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Posted by angelbabe43 on June 6, 2012

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Immense thanks go to Geek Kish for letting me know about this. All this is pretty new to me and I have no idea about the complete story. However, with all the Higher Energies coming in now, I suppose we should not be surprised with changes, anywhere.

Apparently, Drake and company have moved to a new home website location,

Also, he has a new radio show location, Global Voice Radio Network.

That being said, there was a show yesterday, 6-3-12, mp3s of which are here. There was quite a bit of news in Part 1, and some in part 2. I have edited out all of the set up challenges and put all of that in the “Preliminary” piece, which you may download if you wish. All of the other mp3s were volume adjusted, and the opening 1:30 in the show is from the introduction.

I have…

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