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Michael Jackson Earth Song Munich 1999.He has an accident,the bridge COLLAPSE and he hurts his back

Posted by angelbabe43 on March 10, 2011

Karen Faye, Michael’s makeup artist about the accident :

“I thought he was surely dead!
Michael was headlining two benefit concerts for the International Red Cross, Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Fund, and UNESCO. MICHAEL JACKSON AND FRIENDS.

The roster of performers and their entourage flew from Seoul, Korea where the first concert was held, to Munich on a chartered plane.

It was such a wonderful flight because we were able to spend some time and get to know everyone. There were performers from all over the world.

We arrived at the Munich Olympic Stadium in the afternoon on June 27, 1999 to prepare for Michael’s evening appearance.

Michael introduced Andrea Bocelli in the late afternoon.

The sun was setting. The darkness changed the entire feeling of the arena. It was a hot summer evening. The crowd had been enjoying performances by other artists all day: Luther Vandross, The Kelly Brothers, Ringo Starr… but it seemed the audience was waiting for Michael. The excitement was building.

Magically, the stage was being transformed with emerging walls of lights, screens and equipment that had been created for Michael’s show, that were hidden behind the other performances.

Michael Jackson, Michael Bush and myself were using the last minutes to take care some details in the dressing room, just stage right. A long check list: Microphones, wires, wardrobe changes, towels, song list, ice, Gatorade, fans, grease paints, powder. Michael did some stretches to warm up, as the lights lowered in the house.

I could feel the energy of anticipation the crowd directed towards us. Any hint of Michael’s appearance created excited chaos in the crowd. He would peek out at the audience from behind the curtains. The band came up the back stairs. Michael met them for the traditional prayer joining their hands.

Everything was going perfectly…. the medley…Beat It…Black or White with Slash…

Billie Jean.

The local performers for Earth Song started filing on stage. Earth Song began… then the bridge appeared, just as it had done in Korea. The children and adults slowly entered and filled the stage. The song builds…. Michael flies up the bridge and gyrates and pounds his feet, twirls as the bridge lifts away from its braces. Smoke, explosions, bombard our eyes and ears…the bridge continues higher and higher, but unlike rehearsals, and the last show…. it didn’t pause at its pinnacle… INSTEAD it came careening down gaining speed with Michael tightly grasping the railings… still singing. I started screaming, but I could not even hear my own voice over the pyro, music, and the audience. I started running out from behind the stage in horror as the bridge quickly disappeared below the front of the stage, slamming down on the concrete floor. Security grabbed and stopped me, thinking I was going to ruin the performance.

Backstage, there was crying and screaming, only the crew and performers knew there was something desperately wrong. From our vantage point we had lost sight of Michael, as the bridge had fallen below the front of the stage. My heart stopped beating, while in the strong arms of a perplexed security guard. Even though the show continued for everyone else, time stood still for me as I could not imagine how Michael could have survived such a fall.

But slowly, and after what seemed like an eternity, as the music and applause continued, I saw one arm reach for the floor of the stage…then a long lean leg, another arm, another leg…he was up, center stage… finishing the end of Earth Song! My mouth dropped open in relieved amazement .

Looking dazed, he made his way to our side of the stage. “Michael, sit down….”

“NO!” He demanded.

“Security… please get him to the hospital!” I was begging.

“NO!” He grabbed the microphone and ran out to finish performing “You Are Not Alone”.

I could not believe what I was witnessing. He finished the song, took his final bow, and returned once again to his stage dressing room and then… collapsed. Security whisked him off to a hospital in Munich.

Band members, dancers, Slash and crewmembers all shocked and amazed at what we had witnessed wrapped up the show with prayers in our hearts.

Once back in the hotel… I started making the phone calls to find out how he was. I got the reports that nothing was broken, but he was badly bruised, and his back was very badly strained. It had been a miracle. Being the performer he was, he knew how to land.

The next day we were to leave for Paris for a photo shoot. This had been postponed until

He was better. I asked him…why did you continue? I cannot believe you were able to do that.

“You know Turkle, the only thing that I heard in my head, was my father’s voice saying to me, MICHEAL, DON’T DISAPPOINT THE AUDIENCE!


A tracklist for a possible upcoming new Michael Jackson album has come to light.

