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Posted by angelbabe43 on February 26, 2011

Free Movie Download sites & one great audio news archive please read download guidelines for before starting wow is all I can say – I suggest you start at the very, very bottom of the page & work your way up when first viewing this site 😉 (audio only) great news archive this one has it all! public domain films all available in a wide variety of formats… movies like Hemp for Victory, Reefer Madness, Duck & Cover, A is for Atom, Despotism – all copyrights have expired which makes them yours to do with as you please! manipulate them, take clips from them, add modern music – use your imagination & have fun! You can even burn them onto VCDs or DVDs & sell them as is for all anyone cares, as no one owns the rights to any of these movies anymore!
some of the many Indymedia sites as above, so below – free downloads all…

Some streaming, some downloads available

Streaming media sites (audio &/or video) (audio only)

Downloads of
Highly Recommended Documentary Movies &/or Interviews
right click & select copy shortcut for URL web address or save target as for immediate download
Capitalist Conspiracy
The Money Masters pt.1 (low res)
The Money Masters pt.2 (low res)
The Money Masters pt.1 (hi res)
The Money Masters pt.2 (hi res)
Monopoly Men
Why We Fight
The Trials of Henry Kissinger
Kay Griggs Interview pt.1
Kay Griggs Interview pt.2
Hijacking Catastrophe – 9/11, Fear, and the Selling of American Empire
Orwell Rolls In His Grave part 1
Orwell Rolls In His Grave part 2
Seymour Hersh talks to Mark Lawson
The Invisible Machine (the world of electromagnetic warfare and weapons of mass destruction)
Germ Warfare: Dr Kelly’s Last Interview
Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor The Government Knew!(This film was made in 1989. Even more national archive documents have surfaced.)
ThePower of Nightmares pt.1 Baby, It’s Cold Outside
ThePower of Nightmares pt.1 Baby, It’s Cold Outside (lo res)
ThePower of Nightmares pt.2 The Phantom Victory
ThePower of Nightmares pt.2 The Phantom Victory (lo res)
ThePower of Nightmares pt.3 The Shadows In The Cave

Ten Years of WAR The effects of the U.S. War on Iraq. A Short Art Video Meditation on the War taken from various works.

If you’ve watched all of those, or even a few, you owe it to your nerves to treat yourself to some
Comic Relief
Osama and US
Censored SNL TV Funhouse – Conspiracy Theory Rock Animation about Corporate ownership of media
Estee Slaughter: Free Condoms – Free Lube – Free Palestine

some of the downloads I posted above are .rm files, or real media files… If you have real player, I sugest you get rid of it, as it can be a system crashing nightmare – here’s the Real Alternative Player that comes with no spyware but high recommendations.

If you’re as serious about watching all this stuff as I am, you need a download manager. If you don’t already have one, this is the best free download manager I’ve found that works with windows 95, xp & all versions inbetween. Any better recommendations would be gratefully welcomed – I’ve heard that Firefox has it’s own download manager – I’m still using IE, but I’d like to know more about the pros & cons of Mozilla & Firefox if anyone has time to share – all recommendations will be passed on. I’m really starting to think about switching to firefox, I’ve just got to make sure it’s supported by Earthlink, which is my provider – they have a flash blocker, which has changed my myspace experience drastically for the better, seeing as I am limited to a maximum of 48Mb of RAM with the current second-hand equipment I have.

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