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Join Millions Against Monsanto This Saturday, March 26th

Posted by angelbabe43 on March 25, 2011

Activist Post

Monsanto is at the core of a rotten corporate GM apple that is literally poisoning the world.  Natural News recently covered the allegations from India that Monsanto conducted GM corn trials without approval.  This is just the tip of the iceberg in a laundry list of abuses that we have covered on our own site in four recent key articles:

Monsanto Shifts ALL Liability to Farmers
The Agribusiness Juggernaut; Assault on Nature
A Perfect Storm of GMO’s, Chemicals, and Cancer
Scientists Warn Of Link Between New Pathogen and Monsanto’s Roundup

Countries in Latin America and across Europe have been doing their best to resist the Monsanto invasion.  Finally, people are ready to take to the streets in America to publically denounce the practices of the leader of Big Ag.

As Salem-News correctly points out in their announcement of the demonstrations: “Gandhi got his country to reject the products of the British empire. GMOs and vaccines are central products of this empire and each are also bioweapons.

This issue is one that goes beyond left-right divided politics and hits the central nerve of all of us — our freedom to make informed decisions about the health of our families.  So, whether you are a farmer or consumer, it’s time to get off the sidelines and become active.

For those who might be unfamiliar with the long history of Monsanto atrocities and the need to march against them, please watch the free film: The World According to Monsanto

Here is the schedule of demonstrations:

MAIN EVENT: Washington, D.C., 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, The White House Sidewalk (The White House Sidewalk is the sidewalk between East and West Executive Avenues on the South side of Pennsylvania Avenue NW) 11am- 3pm

Dates for ALL locations is Saturday March 26, 2011 and include (alphabetically):

Ann Arbor MI, Southeast corner of Catherine Street and N. 4th Avenue, just south of the A2 Farmers Market and Kerrytown Shops 12pm – 3pm
Albuquerque NM, UNM 12pm – 3pm
Atlanta GA
, Around Centennial Olympic Park across from the CNN Bldg. 11am – 4pm
Austin TX, at The Capitol 12pm – 3pm
New York City, City Hall steps, between Broadway and Park Row 12pm – 1pm
Colorado Springs CO, Acacia Park 11am – 1:30pm
Hollywood FL, Open Air Bandshell Theatre on Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, 100 Johnson Street and North Ocean Drive/A1A 11am – 2pm
Indianapolis IN, 200 W. Washington Street #220 12pm – 2pm
Kansas City MO, The Plaza Downtown Kansas City 11am – 3pm
LA CA, Los Angeles (Westwood) Federal Bldg, 11000 Wilshire Blvd. 11am – 2pm
Maui HI, in front of Long’s streetside on Ka’ahumanu Ave in Kahului  8am – 11am
Milwaukee WI, Water and Wisconsin 11am – 2pm
Montpelier VT, Outside CITY HALL 11am – 3pm
Nashville TN, Nashville Farmers Market, 900 Rosa Parks Boulevard (Eighth Avenue North) 10am – 1pm
Queen Creek AZ, Safeway Food Store, Queen Creek, Arizona East valley Power and Queen Creek road 12pm – 1pm
Saint Paul MN, Minnesota State Capitol Building – South Mall, 75 Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd 12pm – 2pm
Salem OR, 900 Court St. NE, Salem, Oregon 97301 12pm – 3pm
Seattle WA, Westlake Park 12pm – 2pm
Tampa Bay FL, Downtown 11am – 2pmb

NOTE: We invite attendees to please submit articles and videos to us following each event to issue first-hand reports that will no doubt counter the mainstream media coverage — if there is any.

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The Grand Conspiracy Agianst Michael Jackson

Posted by angelbabe43 on February 18, 2011

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Documentary support William Wagener

Posted by angelbabe43 on January 15, 2011

The DAY has arrived to take Pledges, not money [ yet ]. The goal here is to show a strong support from a million or more JACKSON fans to do a True Documentary of the 2005 Jackson trial, verbatim to the court record and also show the MEDIA bias behind the bias reporting.

Questions frequently asked are answered here.
We need people to translate into foreign languages, French, German, Japanese, Russian, etc.