Posted by angelbabe43 on March 3, 2011

The 10 song tracklist contains two tracks that producer Dr. Freeze previously confirmed were to be on the next Michael Jackson release, Blue Gangster and A Place With No Name.

Also on the tracklist is a “finished” version of Someone Put Your Hand Out, a track originally released on the 2004 boxset The Ultimate Collection.

The Tracklist

  • The Gloved One
  • Blue Gangster
  • Burn 2night
  • Someone Put Your Hand Out (Finished Version)
  • Color Of My Soul
  • Slave To The Rhythm
  • I’m Still The King
  • Water
  • Place With No Name
  • Peaceful Journey

It is unknown whether this will accompany a re-release of the recent Michael album or whether it will be a standalone album.

Listen to a demo of Michael Jackson’s Blue Gangster

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The White Hats Report

Posted by angelbabe43 on March 1, 2011

February 22, 2011 – The White Hat Report #12 – UPDATED – Jew, Arab and Gentile leaders all have same criminal mentality.

We again feel it’s very important to post an internal updated report.   We are spending a lot of time collecting intelligence and what follows is an outline of what we know so far.  

  • Josef Ackermann, Bush Senior and Deutsche Bank in collusion with Egypt’s Mubarak, illegally sent Mubarak’s substantial funds into Israel. The funds were moved into numbered accounts in Bank Leumi, Tel Aviv. Part of this money is EU funding from the G20 World Bank Aid Program allocated for Egypt to aid its economy. Since a lot of gold was stolen, the total figure of funds is estimated to be as high as $70B. The G20 and Egypt are victims of fraud, stolen funds and money laundering.Christine Legard, the French Finance Minister, has asked Interpol to investigate Deutsche Bank’s involvement in the movement of Mubarak’s funds, set up by James Baker, John Podesta and Josef Ackermann, acting for Bush Senior who each got large kickbacks. Other parties associated includes President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bush Junior, Jeb Bush, Josef Ackermann, and Benjamin Netinyahu.Some of Mubarak’s funds were originally in Deutsche Bank and others. Also, major funds were represented in Property Trusts fronted by his son and nominees in London. Swiss Bank funds, planes loaded with cash and Gold, have been identified by the Egyptian authorities. All are now under investigation and will be frozen as confirmed.
  • Josef Ackermann, the Bushs (Senior, Junior, Jeb …) and Deutsche Bank in collusion with President Obama, moved Obama’s $1,000,000,000 Dollars, reported previously in Santander Bank, Spain, in one tranche into Deutsche Bank and then again in conjunction with HSBC and Barclays Bank Europe. Obama’s corrupt use of his share of the stolen Falcone funds is now being lined up for a new Bank Trading Platform being set up with HSBC, Deutsche and Barclays Bank. Bush Senior will take the major profit share along with Josef Ackermann, for which Obama will be left in place until 2012. Is this Obama’s golden parachute?
  • Except for the Clintons, all the funds previously reported and again listed below have been moved out of the Vatican Bank. At this time the Clintons have moved half of their funds out of the Vatican Bank.

List of Government Officials sent to the Supreme Court benefiting in the blocking of Falcone’s Funds;

President Obama
Vatican Bank
One Billion
President Obama
Bank of Santander
One Billion
Vice President Joseph Biden
Vatican Bank
$100 Million
Tim Geithner
Vatican Bank
$700 Million
George Bush, Sr.
Vatican Bank
$700 Million
George Bush, Jr.
Vatican Bank
$200 Million
Alan Greenspan
Vatican Bank
$500 Million
Mitt Romney
Vatican Bank
$400 Million
Paul Guennette (associate  of Bush, Sr.)
Vatican Bank
$700 Million
Michael Herzog
Vatican Bank
$500 Million
Bill & Hillary Clinton
Vatican Bank
$400 Million
  • Tropo USA is now approaching the Bank of Taiwan and China to cross investigate the stolen  $700B of ACAT funds.

We are tracking this information with a lot of Global support from varying Intel Agencies and low profile US agency staff,   along with Patriots who are sick of these Political and Banking criminals conspiring and looting with impunity.   We know the holding banks and trading banks. Soon we expect the names of the Traders involved,  who will then be exposed, investigated and arrested.   Mass litigation will erupt against the Trading Banks involved and money laundering charges will be brought.    The Bush’s, Obama, Ackermann, Herzog, Baker and others are all now on a serious Watch List.   We are building a full Global corruption list to expose them all, reaching back again to Geithner, Biden, the Bush’s, Romney, Clinton, Emanuel, Herzog, Ackermann, and so many others.

