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Posted by angelbabe43 on December 11, 2009

3 Responses to “MICHAEL IS LOVE”

  1. magicalchild said

    i love this pic…so sweet!!
    he’s pure love…and i love him most ^_^
    i hope he’s happya and i’d love to see him smiling again!

  2. Tracy Spain said

    This is a beautiful picture.
    One of the things some people always tried to hurt Michael with was, by saying he was weird because he was so childish. What´s wrong about being childish? I think that we have all got a child inside of us who is crying to come out and play again, and have fun. And why not? It´s a shame to lose something so important.
    They´ve always said the same about me, but I´ve never cared. If they love me they have to understand me. And if I don´t hurt anybody, why should I have to change? . Now, I´ve got two little children to play with and I really love it. I can be silly again and I enjoy it.
    Let´s find that part of us and laugh and have fun again.
    With all the love from my heart,
    Tracy *******

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