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When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry

Posted by angelbabe43 on October 28, 2010

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Posted by angelbabe43 on October 28, 2010

thank you friend for showing this too me , I have posted the first four parts..


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Posted by angelbabe43 on October 28, 2010

Natural Solutions Foundation

Do Not Criminalize Food Distribution!

Natural Solutions Foundation
The Voice of Global Health & Food Freedom™
[Action Item Below]

Senate: Please Do Not Rush S.3767 to a Vote
Instead, Adopt the Food Freedom Amendment!

For more than a year, the plan to capture – and kill – clean, local, organic, independent and safe farming and ranching has been wending its way through Congress. Last year, the devastating HR.2749 passed the House of Representatives, without criminal penalty language and with a very weak farm to consumer exemption. Although Health and Food Freedom advocates put up a good battle, delaying this bill for quite a while, it was passed to the US Senate, where, as S.510, it waited from July ’09 through mid-November ’09 to be considered by the Senate HELP (Health, Education, Labor and Pensions) Committee. Over one memorable November ’09 weekend hundreds of thousands of contacts were made with Senators and the bill did not move, not until August 2010 when it was reported out, without any language meeting the Food Freedom Citizens Petition, which, while opposing any Federal “food safety” takeover, demanded protection for all home, home-business, homestead, home or community gardens, small farm, organic or natural agricultural activity, (b) to any family farm or ranch, or (c) to any natural or organic food product, including dietary supplements…”

The Senate Judiciary Committee considered S.3767 in its Executive Business Meeting 09.23.10 and sent it to the Floor of the Senate, amended.While Senator Leahy continued to push his bill through the Judiciary Committee (of which he is the Chair) the Senate leadership had to acknowledge wide-spread public opposition to criminalizing food distribution. The Committee’s web site states the following action on the bill:”S.3767, Food Safety Accountability Act (Leahy, Klobuchar, Franken, Durbin, Feinstein) Ordered Reported By Unanimous Consent.  “S.3767, Food Safety Accountability Act (Leahy, Klobuchar, Franken, Durbin, Feinstein) – Ordered Reported By Unanimous Consent. Substitute Amendment HEN10891 (Leahy)”Leahy’s substitute amendment adds the following words to the definition of the crime.:

“…and with conscious or reckless disregard of a risk of death or serious bodily injury…”

Thus, what would have criminalized any distribution of food where FDA, FTC or other govt agency later decided some rule, regulation, guideline or standard had not been met to the satisfaction of the bureaucracy, the added language at least references more traditional standards of criminal liability.

While this is a partial victory for the forces of Food Freedom, we must redouble our efforts and defeat S.3767 and S.510 just like we defeated S.3002… with massive Push Back!

With S.3767 amended and with at least one Senator (Dr. Tom Coburn, OK) refusing to agree that either it or S.510, a highly controversial bill, should be considered by the parliamentary maneauver of “unanimous consent” as “noncontroversial” bills, we need every Senator to “get the message.”

The current session of Congress is not over yet. S.3767 was introduced in mid September, in an unusual move this late in the session. This is another fake “food safety” bill, calling for a major change in US criminal law, punishing by up to ten years in jail anyone who “knowingly” introduces “misbranded” foods into interstate commerce. While in the past, unscrupulous businesses could be punished for intentionally selling adulterated foods, extending the criminal law this far is unprecedented. The Senate Judiciary Committee seems to understand this, and the Amendment added on 09.23.10 puts some small limits on bureaucratic “discretion.”

What exactly is “misbranded” food? It certainly is food that is erroneously labeled, but under government interpretation of the law, it is also a food with what the FDA or FTC decides later were unsubstantiated claims. Your local health food store is at risk from this law that would criminalize commercial speech about food.

Rumor in Washington DC is that S.3767 is being rushed through the Senate Judiciary Committee and onto the Senate floor, where it will be amended to add to it the language of the S.510 (or even the long-discredited S.3002) as a way of makring an end-run around the opposition.

We say this is too serious a matter to be pushed through what is increasingly a “lame-duck” Congress. Issues such as this should be debated, considered and decided by the newly elected Congress which may have a greater degree of public trust than the current Congress.