The Arab world is bringing down their tyrants and crooks.     Bush Senior,  his entire crooked network of Government officials, Bankers, and Politicians is coming down next.

At this time we have collected approximately 60% of the information on where these corrupt individuals and government officials have moved their funds from the Vatican Bank.   In the next few days, we will continue to report the location of these illegal and stolen funds.   When confirmed, this information is supplied to the proper authorities.

The core objective of the White Hats is to inform and advise America’s population, and Global associates, of the transgressions being perpetrated by our governing entities, and their criminal Banking Cabal.     Naming, shaming, outing and exposing them as the only voice of the people.     Doing the job of our corrupt and shamefully sold out mainstream media.       The US economy and World recovery is delayed while this corrupt President, controlled by the Bushes, dithers and obfuscates on redeeming the long overdue Settlements and Primary Investors funds, while filling his own pockets with Billions of dollars.    The silence of the Supreme Court says it all.      Truth they dare not declare.    The world sees and knows.    Truth will break free, and then watch the consequences.

Posted by The White Hat Reporters

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The Grand Conspiracy Agianst Michael Jackson

Posted by angelbabe43 on February 18, 2011

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YouTube – Show The World !!! … Please Copy. Please Share.

Posted by angelbabe43 on July 15, 2010

YouTube – Show The World !!! … Please Copy. Please Share..

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TIAI Revealed, Part 1: Who Is Behind TIAI?

Posted by angelbabe43 on June 12, 2010

TIAI Revealed, Part 1: Who Is Behind TIAI?

Postby TS » Tue Dec 22, 2009 7:50 am

TIAI Revealed, Part 1: Who Is Behind TIAI?


Note: TIAI Revealed has 9 parts, and may take a couple of hours to read. If that seems like too much, then please read at least this part 1 (Who Is Behind TIAI?) before deciding whether to read the rest. To read the other 8 parts, click here: {}

TIAI Revealed, Part 1: Who Is Behind TIAI?
TIAI Revealed, Part 2: Outline of Redirections
TIAI Revealed, Part 3: Purpose of TIAI (R1 – R7)
TIAI Revealed, Part 4: Art Is Resistance (R8 – R12)
TIAI Revealed, Part 5: Solving the Clues (R13 – R19)
TIAI Revealed, Part 6: “This Is It” Movie Rating (R20 – R28)
TIAI Revealed, Part 7: NWO Powers Control the Mass Media (R29 – R42)
TIAI Revealed, Part 8: The End Is Near (R43 – R48)
TIAI Revealed, Part 9: Today is 12-21-2009 (R49)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Speculation About Who Is Behind TIAI

Although many have taken (TIAI) seriously—and thought that either Michael Jackson himself or someone from the MJ camp is behind the TIAI redirects—yet many others have assumed that TIAI is merely someone playing with the feelings of MJ fans. And some have even attempted to dismiss TIAI by identifying a specific person or website that is operating TIAI.

Many of these web pages and hoax forums have a lot of good information on them. However, the truth is that ever since the TIAI redirections began: no statement has been made by TIAI on any website of any kind—except of course the redirections are statements; and also one short reveal date announcement was made on 12-15-09 {}.

Prior to the start of TIAI, however, I did post about half a dozen threads on MJHD; no doubt those who read my threads will remember them. In my first few posts, the information presented had amazed some of the most advanced hoax investigators—and even had some questioning whether I was MJ, or at least someone very close to MJ. At the time, I was going by the screen name S.T.U.D.Y. Once “This Is It” started showing in the theatres: it appeared as though I was “gone”; but in reality I was still watching, “directing” TIAI from behind the scenes, until the right time for me to “reappear” (does this sound familiar?).

For those who may still question the validity of TIAI, let me point out several things which should show clearly that I’m not a fake (also, anyone who reads all 9 parts should be very certain that I am not faking it).

