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Posted by angelbabe43 on June 28, 2011
Become a member and join us as we initiate a movement for real change.

“The Plan” 1 year. 3 phases. A world of change.
Share this message with everyone you can.

PHASE 1: Better yourself. Spread the message. Be the message.

*Educate yourself on the depths of the system, the functions put it place to inhibit true freedom as well as the mechanisms within the system that motivate the masses to subconsciously accept giving up those freedoms. The structures within the system that promote division within the people of the countries of this world and the injustices that are placed upon the people.

*Spread the message. Share this video and the website with everyone you can. Make your own videos, songs, art, graffiti etc… spreading the word that we are here, the movement is taking hold. Expect us.

*Learn ways that will allow you to break free from the system. Start small and implement them in your daily lives. This will be implemented as a focus of Phase 2 as well, escalating what you have learned.

*ANON hackers – begin supporting the movement. This is a calling to all of you for the aid of this movement. Low-priority targets are your engagement. Assist with the movement and spread the message of “The Plan”.

The resistance is here.
Expect us.

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Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present (2010)

Posted by angelbabe43 on June 28, 2011

The Book that Blew the Cover off Canada’s Genocide
is Now on Line

Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present (2010) by Kevin Annett is the most thorough, documented body of evidence ever published concerning the planned genocide in Canadian Indian residential schools.

It can be viewed in its entirety at .

Filled with eyewitness testimonies and documentation gathered over fifteen years, Hidden No Longer is an indispensable resource book for any educator, activist or scholar wishing to learn and teach Canada’s real history.

This impeccably researched work reveals in graphic detail the crimes committed in the Indian residential schools, and proves how they match the international definition of genocide. But it also traces the roots of these crimes in the European philosophy and culture of religious-based conquest known as Christendom,  that caused the extermination of millions of indigenous people.

“Too many copies of this book were disappearing off library shelves and being destroyed. But now the whole world can learn the truth, that Canada and its churches tried to exterminate native people by destroying their children – and that they are continuing this rampage against the innocent” commented the author today.

“None of this book is copyrighted, for it’s public knowledge that is meant to be a weapon in the hands of residential school survivors and any victim of these churches.”

Readers are encouraged to download the entire pdf file of Hidden No Longer and post it as a permanent resource on websites and in every library, college and school across Canada, and the world.

Much of its content will be offered by Kevin Annett as evidence at the upcoming International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State in London, England next September.

Hard copies of the book can be ordered from Kevin Annett for $50, plus postage. Kevin can be reached at 250-753-3345in Canada, or at .

January 12, 2011

Also available from Kevin Annett:

The just-released Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor tells Kevin’s personal story of how he encountered the awful truth of his former church’s crimes against Indian children: and the price he has paid for speaking out. Available through Amazon Books, Chapters-Indigo, and online. (O Books, London)

London, England Protest


See the evidence of Genocide in Canada at

Watch Kevin’s award-winning documentary film UNREPENTANT on his website 

“We will bring to light the hidden works of darkness and drive falsity to the bottomless pit. For all doctrines founded in fraud or nursed by fear shall be confounded by Truth.”
– Kevin’s ancestor Peter Annett, writing in The Free Inquirer, October 17, 1761, just before being imprisoned by the English crown for “blasphemous libel”

“I gave Kevin Annett his Indian name, Eagle Strong Voice, in 2004 when I adopted him into our Anishinabe Nation. He carries that name proudly because he is doing the job he was sent to do, to tell his people of their wrongs. He speaks strongly and with truth. He speaks for our stolen and murdered children. I ask everyone to listen to him and welcome him.”
Chief Louis Daniels – Whispers Wind
Elder, Turtle Clan, Anishinabe Nation, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Declan Galbraith – Tell me why

Posted by angelbabe43 on June 27, 2011

Tell Me Why Lyrics

In my dream, children sing
A song of love for every boy and girl
The sky is blue and fields are green
And laughter is the language of the world
Then i wake and all i see
Is a world full of people in need

Tell me why(why) does it have to be like this?
Tell me why (why) is there something i have missed?
Tell me why (why) cos i don’t understand
When so many need somebody
We don’t give a helping hand
Tell me why?

Everyday i ask myself
What will i have to do to be a man?
Do i have to stand and fight
To prove to everybody who i am?
Is that what my life is for
To waste in a world full of war?

Tell me why(why) does it have to be like this?
Tell me why (why) is there something i have missed?
Tell me why (why) cos i don’t understand
When so many need somebody
We don’t give a helping hand
Tell me why?

(children)tell me why?(declan)tell me why?
(children)tell me why?(declan)tell me why?
(together) just tell me why, why, why?

Tell me why(why) does it have to be like this?
Tell me why (why) is there something i have missed?
Tell me why (why) cos i don’t understand
When so many need somebody
We don’t give a helping hand
Tell me why?

Tell me why (why,why,does the tiger run)
Tell me why(why why do we shoot the gun)
Tell me why (why,why do we never learn)
Can someone tell us why we let the forest burn?
(why,why do we say we care)
Tell me why(why,why do we stand and stare)
Tell me why(why,why do the dolphins cry)
Can some one tell us why we let the ocean die?
(why,why if we’re all the same)
Tell me why(why,why do we pass the blame)
Tell me why (why,why does it never end)
Can some one tell us why we cannot just be friends?

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“On The Line” Michael Jackson …….

