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Michael Jackson alive ♥ MJ-DUBAI Palm ISLAND ♥ Lindsay Lohan & “Hollywood Tonight” ~ Updated CLUES by SimPattyk Ro on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 5:11pm

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Hello dear beLIEvers… or should I say …. KNOWERS! 😉 ♥ I’ve been very intrigued by this whole “MJ – Dubai Island theory” lately so I did some research on the Internet! GOD bless Internet! :)) And of course I’ve found a lot of interesting things… clues…connections…confirmations…well call them as you like 🙂 So this is an UPDATE of my first article on this subject. ENJOY and Think for yourselves! Love you all ♥ L.isten O.bserve V.erify E.volve ♥


I. Some key words to start with—– )) Escape; the Game; Brett Ratner; Grucci; fireworks, Movies; Hollywood; Dubai; Palm Island; celebrities; fame; mass-media; lies; lyrics; truth. ♥


  2. Michael Jackson And the Island- 
  3. THE PALM ISLAND !!! HeeeHeee ♥ –
  4. The Emerald City in the Wizard of OZ is identical to the Hotel on MJ-Dubai Palm Island!! –
  5. Face Value –
  6. Fireworks by Grucci – Atlantis The Palm Grand Opening Dubai 2008 (lots of spectacular fireworks! just like MJ likes in his concerts and V from “V for Vendetta” movie:)  :p ) And guess who were present there !? Well what a “coincidence”: Lindsay Lohan, Quincy Jones and Janet Jackson !!! here you can see some photos: ; the work there has started on the island in 2001! Pay really close attention to Kenny Ortega‘s words during the rehearsals of “This Is It”, especially those that I’ve underlined down here:  
  7. “This Is It- transcript-Kenny ORTEGA: “So we open the show, as you know, with all the lights down. We’re gonna create a spectacular opening with pyrotechnics. And we want some sizzles and some cracks and some pops. We have our video that is called “Glimpses and Flashes. And that’s where Light Man comes out on the gantry,  above the stage
  8. Now after you read Kenny’s words, think about this: What happens after Michael’s “death” (death symbolized by Kenny’ words “with all the lights down”) in 2009 ? On July 4th 2009 an interesting FireWorks TRIBUTE to Michael  during the Macy 33rd Annual Fire work – this is it! This was the “spectacular opening” of MJ’s hoax that Kenny Ortega described above ^^ ? what do you think? 😉
  9. Here’s the most interesting part!  In the video at no. 6 above here ^^ you can see the 2008 Firewoks opening Ceremony for the Palm Island in Dubai was done by Grucci!!! Well I came across this article called “Off the Wall”:  where we can read that: “Bermuda’s 400th anniversary celebration culminated with a spectacular !!! Grucciesque fireworks show and and that the winning boat (remember Kenny Ortega said: floating”) was a Michael Jackson-themed barge featuring a 40-foot tall King of Pop wrapped in red lights, a giant illuminated glove[…]” (so it’s the Light Man that Kenny Ortega was talking about! “floating above the stage” ).
  10.  Here’s a more descriptive article of the event: Notice the choice of the title: “Join the parade!” – What is that title??? I mean… like the Elephant parade passing by Staple’s center the same day of Michael’s memorial? like the syntagm “the greatest show on Earth”? See what I mean? Check out the other blogs on this link ^^ And read between the for keywords even if the content of texts doesn’t really say anything clear or blunt… I don’t know, maybe I am wrong and I’m seeing things where they aren’t, but I feel there’s something “fishy” about this blog and the whole “Bermuda” thing on it… I’d like to know your opinions about this, please 🙂
  11. I’ll give you just 2 more links of articles from this same David LaHuta’s -“Bermuda Shorts”-blog ^^ – Again the title caught my eye! “From the Headlines” – it made me think of “Breaking News”, tabloids BS and stuff like that; also notice the refined irony and black humor in the tone of this article (like in almost all the articles touching MJ-subject on that blog )… it’s like criticizing the whole hypocrite “circus” of actions and publications around MJ’s death/tributes & so on an so forth…clearly hinting toward people who had never liked MJ, but now suddenly after his death fell the urge to “remember” him 😉 Then take a look at the title of this article: Curtain Call SUGGESTIVE! isn’t it? 😉 even if the content is not quite likewise…
  12. I also looked a bit into David LaHuta’s biography-the author of this blog ^^ – and if my suspicions are correct…that he might have been working with MJ on the hoax, his blog being some sort of a “sharing island-escape-clues” to the fans/beLIEvers, then I thought it interesting the way he describes himself, starting with this: “International adventurer, television host and seasoned journalist” – made me think of Michael’s speech “It’s an adventure, a big adventure“; Let’s continue with DL’s description: “Originally from New York City, David has also lived in Bayswater, London; Lund, Sweden; St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands and is currently based in Bermuda (since 2010) where the adventurous outdoors man enjoys sailing, spearfishing and snorkeling near his home in Southampton.” – So he also loves nature! (sounds familiar?), he has made a lot of splendid photos with beautiful landscapes, TV shows, etc… he has an entertainment career, received awards, etc…In my opinion, judging from all this, he is a person that Michael would be interested in “collaborating” with on his secret-island escapism-project, releasing those riddle-like short articles on his “Bermuda shorts” entitled blog, to give the fans some clues about the hoax.. I also guess that Bermuda is a “symbol” for MJ-Dubai – Palm Island”, like a cover-up name 😉 What do you think about that?
  13. Michael had a “thing” with the ISLAND theme way back before his “death” in 2004 for ex. – “Miss Cast Away and The Island Girls” – and also – Take a look at the island on the movie poster, doesn’t it look familiar to you?? 😉 – –Just type on Google “Michael Jackson island” and you’ll be amazed of how many interesting results you’ll find!
  14. Michael Jackson – Water Angel    a very suggestive fan-made video!!
  • Palm Islands Dubai – documentary on construction:

