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Dear America

Posted by angelbabe43 on September 14, 2011

9/11: 34 Facts The Media Won't Discuss And The...

Dear America, I used to love you so much that I selflessly served in your Army. I took your orders. I bought into the dream. I worked for money, bought houses, and supported my local economy. I voted for leaders…until a few years ago when it became very clear that voting didn’t matter. I noticed that our politicians, regardless of their party, never did what they promised to do, which made them all liars. I started to become suspicious of the motives of our Government, who declared other nations ‘terrorists’, invaded them under false pretenses, ruined their infrastructures, and then sent their close friends to ‘fix’ things up. I heard about pallets of untracked cash being handed out without accountability. I saw videos of the World Trade Center obviously being imploded by well-set explosive devices. I saw our leaders lie on camera, over and over again. I started to hear about conspiracy ‘theories’, and as a thoughtful person whose brain was not completely jumbled by T.V. I started to do research of my own. Always a skeptic, I need to prove things to myself. I watched videos, I heard about secret societies like the Illuminati. I learned about the New World Order. I watched JFK try to warn us about secret societies (youtube). I watched Eisenhower try to warn us about the dangers of Military Industrial Complex (youtube). I found that America is not as it seems on the surface and that the dirty under belly is practically exposed for anyone who wants to see the truth. I tried to tell my friends, but they all seem to be still asleep. It is not their faults – television has rewired their synaptic pathways so that they cannot think critically any longer. I don’t know what to do to help my fellow citizens. Their plans have been so perfect that the Country is now populated by the very compliant, dumb-downed slaves that they had planned for all these decades ago. I mourn for the loss of my friends who I wish would wake up. America is no longer the home of the free, land of the brave. It is now the home of 300+ million slaves who are like little sheep following whatever sound byte is placed so carefully before them by the media. I learned that all media is owned by a few people, all of whom serve the greater good, which is not what I had believed it was. The greater good is actually the will of a few greedy banking families who in essence rule the entire world. They order the skies to be dimmed to depopulate the world because they know that 6 billion slaves is way too many to manage. We think the clouds are real and that chemtrails are normal contrails. We think this because they have ruined our ability to think critically. Our brains can only handle a few lines of info at a time before we feel anxious and bored. We cannot hold onto a simple problem any longer. We don’t want to believe a story so incredibly horrific that involves a conspiracy on a global level run by a few extremely wealthy families. We can’t comprehend that one family holds 1/2 of the world’s wealth. We cannot comprehend what sort of power and influence $500 TRILLION dollars in the hands of one greedy, very fearful family must be able to wield. We cannot understand that the Armies and Governments of the World are actually this family’s minions, and that they must do exactly as they are ordered or very dire consequences will befall them. We cannot understand that H.A.A.R.P. may actually be used against other countries as a weapon of mass destruction. We cannot believe rumors that someone may have actually created the tsunami that destroyed Japan and is now spreading radiation around the World. What sort of person or people could order this? They are not my friends, but evidently they run my country. Why wasn’t I told this in school?? America, i know you are an amazing place, but you have become the bastard step-child of the banking families. They are destroying you right in front of your faces. You are still sleeping, though, and watching T.V. You are eating nachos, drinking beer, and shopping at Target. Until you all wake up and start believing what your friends are trying to tell you, you will let your own country fall before your very eyes. Your rights are being taken away each second of each day. You think it is ok to have your car searched because someone says there is ‘reasonable cause’ to believe that there is going to be a car bomb so every car should be searched…without a warrant. You think this is making you safe. This is actually making you part and party to your own loss of rights. As you comply more and more with illegal activities against the Constitution, you are allowing your own rights to be removed. Soon you will be living in a complete police state and then you will be really angry. But you will find that you cannot even go outside to protest. Protesting is now illegal and you do not have rights of free speech. They will arrest you if they don’t like what you say and do. Is this America? If you have read this far, maybe I have gotten you thinking. Maybe you are even thinking, ‘Well, I am a good little American and those crazies that go out and protest deserve to be arrested.” Just wait until you disagree with something. Perhaps it is the way your children are being treated at school that will get your goat some day and you will want to protest. Perhaps it will be the county removing you from your land because they want it. It will be something personal to you…but do you really want to wait that long? As for the Constitution, I have not seen much evidence of its power in years, and I come to find out that 160 years ago our Constitution was pretty much thrown out the window…they just forgot to tell us all. Does this worry you? It should. It worried me enough to leave the Country I once loved enough to serve. I am frightened for you all. I fear that you will believe the lies that they continue to tell you because you think they are honorable men and women. I beg of you all to wake up and start reading and watching what your friends who speak of ‘sheeple’ are trying to tell you. Wake up! It is not as it seems. American is not as it seems. Nothing is really as it seems. I won’t tell you what you should do about it, you will have to decide that on your own, but do not believe that your government has your best interests at heart. They do not. They have other ideas that are forced upon them by the true powers of this world: the banking families. If you want to start your research, google the following: bill gates depopulation illuminati rothschilds banking illuminati new world order truth for 9/11 Thank you for reading. Please try to wake your friends up. Feel free to share this. Shine! On(e)

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