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Obama’s ‘Dirty Work’ and ‘Hidden’ Agenda… Setting Up the INDIANS to Get it Done!

Posted by angelbabe43 on February 26, 2011

I can say, without reservation, that I’m not a racist. Black or white, yellow or brown, I don’t care, so long as the fellah is decent and sociable. Obama, however, IS racist, and it shows in this proposed piece of legislation. ~ Barry Napier

Idaho pro-Obama bosses are trying to muscle-through ‘Custer Legislation’, so that the (Red) Indians can at last get their own back on white men – cowboys and Indians all over again!

The idea is to give Indians total legal control over any non-Indian who even passes through their territory. They would be tried under separate tribal laws, and even if the accused comes from outside the reservation, they cannot call in outside help or legal counsel! And only Indians would be allowed to sit on the jury. Watch out for revenge from Indians who are filled with leftist revisionist history!

The bright-sparks who are trying to bring this in are Idaho Attorney General Wasden and US Attorney Thomas Moss. They have been working out the details for the past six months… and everyone in the USA should ask “Why?” What is the point of making parts of the USA free from state and national laws?

Europe – a Map for the USA…

The EU, that monolith no-one voted for and which has now taken control over every aspect of life in all member states without the authority of the people, has drawn up a new map of Europe. Literally. In it, the country of England simply does not exist. Other smaller countries have also disappeared. It is a future map of what the EU wants Europe to be like in the very near future. At the same time, the EU encourages each member country to devolve power to smaller regional Assemblies, each making its own laws… but at least each law must be consistent with whatever the EU demands.

At first each country picked and chose which laws to implement even though they opposed national laws (just like the Idaho situation). Then, they were all harmonized, again without consent of the people. It is just desensitization on a grand scale.

Why do it? That’s simple. By devolving power to smaller regional units, the EU can get rid of ‘countries’ and get on with creating a massive European state consisting only of regions, each answerable to their own ‘countries’, but each country, if it still exists, will be a rubber-stamper of whatever the EU wants. In other words, smaller units without country affiliations are controlled directly by the EU, and are much easier to bring into line than whole countries. It also means that when the EU is fully operational, regions have no power.

Remember I said look for the loose connections; things that are happening that appear to have no connection to each other? I believe the Idaho idea is another one of those connections… another dot to add to the larger picture.

Why should a state create a law-region within itself, unlinked to the greater laws? Is this the start of an EU-style take-over of power? At one end we have Obama’s promise to hand over the USA to the UN, and the UN’s decision to work in harmony with Interpol, who has immunity (for no good reason) from US laws. At the other end, we have this seemingly small ‘concession’ to create laws within laws.

Now join the dots! In between will come more states offering more similar powers to their own reservations and then even to conglomerates and others. There will then be pockets of laws-within-laws within states, each incompatible and fracturing the legal system wide open. What is the result of this? Confusion and uproar! Now join more dots… what is a prime aim of communism? That’s right – confusion and uproar!

Red Dawn…

Can you see a picture emerging? Obama’s picture of a Marxist Red Dawn? We are seeing Marxism by invitation of the elite. Don’t think the Idaho AG is working on his own, or that he has suddenly had this great idea. His idea comes from higher up. The government is working towards a Red future, and it makes very sure its minions create objectives that fulfil their aims. So, who, above Wasden, is pulling his strings? And how much is he getting?

Look closely at the idea of creating pockets of law within states, that are not controlled by that state. It is chaotic. And that’s what Marxists love, because making chaos is necessary for them to impose their draconian requirements on the people. Can you now see the dots joining? It is a breaking-up of power, just as in Europe. Without this notion of breaking-up state power, there is no reason at all to bring in such a foolish piece of devolution!

The Idaho Sheriff’s Association does not want this kind of devolution. But, how many laws has Obama ridden rough-shod over to get his own way? How many laws does he ignore in his mindless rush to make the USA Red?

The Sheriff’s Answer…

County Sheriff Doug Giddings said he invited a lobbyist to speak to him about the idea. Then, he presented it to the Sheriff’s Association in December. They “voted unanimously to NOT back the legislation”. And, as Giddings adds, “We’ve discussed it every way but Sunday, and it doesn’t do any of us any good. The Feds and the tribe are the only ones to gain power and authority over non-tribal on the reservation…. I vote ‘No’.”