Posted by angelbabe43 on June 27, 2011

“On The Line”

No sense pretending its over
Hard times just don’t go away
You gotta take that chip off your shoulder
It’s time you open up
Have some faith

Nothing good ever comes easy
All good things come in due time
Yes it does
You gotta have something to believe in
I’m telling you to open mind

Gotta put your heart on the line
If you wanna make it right
You’ve got to reach out and try
Gotta put your heart on the line
If you wanna make it right
Gotta put it all on the line

You see yourself in the mirror
And you don’t like what you see
And things aren’t getting much clearer
Don’t you think it’s time you go for a change

Don’t waste your time on the past, no, no
It’s time you look to the future
It’s all right there if you ask
This time if you try much harder
You’ll be the best that could can be

Gotta put your heart on the line
If you wanna make it right
You’ve got to reach out and try
Gotta put your heart on the line
If you wanna make it right

If you wanna do it now
You gotta learn to try
You can make it right somehow
Let love come free
And that’s just so easy now
You gotta go for what you want
You gotta do what you got to do

Gotta put your heart on the line
If you wanna make it right
You’ve got to reach out and try
Gotta put your heart on the line
If you wanna make it right

[Repeat and fade out]

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Michael Jackson & ELVIS- Death Hoax & Numerology theories ~ ALIVE

Posted by angelbabe43 on June 22, 2011

Michael Jackson & ELVIS- Death Hoax & Numerology theories ~ ALIVE

by SimPattyk Ro on Monday, June 20, 2011 at 10:40am

I. First, some of the most striking similar events surrounding both “deaths” of the 2 KINGS:

source link :

  1. Both their deaths were claimed to be drug and heart related.
  2. They both died at home.
  3. They were both taken by ambulance, even though already dead.
  4. They both received CPR on the way to Hospital and were both declared dead at the hospital.
  5. Both had a weak pulse again after CPR in the hospital before they were declared dead.
  6. Both deaths led to an investigation into their doctors.
  7. Both deaths were announced by family members – Elvis’ by Vernon Presley, Michael’s by Jermaine Jackson.
  8. In both cases the personal doctor was at the scene when the EMT’s arrived.
  9. The bodies of both underwent two autopsies, and in both cases only one of the autopsy reports was released.
  10. The autopsy results in both cases are questionable.
  11. Both were entombed in unmarked graves. Elvis’ coffin was later reburied at Graceland, Michael’s tomb remains unmarked as to this day.
  12. Both were entombed in guarded mausoleums.
  13. Their names were not mentioned in the 911 call.
  14. Both were buried in coffins that have to be preordered and were flown in from other states.
  15. Belongings of both were auctioned against their will after their deaths.
  16. Both were patients of Dr. Elias Ghanem, the “Las Vegas’ Doctor to the Stars”.
  17. In both cases money and jewelery were missing from their homes after their deaths.
  18. It’s rumored that Elvis took a helicopter flight hours after his death, it’s rumored that Michael Jackson took a flight from LAX hours after his death.
  19. Both adored their mothers.
  20. Derek Clontz has published numerous articles on allegedly finding the secret diaries of both Kings.
  21. Elvis’ tour manager Joe Esposito has been Michael Jackson’s road manager for a short time after Elvis’ death.
  22. Both had received death threats and were extorted.
  23. Both had foreign managers at the time of their death.
  24. Both are highly interested in numerology.
  25. John Branca was an attorney for the Elvis Presley Estate, and is an administrator of the Michael Jackson Estate.

II.  In an interview on the Larry King Show Mr. Bailey said:

source link:

  1. We all know about “the 900 pound casket and the supposed air conditioning unit” , but what about all the other variables.
  2. “There was a large sum of money transferred from the Memphis Bank  which we all know handled Elvis’ assets, in early August of 1977, to a bank in the state of Michigan. We have employees of the bank, who after years of silence, are coming forward to support this claim. The fact that it was Michigan is relevant because of the tremendous number of sightings of Elvis in Michigan“.
  3. “Larry, we have very credible evidence from a former IRS agent and of course at this time we can’t give his name, that Elvis Presley and not the Elvis Presley Estate has been paying income taxes since 1977. This former agent had access to returns of celebrities and came across this highly sensitive and classified material inadvertently” F. Lee Bailey who achieved notoriety in the 1950’s defending Sam Sheppard and then in the 1990’s with O. J. Simpson continued.”
  4. “Larry that last picture of Elvis that his cousin took for the National Enquirer looks more like Elvis in his 20s. We have subpoenaed the Enquirer for the negative, in order to run a neutron activation analysis in order to determine the makeup of the object in the photograph”.
  5. “Larry, if you add up the numbers of Elvis’ death date 8-16-1977 it totals 2001. His theme song was 2001 Space Odyssey. I’d say that in itself is an odyssey”.
  6. “The US Mail continues to deliver all of Elvis’ mail to Graceland and not one single letter has ever been Returned to Sender. What does that tell you Larry?”
  7. “Larry they said we didn’t have a chance defending O.J. and look what happened. Johnnie Cochran said, “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit”. Larry, I’m no Johnnie Cochran but I will leave you with this… I’d say there is a good chance that Elvis is alive!”

