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The 3rd Trumpet & Micheal Jackson Revealed (via Michael Jackson “Death” Investigation)

Posted by angelbabe43 on May 24, 2011

The gold plaque says: While being honored at t...

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via Michael Jackson “Death” Investigation

3 Responses to “The 3rd Trumpet & Micheal Jackson Revealed (via Michael Jackson “Death” Investigation)”

  1. Kimberly W. said

    Yes I agree that the New World Order is moving with swift speed now. All of the sleepwalker’s must WAKE UP. The reason Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, President Kenendy and Robert Kenendy were assinated Is because the NWO wanted and suceeded in Killing The Civil Rights Movement, and the changes that President Kenendy wanted to make in our corrupt government. To much was accomplished at this time, that went against the NWO plans for a one World Religion and Government. In Essence, when Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X were assinated the Civil Rights Movement was killed as Well (Peoples’s Spirits and activist desires were lost too). Since that time the attitude of people around the WORLD, NOT JUST IN AMERICA IS TO JUST ACCEPT ANYTHING OUR LEADERS TELL US (NO MATTER HOW RIDICULOUS IT MAY BE)TO AVOID ROCKING THE BOAT (A NWO VICTORY). When President Kenendy and Robert Kenendy were killed the changes they were trying to make to fix our government died as well. Now the Federal government has become more POWERFUL then the State government (NWO PLANS FOR ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT). The State is giving AWAY IT’S POWER TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. WAKE UP EVERYONE!

    • I know some people just don’t get it and delete and block me on facebook because I was posting anoying stuff as they put it lol but I told him I wouldn’t stop he said I was posting negative stuff and I needed to lighten up,and another person whom I went to school with in Jr high said I needed to be in a staightjacket because I’m a nut job so I deleted him and block him so some just really don’t want to know the truth they would rather live a lie……

      • Kimberly W. said

        Yes, I have had an account from another social site that disappeared for 3 months, and then miraculously reappeared and then I was posting a picture of MJ on that site and it was flagged as inappropriate. It was an Off?The Wall photo. I respect Michael to much to put inappropriate pictures of him any where, so I wrote to the Administrator’s and told them that I am being targeted for no reason. I got no reply. I know what you mean people follow and unfollow me often, I guess they think I am Nuts….LOL

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