If Congress is going to act on “food safety” this year, it ought to be to protect our Food Freedom. Therefore, we offer this language for the Senate to consider:

The Food Freedom Amendment“No provision of Federal Law giving regulatory oversight to any Federal department or agency shall be deemed to apply (a) to any home, home-business, homestead, home or community gardens, small farm, organic or natural agricultural activity, (b) to any family farm or ranch, or (c) to any natural or organic food product, including dietary supplements, as protected under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.”

If you agree, please use the form below to tell your Senators. We seek a redress of grievances and Congressional protection for our Food Freedom!

Thank you,

Natural Solutions Foundation

Javascript must be enabled to use this action.
Loading data, please wait ….
In order to address your message to the appropriate recipient, we need to identify where you are.
Please enter your zip/postal code:
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We need more detailed location information for this message. Please enter your street address:

Alternatively, you can look up your 9-digit zip code with the postal service here.

Select a state Alabama Alaska American Samoa Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware D.C. Florida Georgia Guam Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Northern Mariana Islands Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virgin Islands Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Armed Forces (the) Americas Armed Forces Europe Armed Forces Pacific Alberta British Columbia Manitoba Newfoundland New Brunswick Nova Scotia Northwest Territories Nunavut Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon Territory Other
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Natural Solutions Foundation

Please visit us at

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YouTube – Show The World !!! … Please Copy. Please Share.

Posted by angelbabe43 on July 15, 2010

YouTube – Show The World !!! … Please Copy. Please Share..

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Posted by angelbabe43 on May 13, 2010

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Posted by angelbabe43 on May 13, 2010



Message about court on June 14


It has recently come to our attention that Conrad Murray supporters will be demonstrating at the preliminary hearing, June 14th at the Superior Court of Los Angeles, much like Michael’s supporters have always done. This is their right just as it is ours.


We would like to urge fans that are planning to attend to please do so in peace, unity, and love for Michael. There should be NO violence, NO slander, NO yelling, and NO bad-mouthing or name-calling of Murray or his supporters. This reflects negatively on Michael. He would not support this type of behavior. The press called Michael names that were undeserved and hurtful. By acting out and creating chaos, our message can not be heard or is overshadowed by our behavior. By calling names, we are lowering ourselves to their level. That would only contribute to the filthy tabloid gossip. Michael deserved better than that. We must honor him, his wishes, and his message of peace and compassion, even in the face of opposition. Both sides can peacefully co-exist and let the justice be served inside the courtroom, just as it has been before.


Please ignore their signs, actions and words. DO NOT acknowledge their presence, IGNORE them completely, and certainly do not respond to anything they have to say. DO NOT let them bait you into an argument or lashing out to defend Michael. That is what they want. Our protest should be silent. We do not want to draw any attention to them at all. The world needs to see Michael’s light shining through all of you instead.


Our message is much bigger, better, and more dignified by not using slanderous or vulgar words. Your respect will make a much larger statement that will be revered instead of criticized. Their behavior toward a silent prayer vigil will only make them look bad. They cannot fight if there is no one to fight with. Do not give them the fuel for their fire.

Please do not even acknowledge their banners. Our banners will stay the same: “Justice for Michael”. We all have a common, unifying mission, which is JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL. We do not have to respond to them at all, because Conrad Murray supporters are not on the side of righteousness or justice, they are wrong, and right will prevail.

This is much deeper than just a demonstration. This will go down in history. Whatever your actions are that day, will be part of Michael’s legacy. When people look back on this day we want them to remember Michael, not Conrad Murray. Michael Jackson supporters are not to be looked down on as crazed fanatics, but as crusaders for peace and love. This is what Michael Jackson is, was, and always will be. It is what he believed in and stood for. We are HIS voice, representing HIM.

Martin Luther King Jr. said,
“A riot is the language of the unheard. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity. Importance should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. We must love our enemies – or else? The chain reaction of evil – hate begetting hate”

MICHAEL IS LOVE AND PEACE, NOT HATE! This is the message we must unite to send to the world.