III. Various bizarre happenings:

source link:

  1. Elvis died on 16th August 1977. By August 19, 1977 all the reports and photographs of Elvis’ autopsy disappeared and have never been sighted since;
  2. Suspiciously the contents of Elvis stomach were destroyed before they could thoroughly analyzed. The lack of tissue samples makes it impossible to determine the real cause of death by means of today’s sophisticated technology. 
  3. That year, the country and western singer, Waylon Jennings recorded a song with lyrics that indicated,‘Elvis, may still be alive.’   
  4. One such parasite is Major Bill Smith, author of ‘Memphis Mystery, Requiem for Elvis’. He claims his book is based on fact! He also claims to have known Elvis intimately enough to predict, “Elvis was so distraught having to live up to his image he decided to retreat into obscurity.”
  5. But the best renown ‘Elvis Death Hoax” believer of these ‘living a life of anonymity’ rumors have been fueled by the notorious Gail Brewer Giorgio, author of the controversial book “Is Elvis alive!” A cassette tape, presuming interviews with Elvis – made after his death accompanies her book!

IV. Elvis Presley Numerology:

source links :

Numerology: “The world is built upon the power of numbers” Pythagoras, Greek philosopher. Numerology became systems of divination and magic because both systems are based upon the concept that the entire universe is composed of mathematical patterns, and all things can be expressed in numbers. Therefore, all things, including names, words, birth dates and birthplaces, are able to be reduced to numbers in order to determine destinies and fortunes of individuals.

Elvis Aron Presley Date of Birth: January 8, 1935

Year is 1935 = 9 (1+9+3+5=18) reduce to 1+8=9

Important numbers in Elvis’ life:

Number 5 – 5 Pounds was Elvis Presley Birth Weight

Number 15 – 15 Dollars was the Cost of Elvis and Priscilla Vegas Marriage Licence

Number 42 – Elvis was Aged 42 when he Died

Number 46 –  Gladys Love Presley died at age 46

Number 49 – 49 White Limousines were used for Elvis Funeral Procession

Number 50 – 50% was Colonel Tom Parkers share of Elvis’ income

Number 450 – Elvis paid 450 dollars for the first 1942 Lincoln Coup car he bought

Number 53310761 – Elvis Presley Army Serial number 1958 – 1960

Number 425-26-8732 Elvis Presley Social Security Number

Elvis is a very spiritual man who has a hunger to know the truth of life.  He read and discussed the Bible with so many people around him for many years.  He asked Larry Geller to bring him books to read which were about the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of our souls’ journey…all of this BEFORE 1977! Again, “the image is one thing, the man is another”. One of his very favorite books was/is Cheiro’s Book of Numbers.  It is very fascinating reading material.

(1) The very significant part which Numerology has played in all of his life… even before he knew anything about Numerology i.e. the numerical translation of his name, the date of his birth, the number of times that the number 18 occurred in his life such as his year of birth 1+9+3+5 = 18, and the month and day of his birth 1-8…on and on.

(2) His “dying” was not done as a hoax,..he had to do so in order to even continue to physically survive.  His life was in such a state of misery and he knew the only way to save his life was to “die“.  So he “died” in order that he might truly live…as Jesse.

Linda Hood: “I want to emphasize very strongly the importance of the mentions of numerology in Jesse’s introduction to his book. Jesse wanted the readers to see that he was handing them the information and the tool which they would need to decipher that date 8-16-1977 and recognize that only Elvis himself would have understood and known the many, many significant numbers derived from that “Perfect Date”.  This was his way of proving to each reader that he really is Elvis.

Chiro’s Book of Numbers.

source link :

A. Elvis had a fascination with numerology – an interest he fed by reading Chiro’s Book of Numbers. The theory that the King orchestrated his death is further supported when considering the significance of the date of his alleged death. The date in question is August 16,1977. By adding the numbers in the date, 8, 16, and 1977, you get 2001. This is the title of Elvis’ favorite movie in which the hero plans his immortality in the bathroom. Elvis spent a considerable amount of time doing the same: planning his afterlife on the john. Elvis spent so much time in the bathroom that he had his toilet converted into a reclining comfy chair. Coincidentally, the bathroom is also where Elvis’s body was reportedly found.

B. Given Elvis’s religious affiliation (Christianity), he had a fascination with things that come in threes (3) i.e. father, son, and holy ghost. The sum of the digits from his favorite film (2+0+0+1) is three. Let’s consider the triad of the repetition of the number 24. 2001 (favorite film) less 1977 (year of death) is 24. The 2 numbers from the day of death (8/16) when added up equal 24. The sum of the digits in the year of death (1+9+7+7) also equals 24. That is 3 occurrences of the number 24 which is divisible by 3, and when divided by 3 the result, 8 has a perfect cubed root (2x2x2=8).

Elvis loved numerology, and when you consider the numeric significance of the date of his alleged death, it is clear that if indeed he did plan to fake his death, he could not have chosen a better date.

1.  Look into the presence of his #8 in the date 8-16-1977.  Of course, the month of August being the 8th month is obvious to everyone…but look farther at the #8…first of all we have 1×8, 2×8, 3×8 which   equals  8, 16, and  24. So, there we have multiplications of 888 as well as 8+8+8 = 24.  So this alone was an amazing date for Elvis.  Then coupled with the fact that the year 1977 equals 24 as Jesse wrote above.

2. Many fans noticed that the full date of 8+16+1977 equaled 2001 which was of course, Elvis’ entrance music during the concert years.  I know that, to this day, I never hear that music without just stopping and listening to “Elvis’ music“.