part 1 –

part 2 – … re=related

part 3 – … re=related

part 4 – … re=related


  1. Michael Jackson Dubai Island Designs –
  2. Janet Jackson at  Dubai Palm opens with star-studded party –
  3. “Michael Jackson had spent a sum of $1.5 million on a new mansion in his own private island in Bahrain” –
  4. “At the end of June 2005, Michael Jackson went to Bahrain, the tiny 33-island archipelago in the Persian Gulf known less for its isolation than for playing host to the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet: If Jackson wanted to get away from all things American, he chose poorly. So why Bahrain? Blame his own brother – Jermaine, who is a friend of the son of the ruler of Bahrain. Jermaine must have impressed on his brother that he could get himself some private acreage and recharge in Bahrain […]” –
  5. Michael Jackson Island Dubai –
  6. A relaxed Michael Jackson visits Dubai –
  7. Jackson in Dubai: Buffalo wings, speedboats –
  8. Dubai Wants to Build Michael Jackson Island? –
  9. Michael Jackson island proposed for Dubai –
  10. Michael Jackson Island – and also –
  11. Jackson Island –
  12. Who Will Built Man-made Michael Jackson Island? –,who-will-built-man-made-michael-jackson-island,358260.html

IV. Plot Summary for Escaping the Game (2012) –

“According to reports Lindsay Lohan has nabbed a role in an movie titled “Escaping The Game”. This is a golden opportunity for her as she will be starring along side one of the lead actors from “The Amazing Spiderman” Chris Zylka.

The story is about celebrities who are so overwhelmed by fame they fake their deaths and move to a remote island. Ironically, Lindsay will be playing a detective pursuing the truth behind all of these famous disappearances.

It sounds like Lindsay landed the lead character in this movie and that is great for her. The shooting is said to be starting in the summer and take place in the US and Spain.”

