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Was Whitney Houston Sacrificed

Posted by angelbabe43 on February 19, 2012

I’ve been a life long fan of Whitney Houston for a very long time her music has brought me through many hard times and she will truely be missed just as no one can replace Michael Jackson the same is true for Whitney,I have felt something is just not right here I’m not buying what we are being told I have had this feeling before and it will not rest until I find out the truth.I’ve done lots of research on the Music Industry and I feel that she was either a blood sacrific or murdered!!!!! I know this is true in my heart I will not let this go un noticed this just wasn’t right.

In this Interview February 10, 2012 the day before Whitney Houston’s death, Clive Davis Is promoting Jennifer Hudson On CNN BY Saying Jennifer is the next Whitney Houston. Clive Davis also said that he wants to replace all the old school Artist for the new Artists, such as Aretha Franklyn and he also Stated that Whitney Houston as old school that needed to also be replaced. JUST WATCH THIS VERY EERIE INTERVIEW OF CLIVE DAVIS!!!!!! CLIVE DAVIS HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH HER DEATH. JUST WATCH AS HE SHITS ON WHITNEY HOUSTON LIVE ON CNN WITH PIERS MORGAN SHOW JUST BEFORE SHE DIES!!!!!!

You all really need to watch this video Because Whitney in this 2002 interview with ABC“S Diane Sawyers. She states that Clive Davis used Svengali against her ( SVENGALI MEANS: a person who manipulates or exerts excessive control over another ) Well of coarse don’t take my word for it just watch this video:

And here is the Original Transcript of this Interview:…

Here is the full length of this Original Whitney’s 2002 Interview with ABC’S Diane Sawyers Now you can see this was not a suicide this was a murder

Extra proof links:

Watch the demeanor Of Clive and Brandy and Monica…


2009 Whitney Houston on Oprah Winfrey Show

One Response to “Was Whitney Houston Sacrificed”

  1. Karen said

    Do your research on Phyllis Hyman 1982,1983 out with Phyllis in with Whitney. I believe this man is not kind. She died of a drug overdose in a hotel room. Her relationship with Clive was not a match made in heaven. Research people, research it’s on YouTube.

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