 3. If we add 24 back to 1977, we again get 2001So, not only did August 16, 1977 equal 2001 by two different methods as shown above… .it was loaded with the numbers 8, 24, 42, as well as 2001.

1977 = 24

+  24

2001        So, as you can see, choosing 8-16-1977 was the work of a genius….the work of Elvis!!

4. 1956 was the year in which Elvis burst upon the scene…when he became “ELVIS!!!!”.  Now we all know that he chose to leave us in 1977…..with those two years in mind, take a look below:

1+9+5+6  = 21

+          21

= 1977    Now that’s what I’m talkin’  ’bout!!


9-9-1956- Elvis Presley made his first appearance on The Ed Sullivan show, performing “Don’t Be Cruel,” “Love Me Tender” and “Ready Teddy” from the CBS TV Studios in Los Angeles.

His birthday Jan. 8, 1935 also carries the #9 .  1+8=9; 1+9+3+5 = 18; which reduces to 1+8 = 9.    Then the final total of all the digits in his birth date 1-8-1935 = 27 which reduces to 2+7 = 9.

6. Properties of the number 9 ~ Symbolism

  • Number of the patience, the meditation.
  • Number of the harmony, it represents the inspiration and the perfection of the ideas.
  • It is the expression of “the power of the Holy Spirit”, according to Etchegoyen.
  • Symbolize the plenitude of talents, the reward of the tests.
  • Symbol of the creation and the life as a rhythm and development.
  • As a product of 3 x 3, it is the expression of the perfection, the symbol of the virile power, in addition to be associated to the couple.
  • Nine is the number of the one who accomplishes the divine will. According to the Cabal, it is also the number of the achievement.
  • The Freemasons have made it the eternal number of human immortality.
  • Being the last simple number, it is the number of finalization or finition; it is therefore the most complex, that marks the full lighting up of the numerical series.
  • This number was considered as sacred in Egypt and in Greece.
  • Number of the man, as a numeral symbol of his gestation (nine months).
  • Number symbolizing the nocturnal and terrestrial things, for the Aztecs.
  • Number of the hierarchy, represented by nine choruses of the Angels.
  • Represent the three divine manifestations in the three plans: world of the spirit, world of the soul, world of the matter, which gives a triple manifestations of Trinity (3 x 3).
  • Symbol of the multitude, and according to Parmenide, it concerns the absolute things and it is the symbol of the totality of the human being.
  • A favorable number, associate to the eternity.

When you multiply any number by 9, then add the resulting digits and reduce them to a single digit, it always becomes a 9. For example, 6 x 9 = 54, reduce 54 to a single digit by adding them together: 5 + 4 = 9. Similarly, 8 x 9 = 72, and 7 + 2 = 9. Or 23 x 9 = 207, 2 + 0 + 7 = 9, and so forth. There is nothing coincidental about this peculiarity. Try it. Any number, no matter how large, multiplied by 9 reduces to 9. From a numerological perspective, the 9 simply takes over, like the infamous body snatchers. Any number that was initially increased by a factor of 9 loses its own identity and instead takes on the characteristics of the 9. No other number has that quality.

7. And some other dates that connect in a bizarre way: ……………

25th June 2009 – MJ “died”

26th June 1977 – Elvis’ last concert

26th June 1979 – Elvis’ father died

26th June 1938 – Felix “Bush” Breazeale – arranged a “living funeral” for himself; see the details in my article about this very similar story to the events surrounding MJ’s funeral too, on this link –

V. TIAI (THIS IS ALSO IT) – Numerology theories ~ THE NUMBER 7 = PERFECT NUMBER & Michael Jackson

source link:

Why Does 7 Represent Perfection?

God has infinite wisdom, and has reasons for everything He does. Therefore, why does the number 7 represent perfection: was it just a random number, drawn out of a hat—or is there a reason for it?

1. Man-made things are often based on squares, rectangles, and/or other 90 degree changes in direction (boxes, books, doors, walls, buildings, etc). Things that God made in nature are usually based on circles and curves, but not 90 degree angles (eyes, flowers, fruits, planets, orbits, etc). In fact, when geologists or archaeologists find something that is square or rectangle, they are almost certain that it’s man-made.

2.  A circle is a perfect and complete curve. But what does the number 7 have to do with a circle? Take 7 circles of the same size (like seven identical coins): put one in the centre, and the rest around the centre. You will find that all 7 circles are contacting each other; if you remove 1, or add 1, it will not work. Also, the perimeter of the seven circles is the same shape (circle) as the 7 smaller shapes; so the pattern could be repeated endlessly.

3. Thus 7 represents God’s complete and perfect system: He is in the centre, and is in direct contact with all 6 around the centre. This system can also be seen in the creation story, as well as the Ten Commandments: there are 6 days for man, and 1 day for God—the 7th (see Genesis 1 & 2; Exodus 20:8-11). In this 7 system, God is the leader.

4. However, Satan comes along and decides to remove God, then all you have left is 6; and he takes over as the new leader. But he re-arranges the 6 into a pyramid, with him on top and layers below; no longer is everyone in direct contact with the leader. This is also an accurate representation of the people (bottom) being afraid of the government (top). Like the circles, the perimeter is the same shape (triangle) as the 6 smaller shapes.

 5. If you turn the pyramid system upside down, you have a system where the government (bottom) is afraid of the people (top): V for Vendetta. And the 666 has been turned into a 999!