First, I am the one who brought out the 9 parallels between the Joey Skaggs “Final Curtain” hoax, and the MJ “Final Curtain Call” hoax {}. I am also the one who revealed the 1998 MJ autograph codes, and predicted the 9-9-09 connections to “This Is It” a couple days before 9-9-09; and indeed that prediction came true {}.

I also predicted, more than a month before “This Is It” was seen by the public, that the MJ “resurrection” scene would not be at a funeral with MJ coming out of the casket; instead, I said it would be a graveyard scene, like original Thriller (see TIAI Revealed, Part 6). This came true, with the graveyard and spider “resurrection” scene during Thriller 2.

Another prediction of mine was that “This Is It” would reveal the hoax. And although the hoax was not revealed as blatantly as some of us were expecting, yet anyone who was paying attention did see the hoax revealed in the movie (lack of MJ R.I.P., or any mention of his death; Smooth Criminal hoaxed death; MJ statement after the credits; etc). Furthermore, we still haven’t seen all of “This Is It”; the DVD & Blu-ray has more, specifically on Smooth Criminal (hoax death) & Thriller (resurrection)—and you can be sure that this home version will reveal the hoax to an even greater degree than the cinema version. For more details on this rated “R” prediction, etc: see TIAI Revealed, Part 6.

If anyone questions whether I actually stated these things before the fact, and not after, you might be able to find them on Google cache. And anyone reading this now, who remembers these things, please post a comment: verifying that your memory fits with what I am saying.

At the movie premier, Jermaine said: “this is really not it, there is going to be much, much, more …” {} There was also talk around that time of something more, relating to “This Is It”, coming out in December 2009—do you remember that? Well guess what, it is now December! And was it just a coincidence that I (S.T.U.D.Y.) am the same one who ended up with

One of the first TIAI redirects was the movie trailer for “2012”; this was more than a week before the full movie was made public. Then when it was released, the public could see that the main character’s name was “Jackson”—and that he was on a mission to save the world; and they thought that he had died, but then found he was still alive; and many other parallels, that were not found in the trailer. Was it a coincidence that I redirected to the “2012” trailer, several days before the MJ parallels were known to the public?

There are many other things which should make it very clear that I am not faking it; but I won’t continue with them here—you will have to read all 9 parts to get the rest of them. And although I am not MJ, I do have information about MJ and the hoax that has not yet been fully understood. Again, anyone who reads all 9 parts will have no doubt that I do have some very important information. I am not going to say right now how I got this information; many would not believe me if I told you. But I will reveal this when the time is right. Anyway, how I got the information is not nearly as important as whether or not the information is true. So I am not asking anyone to believe what I say based upon my claim of where it came from; rather, I am asking you to let the evidence speak for itself.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Speculation About the Purpose of TIAI

I love all of you hoax believers, even those who have opposed TIAI; and I also love the non-believers. In fact, I love all people of all races and all religions. But many hoax believers have not taken TIAI seriously, based primarily or entirely on assumption—not on any solid evidence. Good investigators do not dismiss any avenue of investigation, unless there is very solid evidence that it’s not valid. Actually, TIAI is the farthest from goofing around as you can possibly get; anyone who reads all 9 parts will know this for certain, without a trace of doubt.

If anyone continues to oppose TIAI, without reading these 9 parts: please remind them that MJ said “prejudice is ignorance”; and this includes more than just racial prejudice. Pre-jud-ice means to be pre-judge-ish, to judge prematurely. If someone has read all 9 parts, and still wants to oppose TIAI, that is fine; but if anyone makes objections blindly in the dark, they are prejudice. Albert Einstein said: “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”

During the course of the redirections, a common reason given for not accepting TIAI, was that there was no new information—so apparently TIAI was getting information from hoax forums, instead of the other way around. Even if that were true (and it’s not), it wouldn’t necessarily prove that TIAI is fake; the fact is that thousands are watching TIAI, few of which are advanced hoax investigators who already know all these things—and in fact some watching aren’t even hoax believers (yet).

Another point is that even if advanced hoax investigators already know each piece in the puzzle (each redirection): this does not mean that they have already put all the puzzle pieces together, and already see the bigger picture—in fact, if they did already see the bigger picture, then why haven’t they posted it already? Again, anyone who reads all 9 parts here will see that TIAI presents a big picture which nobody else has fully brought out before now.

