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MJ would NEVER do that!

Posted by angelbabe43 on April 2, 2011

Michaels' Army Of Love.....Many people argue that there is NO WAY MJ is alive because “he would not do that to his family”.

Specifically, there is no way he would allow his mother to grieve like that.  There is no way he would allow his kids to believe he had passed.

Well, again, I have to wonder.  Now I’m not bringing this up because I think that Mrs. J or the kids know or don’t know about a hoax.  That is irrelevant.

I am addressing the “MJ would never do that” comment.

I believe people say that because they know MJ’s heart.  They know the incredible love this man had for his family and for his close friends.

They also see his death as an incredible hurt and giving great pain and grief to them.

So why would he EVER do that?  It’s just not in his heart…. Or is it?

Before I go further, here is my disclaimer… I do not know MJ or his heart… what I am basing this on is basically the MJ of my mind… based on what I have heard about MJ through stories, articles, etc. it’s based on the figment of my imagination.  🙂

So I see MJ as not a saint by any means, but just a normal man that truly wants to please God with his life.  Like all of us, he is susceptible to sin, temptation, and has probably fallen off the “righteousness path” many, many times.  But when God speaks to you, and you choose to listen, the things you will do sometimes are beyond comprehension by those around you.  Sometimes it is downright opposite of your normal character, but that too is besides the point.

I believe if MJ’s goal for his family was eternal salvation, and that his goal for his life was to honor God, he as a humble servant would do ANYTHING to ensure this happened, EVEN IF IT MEANT INFLICTING PAIN TO THOSE HE LOVED ON THIS EARTH.

When a mother is sitting beside her child in the hospital, and procedures are being performed that can be very painful, the child will be in great pain.  If people didn’t know the full story, or the motivation behind the mother allowing her child to experience such great pain, they could easily condemn the mother.  But if the mother says, my child is dying and in order to save her we must do this very painful procedure, then now, in light of new circumstances, the mother is seen as very strong, courageous, and…. loving.

What if MJ faking his death, allowing his family, his mother and children to believe he is dead, was the ONLY way MJ could see to create a better world for his children.  What if MJ decided to sacrifice his life, in a sense, to give life not only to his family but his fans?  Would you still say this was out of character for MJ?  Or would you say this was really his greatest display of love?

This reminds me of the story of Joseph in the Bible.  Joseph, after many years, was LIVING in Egypt and his father believed he was dead.  His brothers knew he didn’t die the way their father believed he died, but they didn’t know for sure if he was alive or dead… anything else could have happened.  But Joseph believed that God had given him prophetic dreams for a reason.  Joseph believed that God had a purpose for his life.  Joseph believed that he HAD to allow things to play out according to God’s plan so that his brothers had time to repent for selling him into slavery.  Joseph, in an effort to save his brothers from God’s punishment (the same brothers that betrayed him), allowed his father to believe he was dead.  What an amazing, forgiving love that is!  And WHEN THE TIME WAS RIGHT, and Joseph saw that his brothers had a change of heart, he then revealed that he was alive.

Now I draw this comparison because it shows that sometimes we may have to do things that appear heartless or out of character, but if it is coming from a place of love, then that’s the right thing to do.

I pray that whatever is happening in hoaxville right now, and whatever very difficult decisions MJ is making and must continue to make, FOR LOVE, that he will have the courage, determination and perseverance to do what is right.

And MJ, I hope you know that despite our deep want for you to come back, despite bickering between the “believers” and the “non-believers”, despite our tears, despite our doubts and frustrations, many of us support you in this adventure and are putting our faith in God, knowing that if you are following Him, then all will work together for you and your family… and all of us!

I love you MJFam…. I love the ones that will praise my expressions here, and I love the ones that will ridicule me.  I love the trolls that will try to shake me, and I love the friends here that will uphold me.  I thank God for each and every one of you.

God bless you.

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