6. This system is not as good as the first system (7 circles); but it is much better than the 666 system. Nevertheless, the 7 circles system can’t possibly exist as long as there are people who don’t want God (all the circles around the centre have to be in contact with the centre, or else it’s neither perfect nor complete); so we can’t expect that to happen until God sets up His own eternal kingdom (see 4-25). The struggle right now is between the 666 system, the New World Order (NWO)—and the 999 system, where the people control the government (army of LOVE).

VI. Important sites – to continue the research on ELVIS death-hoax:


FB’s PAGE >>>


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Posted by angelbabe43 on June 14, 2011



The Illusion
@theillusion777 Los Angeles, CA

Hello everyone, I’m sorry that I’m taking so long to answer questions. I am extremely busy.

What I’ve decided to do is post the questions that are asked the MOST.

1. When will MJ return?
– It is planned for him to return in July 2011. I cannot reveal the exact date.2. How will MJ return?
– It will be live via satellite feed. Something will also be happening in Hollywood, CA3. How do you know MJ?
– I worked with him on the ‘Invincible’ album, as an enginnering assistant.4. How did you get involved in the hoax?
– Well, I sort of kept in touch with MJ throughout the years. He met with me one day and brought forward the proposition of his hoax. He told me SOME things that showed me that he really thought it through. He then asked if I’d be willing to help with it. Being intrigued by public stunts and other hoaxes, I immediately said yes.

5. Was MJ singing on “Michael”?
– Believe it or not, MJ WAS singing on the new album. His voice was added for a few reasons, one being to get people to LISTEN to the songs, and not just listen…but REALLLLY listen.

6. Where will the BAM happen?
– I cannot reveal the EXACT location, but I can state that it will happen in Hollywood, CA

7. Did MJ write the “thank you” note that was supposedly from LMP?
– It was actually LMP who wrote that, but she IS aware that MJ is alive.

8. Will MJ ever appear in a public venue again?
– He won’t necessarily perform live again, but he WILL continue to record music.

9. Who are you?
– I cannot reveal that at this time, but when the time comes (if MJ allows it), I will reveal myself.

That’s all for now. Thank you all for the warm welcome and the LOVE.
Thanks to the MJFANS FORUM & the Illusion777 I am able to share this. Here is the original Link

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DARPA funded Facebook under fire from Euro regulators for revealing massive facial recognition database

Posted by angelbabe43 on June 14, 2011

By M. Ruppert

Editor of End the Lie

The fact that this is surprising to people is beyond all comprehension. This technology has been under development since Facebook took on massive funding from CIA/NSA connected firms. Of course this is brushed off by the corporate special interest media, after all the Bilderberg Group is just an exclusive tea party and the Council on Foreign Relations is a luncheon group, right?

This is dismissed as conspiracy theory, mainly because the funding didn’t come directly from In-Q-Tel, the venture capital firm established by the Central Intelligence Agency back in 1999. How can any self-respecting journalist assert that the CIA would directly and openly fund a covert domestic surveillance and data mining project? This just isn’t how it works and every real conspiracy that has been exposed over the years proves this.

Global Research makes it pretty evident that these links are not tenuous enough to dismiss as fringe conspiracy theory,

“Facebook’s first round of venture capital funding ($US500,000) came from former Paypal CEO Peter Thiel. Author of anti-multicultural tome ‘The Diversity Myth’, he is also on the board of radical conservative group VanguardPAC.

The second round of funding into Facebook ($US12.7 million) came from venture capital firm Accel Partners. Its manager James Breyer was formerly chairman of the National Venture Capital Association, and served on the board with Gilman Louie, CEO of In-Q-Tel, a venture capital firm established by the Central Intelligence Agency in 1999. One of the company’s key areas of expertise are in “data mining technologies”.

Breyer also served on the board of R&D firm BBN Technologies, which was one of those companies responsible for the rise of the internet.

Dr Anita Jones joined the firm, which included Gilman Louie. She had also served on the In-Q-Tel’s board, and had been director of Defence Research and Engineering for the US Department of Defence.

She was also an adviser to the Secretary of Defence and overseeing the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is responsible for high-tech, high-end development.”

Two members of In-Q-Tel’s board who directly involved in data mining technologies and the Information Awareness Office of the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency, better known as DARPA, directly provided the most major funding that launched Facebook into what it is today.

Yep, you must be schizophrenic to think that Dr. Anit Jones’ involvement with the Information Awareness Office which has the stated goal of “Total Information Awareness” has anything to do with the data mining capabilities of Facebook.

Sarcasm aside, I think you really must purposefully ignore the majority of the evidence if you are to think that Facebook has no ties with the government and that they are not utilized as a massive domestic intelligence gathering system. The fact is that the links between intelligence agencies and Facebook is undeniable and the rationale between the ties is equally irrefutable.

Why wouldn’t a branch of the government who openly wants to gather every single bit of information about every single American citizen invest heavily and take control of a system like Facebook in which citizens voluntarily frame their faces in squares for ease of facial recognition while choosing to disclose their intimate details and thoughts. Not to mention the fact that people actually use the website to “check in” places, creating a wonderful outline of activity and habits, or the ability to run a script that scrapes, analyzes, and assimilates every single communication and friend link creating an in-depth intelligence file that would otherwise take warrants and months of surveillance to compile.

