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Whitney Houston was SACRIFICED by the ILLUMINATI for the Jubilee of the Queen Elizabeth! (1/2)

Posted by angelbabe43 on February 23, 2012

Here a link I found on youtube with other links add I have no doubt that Whitney Houston was an occult sacrific – I WILL LOVE YOU ALWAYS WHITNEY!!!

In the last two days or so, I took part in several threads in conspiracy forums, where the death of Whitney Houston was discussed and whether she was murdered in an occult ritual by the Illuminati. A lot of information surfaced these days, pointing out to this dramatic conclusion. The synchronicity of several creepy events, kabbalistic numbers decoded out of dates, blatant satanic rituals on American live TV and occult symbols surround her death and invariably suggest that she as sacrificed, believe it or not, for the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen of England, Elizabeth 2nd.,,20569493_20569582,00.html…………


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