted by angelbabe43 on March 31, 2011

Posted on 12/18/2010 by CK Hunter

Copyright 2010-3010 I-Witness Internet Report, Updated on 12.19.2010

Yesterday I wrote about incidents of emerging censorship online [ see below ]. Today I add to that a new incident of the Dept of HHS simply “buying” an internet ad that used the term “Obamacare” and then redirecting all hits from it to go to their own chosen pages. This sets another ugly low dipping moment of the Obama White House using censorship to further their own agenda, now stooping so low they actually buy up and redirect traffic from internet ads that oppose Obamacare. Heres’ the link:

Truth researcher Chase Kyla Hunter reports that in the last 7 days she has noted periodic incidents of what appears to be some sort of possible censorship taking place on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook.  She reports also that her Wiki on has had dozens of embedded videos disappear since 2008.

Although in fairness, at least one incident with FB recently could possibly be attributed to the choppy roll-out of Facebook’s new format. For several hours yesterday certain words and phrases of a Christian nature which were typed into a profile disappeared repeatedly after saving them. Chase reports this occurred 6 times at one point. She finally gave up trying to add these Christian phrases to her profile, but will try again soon.

The image below shows the video embed page on Chase’s other Wiki, the original truth research Wiki she started in early 2008. Nearly one fourth of the videos on certain topics have now been mysteriously removed from the web, far too many for it to be a random choice on the part of a YouTube. This really bothered Chase and she included the screenshot below in her email to me. The empty grey panels are removed videos. The subject of all of these videos pertains to the New World Order in some capacity.

Here is the url for the video embed page on Chase’s other Wiki:

If you are a truth researcher or journalist, or citizen journalist who writes about the emerging New World Order and similar things are occurring on your websites, please record and post about it, so we can inform the rest of the internet that censorship is being attempted and try to put a stop to it. This is not nazi Germany in 1938, this is the United States of America in 2010 and this should not be happening.

Copyright I-Witness Internet Report 2010-3010


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How to Survive the Coming Pole Shift By Activating Your Divine Energy Field (via Alternative News Forum)

Posted by angelbabe43 on March 27, 2011

Lehi Prophesy Jerusalem Mormon

Image by More Good Foundation via Flickr

Copyright 2011-3011 Alternative News Forum, All Rights Reserved. [ Note to subscribers: Please toss the last re-post from Spaceman’s blog. Another pole shift “wanna be aka copycat blog”, comes and goes in a year. Make that the 2,354th example of how cheap www profiteering, rather than real service to others, leads to nowhere. The post I cited had links in it to videos that are now gone, and the blog itself hasn’t had a new post in a year. Sorry, … Read More

via Alternative News Forum

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