  1. Well guess who the director of the movie is?? Brett Ratner !! So, let’s resume this: This movie is about celebrities who want to escape their fame and the media circus by appealing to the services of a secret company who helps them fake their death and escape to a remote ocean island. The main character is Lindsay Lohan!! and the director, Michael’s good old friend! well yeahhh!!! read the whole plot of the movie, it’s really interesting –
  2. About Brett Ratner: *** Michael Jackson with Brett Ratner at the set of  the movie”Red Dragon“.- he invited Michael during the recording of this movie from the famous Hannibal trilogy – *** Plot: A retired FBI agent with psychological gifts is assigned to help track down “The Tooth Fairy”, a mysterious serial killer; aiding him is imprisoned criminal genius Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter (Anthony Hopkins). *** Inside Red Dragon_part1 – —)) Look at minute 06:18 – the main character says “I thought he was gone and now he’s back!” – it’s exactly the “sex scene” loll that you can see Michael had assisted in the first video I gave you here ^^ so I guess this is a clue, a clear reference to Michael’s hoax! *** Interview of Michael by his good friend Brett – part 1 –
  3. So besides the movie”Red Dragon” which is a Psychological !! 😉 P :)) Other references I saw: first the DRAGON – I guess you all saw Michael’s blouses, shirts and jackets imprinted with a dragon on them! So check out these MIND BLOWING links: *** DRAGON MAN: Michael Jackson appears at the Millennium World Music Awards in Monaco in 2001. –; *** this: *** Michael Jackson tribute at Neverland Ranch’s Dragon Coaster in Coney Island; *** the “Thriller” dance for Dragon*Con‘s world record attempt. – *** Michael Jackson Dragon Games – —)) SO…. what can I say? I am THRILLED and I send thriller KISSSSSSES to our favorite RED DRAGON ♥ ♥ ♥
  4. MICHAEL JACKSON ESCAPE – Pay attention to Michael’s lyrics in the song “coincidentally” entitled “ESCAPE” !! –
  5. Fox News “predicts” the death of Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan- ( At minute 3:22 in you are being told that Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan are going to die within 5 years. – see the print screen-photo I’ve added down here )
  6. In-Depth Look into Michael Jackson & Lindsay Lohan Cases-
  7. Conrad Murray Who is Lindsay lohan-
  8. Michael Jackson’s Death ft. Lindsay Lohan – Daughter to Father –

V. Single “Hollywood Tonight ” ~ Cover-ArtWork

So my friends, what do you think? What are we to beLIEve of all these facts or just simple “coincidences” ?? Can we hope that Michael had this GENIUS idea of creating a remote isolated heavenly ISLAND for celebrities to ESCAPE from the mass-media circus they were living in… from their nightmare….escape to a dream-island ? hummm… I can’t wait to see what’s up next! – I keep thinking of Michael’s phrase “The Best is yet to come!” ♥ LOVE you all ♥

!  !  !  ! ~ You might also wanna read my article and the NEW CLUES I have recently found about the movie “Get Low”:

NEW Hoax CLUES —-)) “Get Low” (2009) versus “This Is It” (2009) -FELIX vs. MJ –

Read this article here: “Michael Jackson alive ♥ MJ-DUBAI Palm ISLAND ♥ Lindsay Lohan & “Hollywood Tonight” ~ CLUES” –
Read this article here: “Michael Jackson alive ♥ MJ-DUBAI Palm ISLAND ♥ Lindsay Lohan & “Hollywood Tonight” ~ CLUES” –
Read this article here: “Michael Jackson alive ♥ MJ-DUBAI Palm ISLAND ♥ Lindsay Lohan & “Hollywood Tonight” ~ CLUES” –
Michael Jackson alive ♥ MJ-DUBAI Palm ISLAND ♥ Lindsay Lohan & “Hollywood Tonight” ~ CLUES –
Michael Jackson alive ♥ MJ-DUBAI Palm ISLAND ♥ Lindsay Lohan & “Hollywood Tonight” ~ CLUES –
Michael Jackson alive ♥ MJ-DUBAI Palm ISLAND ♥ Lindsay Lohan & “Hollywood Tonight” ~ CLUES –
1. Michael Jackson alive ♥ MJ-DUBAI Palm ISLAND ♥ Lindsay Lohan & “Hollywood Tonight” ~ CLUES –
2. Michael Jackson IN Immortal Tour!! ♥
Notice those 2 letters are written differently than the others… –
Michael and his good friend -Brett Ratner – the director of “Escaping the Game” (2012) –

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