Finally, it is not even true that TIAI never pointed to anything new. Some examples are the Year Zero ARG (true, ARG’s had been discussed before this, but not this specific one and its relationship to the whole hoax, etc); the Art Is Resistance poster (MJ AIR); Performance Art; the JFK connection, and the George magazine title; the Titanic; and the Ark of the Covenant; etc.

A similar idea was that TIAI was merely mocking statements made on the hoax forums—such as CeeLovesMJ said “I’m going to ‘ease on down the road’”; then shortly after that, TIAI redirected to the Yellow Brick Road {}. The simple fact is, as you can see the date on the forum thread, it was 11-16-09; and the redirect to the Yellow Brick Road & Emerald City had already been planned to display on 11-17-09 for several reasons, including the fact that this day was a one-time special 70th anniversary showing of the Wizard of Oz {}.

Especially during the redirections about JFK and conspiracies: some were saying that TIAI is merely trying to create fear, and control people through fear. This in spite of the fact that an earlier redirect said “It’s All For LOVE”; and another redirect was included after the JFK ones, saying “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” The purpose of TIAI is not to create fear; rather, it is to create awareness and awakening and hope, which can lead to more safety and less fear.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Forum Discussions About TIAI Revealed

For those who want the answer to the billion-dollar question: when will MJ return? You will need to read all 9 parts, in order to get a clear answer. Also, TIAI is now going to be heavily discussed in all of the hoax forums and beyond; so if you read everything, then you will be able to join the discussions with a good understanding of the information being discussed.

For the most part, I will not be involved personally in the discussions; but I will occasionally answer objections to what I am revealing now. However, I don’t know everything, and I won’t attempt to answer questions about MJ or the hoax that are not directly related to the subjects in these 9 parts.

For those who are interested, please feel free to post your comments on these TIAI Revealed threads. However, please be careful to stay on topic; there will be thousands of people or more, reading these posts. Since there is already a lot to read, we don’t want them to spend even more time reading through things that are not related. Also, try to keep your discussion under the most relevant thread in the 9 parts (for example: discuss 911 in part 4, which had a specific redirect about 911—rather than part 7, which just briefly mentioned 911 along with several other conspiracies).

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Slaves to “The System.”

Posted by angelbabe43 on May 30, 2010

PLANET EARTH, a Garden of Eden full of life and beauty. Everything a human+Being needs to be able to live and co-exist with other human+Beings, in a caring society, in harmony with the natural environment, where everyone puts others before themselves.

So what went wrong? Why are we living now, in a society in which most people are afraid to walk down the street at night, where we have to lock everything in the
fear of others stealing from us.

It seems that fear is the root of all evil in this world. Our fear of poverty; loneliness; ridicule; war. Where do these fears come from? Why do they control us and make us do the ‘Self’-ish things that we do.

It seems that the leaders of the world use fear to control us and manipulate us into conforming to their “System” of control. They have set up laws that have made us, the majority of people, slaves to them. We spend our whole lives working, often doing jobs which are destructive to the environment, only to pay excessive taxes to these people, being left with only just enough money over to survive and perhaps have a family of our own, so our children can grow up to become slaves to this evil “System”; just as we are.

So what do we do about it? We can’t just refuse to work under their “System” because they control the laws and simply have anyone who refuses to conform either thrown in jail or put in an institution, and labeled insane. The truth is, they are the insane ones who are destroying the planet by having all the trees cut down and are destroying the environment, that we live in, for money for themselves.

There is ONLY One Way to stop these people, and that is to prove their evil “System” wrong (which they are already doing by themselves by destroying the planet) and show them The Real Law which is perfectly fair and unbiased; is friendly to the environment and has been there for thousands of years.

The Torah is the name given to The Laws; Statutes; Judgments; Agricultural and Economic Policies that were handed to Moses on top of Mt. Horeb in Sinai by The Ruler of The Universe and is The Perfect System for the world to use, as it was given by a totally independent body (God); so is perfectly fair and un-biased. These Laws are contained in The First Five Books of The Old Testament of The Bible; the originals of which are kept in The Ark of The Covenant, which is buried in a hidden subterranean tomb at The Hill of Tara (Torah) in Co. Meath, Ireland.

