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We can Stop the Global Elite – We can Win! – By Naomi Klein & Bill Mc Kibben ( Funded by The Rockefeller Foundation, the Very Elites He’s Trying to Bring Down? Really?)

Posted by angelbabe43 on April 14, 2011

Foreword by Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent –

In the following article we’re being led to believe that Bill McKibben, and by association Naomi Klein, are against the global elite. But just who is Bill McKibben?

Bill McKibben organises the climate change activist group:

However, is not all it seems as the organisation is heavily funded by the Rockefeller family, supposedly one of the elitist families dear Bill wishes to depose from their lofty heights?

I think not. I wonder if Naomi is actually aware of McKibben’s close ties to one of the most evil, elitist families on the planet or is she a willing accomplice? Maybe she needs to explain why she’s involved with such an eco-fascistic zealot with close financial links to the eugenics organisation called Rockefeller Family. I think it’s about time we saw the real Naomi Klein step forward.

Which is it Naomi? Friend, foe or elitist patsy?


Our Lives Are Under Threat From Some of the Most Powerful and Richest Entities — Here’s How We Can Fight Back and Win

By Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben – April 8th, 2011

Not for forty years has there been such a stretch of bad news for environmentalists in Washington. Last month in the House, the newly empowered GOP majority voted down a resolution stating simply that global warming was real: they’ve apparently decided to go with their own versions of physics and chemistry. This week in the Senate, the biggest environmental groups were reduced to a noble, bare-knuckles fight merely to keep the body from gutting the Clean Air Act, the proudest achievement of the green movement. The outcome is still unclear; even several prominent Democrats are trying to keep the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases. And at the White House? The president who boasted that his election marked the moment when ‘the oceans begin to recede’ instead introduced an energy plan heavy on precisely the carbon fuels driving global warming. He focused on ‘energy independence,’ a theme underscored by his decision to open 750 million tons of Wyoming coal to new mining leases. That’s the equivalent of running 3,000 new power plants for a year.

Here’s what we think is going on, in the broadest terms.

The modern environmental movement was born on Earth Day 1970, in an unprecedented burst of mass organizing–by some estimates 20 million Americans, a tenth of the population, took to the streets. It was a young movement, at a time when large numbers of people were serious about not just cleaning the air but stopping wars and ending official discrimination. That popular base inspired–or, more likely, cowed–Washington: the next four years saw the passage of virtually all the environmental legislation that still forms the core of green law. It also saw the birth or rebirth of many of the organizations we think of when we think of environmentalism. Powered by that initial burst of mass support, they were able to make real headway in DC, and so they concentrated on important and professional tasks: patient lobbying of subcommittees, careful report-writing. And they kept making substantial gains: Superfund toxic cleanups, acid-rain control.

But in recent years two things have happened. One, that battery wound up on the first Earth Day has finally wound down: congressmen, it turns out, can tell the difference between an aging membership list and a vibrant political movement. As the DC political bible Politico put it last month: “green groups are being forced to play defense in a world where D.C. pols aren’t scared of them.”

Second, the key issue has changed. Forget acid rain and Superfund; these were important but relatively easy fights that didn’t directly confront anyone’s business model. You could clean up acid rain by putting a filter on your power plant. But global warming is different–you’d have to shut down that power plant, and replace it with a windmill or a solar panel.

And so the full power of the fossil fuel industry–the most profitable business in the planet’s history–has been brought to bear on the fight, and they play hard and dirty. The Koch Brothers spend huge sums to underwrite the network of global warming skeptics; the US Chamber of Commerce emerged as the biggest campaign funder of them all, shuttling 94% of its donations to climate deniers. This kind of clout carried the day: the biggest dream of DC Washington groups was the so-called ‘cap-and-trade’ bill, behind which they mustered every insider technique they’d spent the last four decades perfecting. But in the end they didn’t come close: Harry Reid refused to even schedule a floor vote, knowing that he was far short of the votes needed to pass the bill. The White House stayed on the sidelines.

To us, the lesson is pretty clear. Since we’re never going to have as much money as the fossil fuel industry, we need to rebuild the kind of mass movement that marked 1970: bodies, passion, and creativity are the currencies we can compete in. It’s not impossible. Working with next to no money, the fledgling campaign at managed over the last three years to coordinate 15,000 rallies in 189 countries–every nation on earth save North Korea. It’s been active in every US state and Congressional district. And this week, it combined forces with another important American grass roots climate campaign, 1Sky, for extra reach.

