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JMP LIVE: Lindsey Williams 2011-10-14

Posted by angelbabe43 on October 17, 2011

Lindsey Williams : 2012 the beginning of the end ….John McGowan Presents former Arco / Alaskan Oil Pipeline Chaplain Lindsey Williams. On the show, he covers what will be taking place between October 2011 and the end of 2012.Pastor Lindsey Williams is back after 3 months of silence with new fresh insights from his elite source , he talks with John McGowan ( 14 Oct 2011 ) about the elite’s agenda for 2012 the devil’s Messiah agenda some of the key points are : Massive deb intentionally created by the elite before the crash countries cities and banks will be bankrupt , they want every country to become like Greece , Greece will default and its bonds that the elite are buying will be used to control the country , All the paper assets will become worthless by 2012 , you must secure your assets with something other than paper , , The US will default on its national debt just as Greece and others will have to do , the elite want to bring New World Order but the last thing they want is Riots , social security medicare and food stamps will not be cut off for the time being until America defaults on its debt , if you own a farm or a house you must own enough gold and silver to pay for the taxes for 3 to 5 years otherwise they will reposes it , Gold is going to $3000/oz conservatively and Silver is going to $75/oz to $100/oz , the elite will use FEAR , because FEAR shuts down your brain in the airport they treat you like a common criminal , Planet X is a hoax a FEAR attack , do not be concerned about their 9/11 fear tactics , you can overcome the NWO , they have a Devils Messiah Agenda for 2012

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