When The Ark is recovered The Laws that it contains can then be reinstituted into society. This will prove that the people currently in positions of authority, running the “System” we are forced to live under, were never allowed to make up their own laws and they will be forced to go back to God’s Laws and redistribute all of the wealth that they have defrauded from the people and hoarded away. That money should then be redistributed evenly and fairly back to the people that it was taken from in the first place – the lower and middle classes.

The Ark of The Covenant needs to be recovered immediately, before the people who are currently running (ruining) the world totally destroy the planet we are living on in the name of “economic growth”. Please help us stop the destruction of the planet, by supporting us in our endeavor to excavate a small section of grass (2m. x 2m.) at The Hill of Tara (Torah), Co. Meath, Ireland; to expose the entrance to the hidden subterranean tomb that The Ark of The Covenant is buried in. The recovery of The Ark is the ONLY WAY that we can prove that the evil “System” that we are forced to live under is illegal and wrong, and in so doing we can permanently put a stop to all corruption and oppression now happening on Planet Earth.

For more details about The Ark of The Covenant; what it contains; how it will put the world right and how it came to be in Ireland please CLICK HERE.

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This Is It Illuminati Signs and Other Symbols.

Posted by angelbabe43 on May 15, 2010

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Posted by angelbabe43 on May 13, 2010

There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one.

~Michael Jackson

First, it’s necessary to define a new term.  Medialoid (mainstream media infected by tabloid journalism) publishes content that is more suitable for tabloid publications.

Michael Jackson’s Law

Part 1 — Professionalization of Journalism. Many occupations require licensing; for example, doctors, lawyers, architects, and accountants must be licensed in all 50 states. To qualify, one must graduate from an accredited university and pass a rigorous board examination. A license doesn’t guarantee a doctor, lawyer, architect, or accountant will be competent. However, licensing prevents a plumber from operating on a person, a homemaker from arguing in court, a dog groomer from designing a building, or a student from maintaining the books of a corporation.

Is it no less important that those entrusted with reporting world events be licensed? Reporters should not be allowed to call themselves journalists unless they graduate from an accredited university with a degree in journalism (including at least one course in journalism ethics and one course in communications and media law) and pass a rigorous board examination.

Media play a huge role in our lives. Television, radio, the Internet, movies, books, and newspapers inform and influence our ideas, opinions, values, and beliefs. They shape our understanding of the world and give us the information we need to hold our leaders accountable. They help us separate fact from opinion.

If formal journalism training and licensing had been required of Diane Dimond and Nancy Grace, neither would have been hired by any news organization. If either had been hired without credentials, the news company that hired them may have been fined for hiring unlicensed persons. Clearly, if Dimond and Grace had not been perceived as journalists, their works of fiction may not have confused the public.

The Society of Professional Journalists believes that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of a journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and balanced account of events and issues. Conscientious journalists strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist’s credibility. A journalist shall lose his or her license for failing to adhere to principles of journalistic ethics and integrity.

Code of Ethics for Journalists

Part 2 — Defaming the dead shall be prohibited. A deceased person’s heirs can sue for libel and slander as aggressively as the person who was defamed when he or she was alive.

Part 3 — News agencies, journalists, and all media shall use public disclaimers to alert and educate readers and viewers regarding content. For example, the Food and Drug Administration protects against harmful claims that are misleading to the public. The following disclaimer must be included on products that purport to be effective but do not have FDA approval:

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or medical condition.

Following is a proposed disclaimer that shall accompany all medialoid content:

The views expressed herein may not have been fact-checked or verified according to principles of journalistic ethics and integrity. In addition, rumor, barely credible sources, an appeal to emotion and the use of checkbook journalism may be a part of this story or program. This story or program is for entertainment purposes only and was not reviewed by a licensed journalist.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) protects against deceptive advertising that is misleading to the public. In like manner, a governing body shall be formed to uphold standards of ethics and integrity in journalism, oversee licensing for journalists, and protect against media practices that are harmful or mislead the public.

It will take a long time and much effort to pass this proposed legislation. We need your support. Please join us by subscribing to our newsletter.

Tort Law and Journalistic Ethics: Too Late For Michael Jackson—by Richard T. Karcher

Professionalization: Fusion of Media Freedom and Responsibility—Why Michael Jackson’s Law Must be Passed—by John C. Merrill

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Posted by angelbabe43 on May 9, 2010

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