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Censored By Facebook

Posted by angelbabe43 on April 9, 2011

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ALERT: I am trying to post this essay and each time I attempt to publish all the identifying tags fall out of it. This has NEVER happened before on WordPress. Here are some of the tags I applied to this post, just in case you are wondering why such a thing might happen:

Obama White House spying on WordPress bloggers

American civil liberties freedom of speech

NSA, CIA, NCS, Obama White House surveillance

internet Freedom of speech in peril

Freedom of speech in America in peril

Facebook and the death of privacy


civil liberties

Something is up with Facebook. It’s not legal, and it IS NOT OK. First, I would like to state that I am not particularly a fan of the social networking and secret surveillance service, and I have posted numerous essays outing the CIA seed money and NCS roots of Facebook since 2008.

Alternative News Forum keeps a presence on FB, which I use to announce new posts, articles and essays which appear on this news blog. Today something happened which is flat-out illegal and should never be allowed to take place on a so called “free” social networking site. Keep in mind that the supposed reason that FB was founded in the first place was to assist like minded individuals and groups to find one another and socialize online. Right?

Wrong! Facebook has pretended this was the reason they were founded. The real reason FB was founded was to babysit America and keep an eye on what people are saying, thinking, and doing.And if what Americans are saying, thinking and doing on FB displeases the site, they will be blocked – which is just a geeky way of saying “censored” on FB.

How do I know This? The final proof is what happened today 4.8.11 when I tried to post a simple description and URL to one of my most recent essays.

Below is a simple screen shot of the description I typed and the URL of the essay:

Plain and simple truth telling, right?

Here’s what happened when I tried to post it. Keep in mind I log into FB about twice a week for about 6 minutes, maintain my presence, then log off. I never spend more than 4 minutes on the site, and the only thing I use my page for is the announcing of new posts and articles on this blog. I have never once spammed FB, although I have been spammed by it repeatedly. This happens when someone I do not know, a “friend of a friend” on FB subscribes me to a group, then hammers my email account with messages from that group.

I have repeatedly opened my email and found 50 or 60 messages at a time, every one of them unsolicited, from these FB groups. I have to tediously go to the site, reset my settings, unsub from the group that I never subbed to in the frist place, and then log off again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

But here is what happened today when I tried to do what I always do, which is announce a new article to my own page on FB:

There was nothing “abusive” or spammy about announcing a blog post. That’s what writers do. When they write, they let their readers know. It just happened to be that what I was writing was not in support of the Obama White House. I am not a fan of him or his administration either, you see, and this is the source of the trouble. FB does not want people like me to speak out. FB is now in the hands of the Obama White House, and most likely has been all along.

I also frequently catch “someone” “somewhere” trying to prohibit me from posting on WordPress and I have a deep hunch that my recent trouble with my news blog just suddenly coming down and being offline for two days with no notice or explanation from WP is also about attempted censorship.

Boy, that stunt sure backfired. My blog traffic skyrocketed and yesterday it broke all records, with 22,023 visits in twelve hours. I have not added today’s visits to that number yet, but they are just as big.

The ugly little secret powers that be which have their arms into FB and WP up to the shoulders are doing all the wrong things to try to hush up Americans who dissent from the Obama Nation. Everything they do will continue to backfire and I will continue to grab screenshots of “all out internet surveillance moments” like this one below and post them.

So help me God, I will continue to write, post, publish and tell the truth about King Obama wearing no clothes, and God will help me keep an internet platform up and running to do this. If you believe in freedom of speech, and enjoy reading what I write, please consider making a one time $1 to $5 donation so I can put this blog on a private site host and get it off of the heavily monitored and surveilled WordPress platform. Then I won’t have to be interrupted by messages like this one below anymore. I now have become an expert at catching this screenshot before the telltale “spy window” goes away. – Chase Kyla Hunter 4.8.11

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