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The Many MJ doubles ??

Posted by angelbabe43 on April 7, 2011

What Happened to Michael Jackson after 1993 the many faces of Michael or are they do\ubles even at the trial you decide…

23 Responses to “The Many MJ doubles ??”

  1. Kimberly Walker said

    It is interesting to know that Michael seemed to have used doubles during the Martin Bashir documentary where Bashir slandered Michael. I was really discussed at Bashir for treating and betraying Michael like that. At times during the the interview you could really see the surprised shock on Michael’s face when Bashir began to slander and accuse Michael. I think Michael should have ended the interview. Matbe this why we mainly see the doubles in Bashir’s documentary. The Michael that we see during the interview segement and he was wearing the Burgundy shirt looks Like Michael from the 80’s and 90’s just a lot lighter. The real Michael wearing the Burgundy shirt is very handsome, just like Michael always has been. The double Michael’s looked totally different from day to day. Even Bashir would say that Michael did not seem like the same Michael he had spoken to the day before.

    I would love to meet Michael Jackson, but I would only want to meet the real Michael Joe Jackson, I don’t want to meet of his doubles. Michael in the Burgundy shirt and Michael on the Ebony Magazine look the same and he fine (handsome), so I know that, that was the real Michael in the Burgundy shirt and on Ebony Magazine. I love Michael Joe Jackson, and I hope that we can meet one day. MUCH LOVE TO MICHAEL.. GOD BLESS YOU SWEET ANGEL MICHAEL J.

  2. kay houston said

    Kimberly, I have been looking at MJ and trying to figure who is the real MJ. I have done some portrait painting therefore I really at a person features. The real MJ has long fingers and a large knot on his wrists.When he is thin his jaw is very distinctive and you can see the bone in his arm.He also has a indentation on his left ear. This is hereditary. One of Jermaine,s sons has the same on his ear. I believe it is Jermastry. Michael is a beautiful person.No one can never take that away fom him. He will always be No.1. I also think he is handsome. MaMakay

    • kimta22 said

      Hey Kay, I agree with you that Michael does have a bone showing or knot on his wrist, but I did not know about the dent in his left ear I rarely see his ears, but that iis a very good observation. Yes, Michael is Beautiful on the inside and out.. God Bless You Kay!

  3. kay houston said

    The MJ at the 02 arena has clear plastic gloves on. I guess so they couldn’t go by his fingerprints. Also when MJ was younger he did have a mole on his face. I think the MJ with the burgundy shirt seems to be the real MJ. I don’t know that the spot on his hand is a mole, He could have a cut or a bite that was trying to heal up. But MJ was a joker so he could have been trying to fool all of us. He knew he was going to pull a death hoax so he hired lots of doubles to keep all of us guessing There is a so called person name Barry J Shaw that some think that was the MJ at the 2006 music awards. I think it was the real MJ. I have wondered if MJ wanted to come back as Barry J Shaw! I just want him to have a good life with his children and his mother. He deserves it.

    • kimta22 said

      Hi, Kay some People say that the MJ at the O2 Arena Press conference wasn’t the real Michael because he put up his fist instead of his 2 finger’s for peace, but there is other footage where Michael shows his fist meaning Power. Michael was 50 at the time of the O2 press conference we all change as we mature…I hope Michael is happy and is enjoying his family too, but on a selfish note I hope that I can meet and get to know Michael…L.O.V.E.

  4. kay houston said

    I belive that B.Howard is a jackson . He sounds,moves,dances has alot of MJ mannerisns. Marlon had a twin brother name bradon that died at birth. His left ear has the same indentation and looks like MJ ‘s right ear. Joe manage his mother before he was born. B. said the Jackson fed him and looked after him. His mother is a friend of geneive , jermaine daughter who is alot younger and younger than B. I remenber reading that Katherine had another grandchild living with her besides Randy and Jermaine children at the time of MJ death. B. says he was there the day MJ died and Katherine left early and they didn’t know where she was. Makes you wonder..Katherine has had a full plate for a very long time. She has endured a lot . I hope and pray the rest of her life will be full of gladness, peace and joy.

  5. kay houston said

    sorry,I got the ears backwards. It is MJ left ear B. right.

  6. kimta22 said

    Hey Kay, we think alike. I too believe that B. Howard is Michael’s son. He looks more like Michael and has like you said the mannerisms and the body build of MJ. Michael always said that he wanted his children to have a normal childhood, so I can understand why he would keep Brandon a secret, but he must want to let the world know now because why else would it leak all of a sudden that B. Howard might be his son..There are no coincidences that story was leaked for a reason. I think Brandon is very Handsome like Michael..