Exactly – there is no sense in it, because it makes things worse, not better! The only sense is that it is part of a far greater plan from outside. I have already outlined what that plan is. I believe my response is an ‘educated guess’, because it is based on knowledge of how Marxists work out their strategies, and by knowing the history of communism and Obama. The dots are emerging thick and fast… all you need to do is join them.

County Commissioner…

Idaho County Commissioner Skip Brandt adds his comments to the furore. In an email dated 27th January he quotes Professor Alexander Tytler who said 200 years ago that people in a democracy allow a government to exist only insofar as they can get financial gain from it. So, they vote for whoever promises the most, “with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by as dictatorship.”  Evidently, Brandt has already joined the all-to-obvious dots!

Another clue comes from Benewah County Prosecuting Attorney, Douglas Paul Payne, who also implies a deeper agenda in his own email to fellow Attorneys: “This issue may seem unimportant to counties that are not concurrent with a reservation, but it involves issues beyond county/tribal relations.” So, that’s another key figure who sees the agenda and has joined the dots.

The tribe wants the legislation (of course they do!) but the Sheriff’s oppose it, for real practical and ethical reasons. As usual, and as Payne tells us, this matter has not been discussed… it is another of those secret Obama-ations to make a communistic grab for power.

The proposed bill is the State and Indian Tribal Cooperative Law Enforcement Act. One tribe has framed and pushed this proposed law, but another two have not. That a smaller unit within a state can be free of state laws is amazing, because there is no accountability (another Obama specialism). If passed, the law would “violate Art IV sec. 20 of the Idaho Constitution…”  Well, what d’ya know – yet another act against a constitution.

Obama set the ball rolling, and now everyone of Marxist mind is running with it, knowing he would approve. It also violates art. XVIII sec. 6, because the state sheriff cannot appoint the deputies, so they would act without his authority. There are numerous other violations. So, to create a separate legal entity within the state, one has to violate any laws pertaining to it. The idea also violates the national Constitution… but hey, who cares? Obama does it all the time.

It would mean that any non-tribal person should be warned never to enter the tribal lands for any reason, because they could be liable to arbitrary arrest and sentencing by those not appointed by the state!

Payne goes on to say: “It is important to all Idahoans not to establish a precedent of delegating state law enforcement power to anyone not answerable to the people subjected to that power.”

He says “Counties have been enforcing state law on reservations for 120 years and there appears no immediate emergency. Curiously, this bill is being rushed to the floor.”  Just like many other Obama moves! There is no reason to implement the bill… so there has to be an external prompt with an hidden national agenda.

Skip Brandt advises that the proposed bill is not found on any open agenda and has not yet been printed! Says a lot, eh? It is not found because it can then be rushed through for quick approval.


Obama’s election (?) had brought many adverse groups out of the woodwork. They have been emboldened to not just act more openly and decisively, but also outside the law and Constitution. Laws and state/national Constitutions are just pushed aside and changes are being made without approval of the people. Money seems to be at the root of it all.

If the bill passes through it will create another precedent, one so huge as to threaten national security and society. There are now so many dots to join we cannot keep up! There will be the inevitable cronies who say there is no plot – but this is not what Idaho’s legal folks and sheriffs say!

The Central Idaho Post is bravely opposing the proposed bill and is asking for all state citizens to write in opposition to the AG of the state. I believe the issue is far bigger, as Attorney Payne tells us, and should involve everyone in the USA. Interpol already has immunity from US laws. Separate tribal laws will only serve to feed this external UN force, and support it. It could mean that the UN will be able to riddle the US with its policies and laws, through Interpol, who can operate via tribal laws, weakening the US from within.

And remember what I have said before… Obama’s men are making sure new precedents are being created, in readiness for much bigger changes in the near future. Don’t let the dots join themselves, because by then it will be too late. Fight these abysmal traitorous, unconstitutional changes NOW. Stop Obama’s men in black, or wake up tomorrow to a totalitarian dictatorship. It is an aim Obama is working towards… that part isn’t a guess!

Barry Napier – January 28, 2010 – source CanadaFreePress

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