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Jack Black: “Who Wants to Pray to the Devil With Me?” 2009 MTV Music Awards (via Artopia 444 American Pop Culture Mashup)

Posted by angelbabe43 on March 25, 2011

Something is so wrong in this society It scares me and pisses me off I would never sell my sold for the price of fame why and for what reason…..So you get fame,MONEY,ECTect,ect,ect nothing would be worth my soul at any price I wouldn’t want to be famous…It’s more like ok I wanna be famous so now I’m a satanist and I’m gonna promote all this to everyones children no matter what all for $$$,fame no thanks.

Jack Black: "Who Wants to Pray to the Devil With Me?" 2009 MTV Music Awards Copyright 01.02.2011 Reposted courtesy I am currently examining satanic and totalitarian imagery in the American music industry. There is nothing hidden or even secretive about the satanic imagery in most pop music videos, especially videos made by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. I am also pretty suspicious of Taylor Swift‘s odd hand signs and some of her garments and poses, but this post will focus on Jack Black, Beyonce and LaRead More

via Artopia 444 American Pop Culture Mashup

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