1Sky was founded in the same spirit, and at the same time, as, and has worked to develop leaders around the country and help build a base of hundreds of allies. Together, we’ll be smarter, bolder, faster, and more creative than we were before.

This new and expanded will mobilize on a large scale–circle Sept. 24 on your calendar for a worldwide day of bike-based action. But it’s also going aggressively after the backroom money, with a far-reaching new campaign that tackles the US Chamber of Commerce for its climate stance. This youth-based campaign is linking up with labor, with faith communities, with frontline communities who have the most experience trying to shut down dirty power plants in their backyards. Most of all it’s actually out in the streets, organizing new blood. The idea is not to supplant the Washington green groups, but instead to give the whole movement new clout–enough clout to withstand the crushing power of oil money. And enough energy to let us get off defense and back on the attack.

We don’t know if we’ll win in the end: the science of climate change grows darker by the day, and the window for effective action is swiftly closing. But any chance requires people power replacing corporate power. In the year of Tunisia and Egypt and Wisconsin, it’s worth a try.

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“We the People” Rush to Support Alternative News Forum: Blog Traffic Triples After Blog De-activated A Third Time With No Explanation

Posted by angelbabe43 on April 7, 2011

Proof of cencership either it was cencership or just a glitch on wordpress repeatly a few days apart but the lord is good she has worked on this blog as well as others this one in peticular 4 yrs and it is a must subscribe go read before it gets yanked yet again…. thanks Chase.


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See also: Barack Obama Admits He Was Born in Kenya

Well I know who my family is, and I know I am supported by readers, subscribers and guests. Yesterday morning after my blog suddenly went offline for a third time in as many days, I was four minutes away from posting the essay and videos you see featured on the front page. Boom – down comes the blog again. I write WordPress. No reply. I set the post aside and took the day off.

I came home last night, logged in, did a complete double take at my traffic, and sat down and just thanked God for loyal and loving Americans who know understand and recognize the truth when they see it.

I had the most visits yesterday in two years, enough hammering apparently, that poof, the blog is now back up again. It would seem that processes beyond my control are at work, and that the Holy Spirit is somehow helping things along.

If it was an internet glitch at WP then I apologize to readers, as it is beyond my control. WP has yet to reply to one of my emails. If it was censorship, it failed and inspired 7 or 8 thousand new people to come and read the blog.

If it was WP trying to “push me off the blogging platform” because I am a conservative dissenter from Obama White House LA LA land, too bad. I am here, I am researching and posting, and I am not going anywhere. But I DO continue to trust WP as one of the last bastions of independently  owned free speech on the web, so I am putting it all in God’s hands every day.

When the blog is up, I will post. When it’s down I will tweet. Find me here also.

I will add this: if you find something here you really want to make a record of, then copy / paste, re-post- re-blog, PDF it, grab the video… whatever. I have no idea how long they will let it stay up before it gets yanked down again.

Here’s a screenshot from yesterday so you will know I’m not just making this all up. While I was writing this post another 1200 visits arrived. Truly, God works in mysterious ways. Keep sharing what you learn here. Make haste my friends, we have much work to do, to make sure that Barack Obama is a one term president.

Chase Kyla Hunter on 4.6.11

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Ex-CIA Agent Rips Open Clueless Congress, White House: “Blog That!” He Says

Posted by angelbabe43 on April 5, 2011

Seal of the Central Intelligence Agency of the...

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You absolutely MUST hear what this man has to say. He was a CIA operative for years. He states facts that we have all suspected about the cluelessness of the Obama White House and Congress and he spares no words in describing precisely where the US deficit is, which is national bankruptcy. We all know this viscerally, but citizens who are not government employees, who have voted for elected officials depend on those officials to do right by the people and solve our nations’ problems. They ARE NOT solving those problems according to this man’s testimony and he makes it VERY clear.

What we MUST do in 2012 is elect a robust aggressive problem solver, who takes no prisoners, is not owned by Wall Street, lobbyists, or the Bilderbergers, and will stand up to the UN’s CFR agenda, back them down and put American financial and economic survival FIRST. We need a man or a woman who has the cunning and spine to start creating new industries and jobs in this country pronto. We have very little time left with the federal deficit meter now ticking to the point soon where the government can no  longer pay the interest on the debt without moving into the dreaded fiscal territory known as hyper-inflation.

Here’s the video:

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