Facial recognition technology has been under development since at least 1964, although it would be ignorant to think that there were not highly secretive government research programs occurring before this. In fact, this project itself was funded by an “unnamed intelligence agency” however, they allowed some of the research to be published. If this were a completely black project there would be no publishing of any data whatsoever. Therefore, we can conclude that this technology has been consistently refined and improved over at least 47 years.

Knowing that these systems have been in development for nearly half a century, can you confidently assert that Facebook has not been using facial recognition technology since they introduced the tagging system in which you put someone’s face into a box? Of course now this is not necessary as facial recognition technology has advanced to the point where even the lowest-end point-and-shoot digital cameras include facial recognition.

The fact is that Facebook controls what is arguably the largest database of pictures of people from around the world, most of which are tagged by name, associated with a date, and have meta tag information with GPS coordinates, camera model and settings, etc. With the open implementation of the advanced facial recognition technology, they are simply confirming the fact that this database has been built around this purpose since day one.

The European countries seem to be much more active in investigating companies for massive privacy infringement, while the American government relishes such invasions of privacy. Will the European regulators be able to actually do anything? I doubt it. This is essentially the equivalent of a few Congressmen or Senators trying to investigate Facebook or Google. Sure they’ll entertain their whimsies far enough so the American people still hold on to the delusion that our representatives do anything, but no real investigation will take place.

For instance, last year Google came under heavy fire from individuals in the United States and Europe for stealing personal information over Wi-Fi through their Google Street View cars. The Register reported, “Germany’s Federal Commissioner for Data Protection Peter Schaar says he’s “horrified” by the discovery. […] “I am appalled… I call upon Google to delete previously unlawfully collected personal data on the wireless network immediately and stop the rides for Street View,” according to German broadcaster ARD.”

While the German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection wasn’t scared to use stern language in rebuking this naked illegal invasion of privacy, the United States government was silent as per usual. This violation of privacy was not isolated to Europe, in fact a class action lawsuit was filed against Google for these breaches in Oregon. Yet, our supposed representatives idly twiddled their thumbs and sucked on the teats of corporate lobbyists.

CNET reported, “So far the U.S. government hasn’t announced an investigation into Google’s practices, but Congressional leaders are asking the Federal Trade Commission to get involved. On Wednesday, Reps. Ed Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat, and Joe Barton, a Texas Republican, sent a letter to the head of the FTC.”

Clearly a great deal of change came out of these actions as Google has just pressed on with their data mining and Facebook has obviously never relented in their efforts either.

The Financial Times reports the following on this most recent public roll-out of the facial recognition technology,

“In the US, a number of privacy groups have been asked to back a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission in the US being organised by the Electronic Privacy Information Centre, which also led a 2009 protest against the company, according to people contacted about the matter.

Facebook said that it was in talks with European regulators but said that it did not believe the facial recognition feature posed privacy concerns.

“We have heard the comments from some regulators about this product feature, and we are providing them with additional information which we are confident will satisfy any concerns they will have,” Facebook said.

After protests started this week, Facebook hurried to update an earlier blog post to disclose the international roll-out of the feature and to admit it should have handled the process differently.

“We should have been more clear with people during the roll-out process when this became available to them,” Facebook said in a statement on Tuesday.”

Well as long as they apologize, who can hold them at fault for creating the world’s largest facial recognition database without anyone’s consent? Who can blame them for retaining every single picture, message, search, conversation, or friend request even if you attempt to cancel your account?

It is sad to say that once you’re in Facebook’s grasp, there is no escape. After all, you shouldn’t care about privacy unless you have something to hide, right?

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NASA Emails ALL Employees to PREPARE! June 10, 2011

Posted by angelbabe43 on June 14, 2011

Interesting timing here with only 3 months away! Can you see they’re slowly leaking it out without alarming too many folks at once?

I received word today (June 10, 2011) that NASA sent out a mass email to all NASA employees with this following link regarding, “Family/Personal Preparedness”.

Page Last Updated: June 9, 2011
Page Editor: Mary Shouse
NASA Official: Brian Dunbar

By August 1st, 2011, everyone will know what’s coming. This is why you want to be at your safe zones on or before August 1, 2011. When everyone finds out, too many people will be doing the same thing you’re doing, and you don’t want to find yourselves stuck.

If NASA is attempting to prepare their employees by telling their families to prepare, I am even more convinced than ever that we DO INDEED HAVE A BINARY STAR TWIN APPROACHING, and it’s about to get ugly.

The CDC recently sent out a ridiculous “zombie” apocalypse warning?

The Bilderberg meeting is currently taking place, and all the media/press wants to talk about is some congressman’s wang?

More than one movie coming out about a new solar system object, plus NBC’s The Event finale with a new planet!!?

It’s about to hit the fan people and all this talk about Sept/Oct 2011 looks more and more to be the real deal folks.

I hope you’re all ready! God Bless!

This email was fowarded to me from a friend. He said all NASA employees got this in their email today….

******** The Original Email ********

Point of Contact: Darrius Lewis, Mission Support Directorate, NASA Headquarters, 202-358-0608,

Family/Personal Preparedness Plan

NASA is the only federal agency responsible for its people‘s safety and well-being here on Earth and in space and has a longtime commitment to safety and emergency preparedness. Over the past year, Administrator Bolden has emphasized the importance of Family/Personal Preparedness for the entire NASA family. Family and personal preparedness plans are key to protecting our families and communities during potential emergencies such as fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, terrorist attacks and other unforeseen catastrophes.

