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Posted by angelbabe43 on June 3, 2012

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[UPDATED 6-1-12 1212 HST. Tolec’s video has been placed at the bottom. Advantages of the video, 1) he has the information summarized in writing at the beginning, 2) he has added very appropriate music at beginning and end, “Another Cup of Jazz & Java”]

This Tolec interview with Tim Bravo of “Extraordinary Year” discussed details of the twelve (12) Andromeda Council biospheres, including the six (6) ‘hospital ships’. As I understand, this is the first time Tolec has discussed the biospheres.

I am currently listening to this show, but wanted to put it up here for those who feel drawn to learning more about the Andromeda Council and their biospheres. Who knows, many of us may be there before too long.

Here is a direct link to the original show. In the mp3s I have removed the music at beginning and end.

So relax, kick back, with…

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