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“We the People” Rush to Support Alternative News Forum: Blog Traffic Triples After Blog De-activated A Third Time With No Explanation

Posted by angelbabe43 on April 7, 2011

Proof of cencership either it was cencership or just a glitch on wordpress repeatly a few days apart but the lord is good she has worked on this blog as well as others this one in peticular 4 yrs and it is a must subscribe go read before it gets yanked yet again…. thanks Chase.


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Well I know who my family is, and I know I am supported by readers, subscribers and guests. Yesterday morning after my blog suddenly went offline for a third time in as many days, I was four minutes away from posting the essay and videos you see featured on the front page. Boom – down comes the blog again. I write WordPress. No reply. I set the post aside and took the day off.

I came home last night, logged in, did a complete double take at my traffic, and sat down and just thanked God for loyal and loving Americans who know understand and recognize the truth when they see it.

I had the most visits yesterday in two years, enough hammering apparently, that poof, the blog is now back up again. It would seem that processes beyond my control are at work, and that the Holy Spirit is somehow helping things along.

If it was an internet glitch at WP then I apologize to readers, as it is beyond my control. WP has yet to reply to one of my emails. If it was censorship, it failed and inspired 7 or 8 thousand new people to come and read the blog.

If it was WP trying to “push me off the blogging platform” because I am a conservative dissenter from Obama White House LA LA land, too bad. I am here, I am researching and posting, and I am not going anywhere. But I DO continue to trust WP as one of the last bastions of independently  owned free speech on the web, so I am putting it all in God’s hands every day.

When the blog is up, I will post. When it’s down I will tweet. Find me here also.

I will add this: if you find something here you really want to make a record of, then copy / paste, re-post- re-blog, PDF it, grab the video… whatever. I have no idea how long they will let it stay up before it gets yanked down again.

Here’s a screenshot from yesterday so you will know I’m not just making this all up. While I was writing this post another 1200 visits arrived. Truly, God works in mysterious ways. Keep sharing what you learn here. Make haste my friends, we have much work to do, to make sure that Barack Obama is a one term president.

Chase Kyla Hunter on 4.6.11

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