The most important assets in the successful completion of NASA’s mission are its people and their loved ones. The agency has developed a set of informational guides designed to prepare you, your families and pets for emergencies. These guides will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to develop your Family Preparedness Plan.

All employees are encouraged to download these guides, prepare plans, and review them with your families. The agency has taken the steps to prepare our NASA family; now it is your personal obligation to prepare yourself and/or your family for an emergency.

To view Administrator Bolden’s video on family preparedness and to download your Family Preparedness guides, visit:

[link to]

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Michael Jackson’s video that p****ed the Illuminati off

Posted by angelbabe43 on June 14, 2011

Michael Jackson Symbolism Part 1 رموز مايكل جاكسن جزء 1
Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us (Uncensored‘s Uncensored) لا يهتمون بنا

This video was banned and Michael had to make a new version in Brazil without showing the Illuminati‘s violence. Talk about hypocrisy!

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Chemtrails – Two Emails Received Anonymously – From An Airline Mechanic And An Airline Manager – Both In The USA

Posted by angelbabe43 on June 14, 2011

An Anonymous Email From An Airline Mechanic

For reasons you will understand as you read this I can not divulge my identity.

I am an aircraft mechanic for a major airline. I work at one of our maintenance bases located at a large airport. I have discovered some information that I think you will find important.

First, I should tell you something about the “pecking order” among mechanics. It is important to my story and to the cause to which you have dedicated yourself.

Mechanics want to work on three things. The avionics, the engines, or the flight controls. The mechanics that work on these systems are considered at the top of the “pecking order”.

Next come the mechanics that work on the hydraulics and air conditioning systems. Then come the ones who work on the galley and other non-essential systems. But at the very bottom of the list are the mechanics that work on the waste disposal systems.

No mechanic wants to work on the pumps, tanks, and pipes that are used to store the waste from the lavatories. But at every airport where I have worked there are always 2 or 3 mechanics that volunteer to work on the lavatory systems.

The other mechanics are happy to let them do it. Because of this you will have only 2 or 3 mechanics that work on these systems at any one airport. No one pays much attention to these guys and no mechanic socializes with another mechanic who only works on the waste systems.

Fact is, I had never even thought much about this situation until last month. Like most airlines we have reciprocal agreements with the other airlines that fly into this airport. If they have a problem with a plane one of our mechanics will take care of it.

Likewise, if one of our planes has a problem at an airport where the other airline has a maintenance base, they will fix our plane.

One day last month I was called out from our base to work on a plane for another airline. When I got the call the dispatcher did not know what the problem was. When I got to the plane I found out that the problem was in waste disposal system. There was nothing for me to do but to crawl in and fix the problem.

When I got into the bay I realized that something was not right. There were more tanks, pumps, and pipes then should have been there. At first I assumed that the waste disposal system had been changed. It had been about 10 years since I had worked on this particular model of aircraft.

As I tried to find the problem I quickly realized the extra piping and tanks were not connected to the waste disposal system, at all. I had just discovered this when another mechanic from my company showed up. It was one of the mechanics who usually works on this particular type of plane, and I happily turned the job over to him.

As I was leaving I asked him about the extra equipment. He told me to “worry about my end of the plane and let him worry about his end!”

The next day I was on the company computer to look up a wiring schematic. While I was there I decided to look up the extra equipment I had found. To my amazement the manuals did not show any of the extra equipment I had seen with my own eyes the day before. I even tied in to the manufacturer files and still found nothing. Now I was really determined to find out what that equipment did.

The next week we had three of our planes in our main hanger for periodic inspection. There are mechanics crawling all over a plane during these inspections. I had just finished my shift and I decided to have a look at the waste system on one of our planes. With all the mechanics around I figured that no one would notice an extra one on the plane.

Sure enough, the plane I choose had the extra equipment! I began to trace the system of pipes, pumps, and tanks. I found what appeared to be the control unit for the system. It was a standard looking avionics control box but it had no markings of any kind.

I could trace the control wires from the box to the pumps and valves but there were no control circuits coming into the unit. The only wires coming into the unit was a power connection to the aircraft’s main power bus.

The system had 1 large tank and 2 smaller tanks. It was hard to tell in the cramped compartment, but it looked like the large tank could hold about 50 gallons. The tanks were connected to a fill and drain valve that passed through the fuselage just behind the drain valve for the waste system.

When I had a chance to look for this connection under the plane I found it cunningly hidden behind a panel under the panel used to access the waste drain.

I began to trace the piping from the pumps. These pipes lead to a network of small pipes that ended in the trailing edges of the wings and horizontal stabilizers.

If you look closely at the wings of a large airplane you will see a set of wires, about the size of your finger, extending from the trailing edge of the wing surfaces. These are the static discharge wicks. They are used to dissipate the static electric charge that builds up on a plane in flight.

I discovered that the pipes from this mystery system lead to every 1 out of 3 of these static discharge wicks. These wicks had been “hollowed out” to allow whatever flows through these pipes to be discharged through the fake wicks.

It was while I was on the wing that one of the managers spotted me. He ordered me out of the hanger telling me that my shift was over and I had not been authorized any overtime.

The next couple of days were very busy and I had no time to continue my investigation. Late one afternoon, two days after my discovery, I was called to replace an engine temperature sensor on a plane due to take off in two hours. I finished the job and turned in the paperwork.