You have caught the attention of the entire world; you represent their conscience and inspiration. This is your chance to impact Michael’s legacy and reputation for generations to come. We must stand together to honor him. We can shut them out completely and let our message speak for itself. The most powerful impact you can have in carrying on his legacy, is spreading his peace and love. Our silent protest and prayer vigil will be seen and felt the world over. Make Michael proud!


Mr. Joseph Jackson, and Mr. Majestik Magnificent


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MJ Fans Please Help

Posted by angelbabe43 on May 13, 2010

Carl Toms is planning to publish a VERY slanderous book about Michael called “Dangerous Liasons“, and it is expected to come out in June of 2010.

Action Requested: WRITE THE PUBLISHER  (


TAG THE BOOK ON AMAZON’S WEBSITE and leave a comment:

We are not yet able to leave comments on the book on Amazon but we can write letters to the publisher and also tag the book on the Amazon site.
Look for ‘Tags Customers Associate With This Product’
You’ll see tags like:
…and you can add your own.

You can tag the book with certain keywords. Scroll down and look for ‘Tags Customers Associate With This Product‘.   You’ll see tags like:  garbage •  trash lies – and you can add your own tags (please be civil – NO foul language!).

For comments, go to the link where the book is sold and scroll down. You will find discussions about the book under ‘Customer Discussions / This Product’s Forum‘. Leave your comments there. Again, be factual, calm, and civil but firm!  No YELLING and no foul language!  Michael would not approve of that yelling, hysterics, and foul language!


You may also write to AMAZON about this book at: Please respectfully ask them not to carry such books which denigrate Michael Jackson’s name and memory, as a matter of truth, conscience and respect for an INNOCENT, deceased man. The facts support the truth. The media and money-grubbing publishers wish to perpetuate the lies for profit. Any reputable bookseller would not participate in the sale of lies for profit and in degrading the name of the innocent when they are no longer here to speak for themselves. This is unconscionable and immoral.

The following is a sample letter that people can follow when writing to the publishers of Carl Tom’s book.

• • • • • • •


Troubador Publishing Ltd
5 Weir Road
Kibworth Beauchamp
Leicester ENGLAND LE8 0LQ

ATTN: Jeremy Thompson, Managing Director

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I’m writing to give you fair warning that your soon-published book “Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons” by Carl Toms disparages the reputation, person and legacy of Michael Jackson, and therefore the book will have a hard time generating any sales and that its publication may result in legal action from Mr. Jackson’s Estate.

To prove my point, I share with you the Customer Reviews page for Shmuley Boteach’s book, “The Michael Jackson Tapes,” at

Boteach’s book was literally driven off the shelves in record time. Mr. Toms’ proposed book will be too, since it is slanderous in nature and doesn’t accurately portray Michael Jackson as the genius entertainer, generous humanitarian and loving father/brother/son/friend and innocent man that he was.

For too long, Michael’s dignity—his very person—was violated at its deepest dimension. He was the subject of a cruel spectacle on the world stage. Names were created by the media to ridicule him—“Wacko Jacko!”—and pejoratives—“Weird!” “Strange!” “Bizarre!”—were applied to him at every turn. The sole purpose in all this was to bring the rage of public opinion to bear on him so he would suffer to the very depths of his being. Mainstream media, including publishers of books by disreputable authors with dubious agendas, have turned into the schoolyard bully.

There exists a veritable army of Michael Jackson advocates and people with a moral conscience who refuse to accept further denigration of Michael Jackson’s character, legacy and reputation. We stand ready to take action against your book. Just because Michael passed away doesn’t mean he has no one looking after his interests.

We further suggest that you carefully analyze your market. Michael Jackson Haters don’t care to spend money on such a book. Michael Jackson Advocates will destroy such a book. Word is already out among Michael Jackson advocates and others with a moral conscience worldwide that this book is not worth the paper it’s printed on.


Your Name

We are not yet able to leave comments on the book on Amazon but we can write letters to the publisher and also tag the book on the Amazon site.Look for ‘Tags Customers Associate With This Product’You’ll see tags like:garbagetrashlies…and you can add your own.

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