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TMZ poll: still alive 76%!! We’re getting there

Posted by angelbabe43 on April 18, 2010

Michael Jackson — Casket Mystery Solved

Originally posted Apr 10th 2010 7:53 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

It’s the answer to the question you were kinda curious about, then forgot about, but now you’re like “Holy cow, I really want to know — how did Michael Jackson‘s body seemingly disappear after his memorial, only to reappear at the cemetery?”

On July 7, 2009 the Staples Center memorial was held in front of thousands of people in downtown L.A. —  Jackson’s body was ensconced in a $25,000 red casket.

After the memorial, although hundreds of cameras and thousands of eyes were trained on the exits, no one saw any evidence that the casket left the building.  It fueled a grassy knoll-type theory that Jackson’s body wasn’t really inside the casket and maybe he was still alive.

Finally, our spies have come clean. Jackson’s body did indeed arrive in a hearse, but it left in a SWAT van.  The van was driven to a secret location, where it rendezvoused with a Forest Lawn van — which then transported the body to the cemetery without being noticed.

You’re welcome.

TMZ POLL: 20% RIP 80% Still Alive!! as of April 17,2010

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One Response to “TMZ poll: still alive 76%!! We’re getting there”

  1. As of today May 5th 2010 MJ is still alive 95% and RIP 5% Total votes 2,071,757

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