About 30 minutes later I was paged to see the General Manager. When I went in his office I found that our union rep and two others who I did not know were waiting on me. He told me that a serious problem had been discovered. He said that I was being written up and suspended for turning in false paperwork.

He handed me a disciplinary form stating that I had turned in false paperwork on the engine temperature sensor I had installed a few hours before. I was floored and began to protest. I told them that this was ridiculous and that I had done this work.

The union rep spoke up at this point and recommended that we take a look at the plane to see if we could straighten it all out. I then asked who the other two men were. The GM told me that they were airline safety inspectors but would not give me their names.

We proceeded to the plane, which should have been in the air but was parked on our maintenance ramp. We opened the engine cowling and the union rep pulled the sensor. He checked the serial number and told everyone that it was the old instrument. We then went to the parts bay and went back into the racks.

The union rep checked my report and pulled from the rack a sealed box. He opened the box and pulled out the engine temperature sensor with the serial number of the one I had installed. I was told that I was suspended for a week without pay and to leave immediately.

I sat at home the first day of my suspension wondering what the hell had happened to me. That evening I received a phone call. The voice told me “Now you know what happens to mechanics who poke around in things they shouldn’t. The next time you start working on systems that are no concern of yours you will lose your job! As it is, I’m feeling generous, I believe that you’ll be able to go back to work soon.” CLICK.

Again, I had to pick myself from off the floor. As my mind raced, it was at this moment that I made the connection that what had happened to me must have been directly connected to my tracing the “mysterious” piping.

The next morning the General Manager called me. He said that due to my past excellent employment record that the suspension had been reduced to one day and that I should report back to work immediately. The only thing I could think of was “what are they trying to hide” and “who are ‘THEY'”!

That day at work went by as if nothing had happened. None of the other mechanics mentioned the suspension and my union rep told me not to talk about it. That night I logged onto the Internet to try to find some answers.

I don’t remember now how I got there but I came across a site that talked about chemically-laced contrails.

That’s when it all came together. But the next morning at work I found a note inside my locked locker. It said, “Curiosity killed the cat. Don’t be looking at Internet sites that are no concern of yours.”

Well that’s it. Now I know ‘THEY’ are watching me.

While I don’t know what THEY are spraying, I can tell you how they are doing it. I figure they are using the “honey trucks”. These are the trucks that empty the waste from the lavatory waste tanks.

The airports usually contract out this job and nobody goes near these trucks. Who wants to stand next a truck full of sh–. While these guys are emptying the waste tanks, it makes sense that they could easily be filling the tanks of the spray system.

They know the planes flight path so they probably program the control unit to start spraying some amount of time after the plane reaches a certain altitude. The spray nozzles in the fake static wicks are so small that no one in the plane would see a thing.

God help us all.

— A concerned citizen


An Email Received From One Of Our Intrepid Investigators Yesterday
Hi Folks,
That mechanics story appears geniune, here is a back up story.

Posted by C.E. Carnicom on behalf of the author
May 22 2000

Mr. Carnicom:

I read the email you received from the anonymous mechanic and felt compelled to respond to it. I, too, work for an airline, though I work in upper management levels. I will not say which airline, what city I am located, nor what office I work for, for obvious reasons. I wish I could document everything I am about to relate to you, but to do so is next to impossible and would result in possible physical harm to me.

The email from the anonymous mechanic rings true. Airline companies in America have been participating in something called Project Cloverleaf for a few years now. The earliest date anyone remembers being briefed on it is 1998. I was briefed on it in 1999. The few airline employees who were briefed on Project Cloverleaf were all made to undergo background checks, and before we were briefed on it we were made to sign non-disclosure agreements, which basically state that if we tell anyone what we know we could be imprisoned.

About twenty employees in our office were briefed along with my by two officials from some government agency. They didn’t tell us which one.

They told us that the government was going to pay our airline, along with others, to release special chemicals from commercial aircraft.

When asked what the chemicals were and why we were going to spray them, they told us that information was given on a need-to-know basis and we weren’t cleared for it. They then went on to state that the chemicals were harmless, but the program was of such importance that it needed to be done at all costs. When we asked them why didn’t they just rig military aircraft to spray these chemicals, they stated that there weren’t enough military aircraft available to release chemicals on such a large basis as needs to be done. That’s why Project Cloverleaf was initiated, to allow commercial airlines to assist in releasing these chemicals into the atmosphere. Then someone asked why all the secrecy was needed. The government reps then stated that if the general public knew that the aircraft they were flying on were releasing chemicals into the air, environmentalist groups would raise hell and demand the spraying stop. Someone asked one of the G-men then if the chemicals are harmless, why not tell the public what the chemicals are and why we are spraying them? He seemed perturbed at this question and told us in a tone of authority that the public doesn’t need to know what’s going on, but that this program is in their best interests. He also stated that we should not tell anyone, nor ask any more questions about it. With that, the briefing was over.

All documents in our office pertaining to Project Cloverleaf are kept in locked safes. Nobody is allowed to take these documents out of the office. Very few employees are allowed access to these documents, and they remain tight-lipped about what the documents say.

Mr. Carnicom, I am no fool. I know there’s something going on. And frankly, I am scared. I feel a high level of guilt that I have been aware of this kind of operation but unable to tell anyone. It’s been eating away at me, knowing that the company I work for may be poisoning the American people. I hope this letter will open some eyes to what’s happening.

Again, I wish I could give you documented information, but you have to understand why I must remain totally anonymous.

Thank you


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