  7. kay houston said

    Kimta22, When the MJ at the O2 arena put his fist up near the end it really made me wonder what was going on. It looked like he was very ticked off with someone.The first of june Paris and Prince were unmasked and walking with MJ . The O2 MJ and that MJ was not the same. If it was MJ had a botox injections in his face and his chin which is OK if he did. MJ wanted the world to know what his children looked like before the death hoax. I never thought omar was MJ’s. He dosen’t look like MJ before he had plastic surgey.He is a goodlooking young man and might be a jackson I don’t know and it dosen’ matter either way. I believe MJ has been very good to him and love him and that is all that counts. I think you are proably right about Brandon. Just a thought that ran through my head, MJ said the best is yet to come was he refering to Brandon?I certainy can see how MJ thought he might be better because MJ wouldn’t let him make some of the mistakes he did and all parents think their children are going to do better than themselves. The voice of experience is speaking.But there will never be another MJ. He will always be number one.No one wishes anyone to have to go through what MJ and Katherine went through.I still lift them up in pray daily for wisdom and strenght. You said you would like to see MJ who wouldn’t but I rather him stay in hiding and let his children live a some what normal life and MJ stay behind the scenes and enjoy his life if he can for a change. I really cannot bear the thoughts of how it would be if he return. The press torture him before and they will again. I just don’t think it would be worth it in the end. Some people and some money is not worth what you have to put up with.You are better off without it. To be able to get a good nite sleep and have a peace of mind is worth a whole lot.mamakay

    • kimta22 said

      Hey Kay, as sad as it would make me, I too would rather MJ stay in hiding if he would have to endure the same pain and torture that he went through before 6/25/09.. I truely Love MJ, and I want him to be happy. I want him to have a peaceful, happy, normal life. As for the best is yet to come it may involve Brandon, but I definitely think that it will involve Michael..Michael stated this many times before his March, 09 press conference..The Best is yet To Come won’t be the best without Michael.. Maybe Michael and Brandon Together.. Wouldn’t that be something? i think Michael has gone thru changes whether it be just putting on some weight and being a little heavier than we are accustomed to, or sugery, but I know the mention of changes is constantly coming up over the net. Like I said before there are no coincidences this information is given to us for a reason..I definitely think that the changes may have to do with taking back control of his life..Taking away the control from the Media and all the other Hater’s that made Michael’s life miserable. Whatever will happen time will reveal all thngs? Thanks Kay!

  8. kay houston said

    I was a little disappointed that MJ didn’t return in July. I would love to know how he puuled off the hoax. But it is alright if I don,t find out. I was just being a little selfish. I want what is best for MJ and his family. love mamakay

  9. kay houston said

    I was wondering why nobody has said anything about the shirt hanging in the closet with blood on it? MamaKay

  10. kimta22 said

    Hey Kay, it was and still is diappointing that Michael did not return in July, but sometimes things happen, and we have to change our Plans.. Now, I don’t know if you have facebook or not But I posted some very informative video’s that seems to be by MJ on this new page.. there are about 4 of them check it out and decide if MJ is coming back, but I think he will in the near future! The facebook page is: Michael Jackson – Welcome To The Power Of L.O.V.E.

  11. kimta22 said

    Well if MJ comes back soon I think all of our questions will be answered……

  12. kay houston said

    kimta, all I can do is cry.

  13. kay houston said

    Kimta, now I can talk.Thank you. I belive that was MJ. I just want to say Praise God it is over! I can only imagine how relieve Katherine and Joe are. I know his children are overflowing with joy. I am so happy for them all. This will certainty be two years nobody will ever forget. I am truly thankfull that MJ is safe. I do hope and pray that the press will be kind. May God Bless and Keep Us All!love you MamaKay

  14. kay houston said

    Kimta, I just read the videos again and had to have a good cry.I am so relieved and happy my cup runneth over.I am so gratefull the truth came out,and I hope it has taught alot of people a lesson. But, I really don’t care anymore, I am being rude.It just makes so mad!. Some people are just plain mean and jealous and to make themseleves look good they find fault and if they can’t find anything they will make something up. I have no use for them. I will pray for their souls but I leave them alone. I tell this to my children and now to my grandkids. It doesn’t matter how smart or rich or famous they are the best thing to do is leave them along and get away from them so their way of thinking won;t rub off on us! MJ I am. so happy for you I will still keep you in my prayers . When I started this journey one and a half years ago I did not know you. Now I am so proud of you ! You have my respect ,you are truly a gift from God.
    I know we will spend eterinity together in heaven. We will have a good time. May God Shine His Face So Brightly On You that it will Glow and Glow and Glow! I can honestly say now I love you,MamaKay

  15. kimta22 said

    Yes Kay I so agree with yoiu, II was very happy and hopeful when I saw those video’s. Although I don’t want to speculate about a specfic date we may see himm again.. I hope it iis soon. Michael is always in my Prayer’s.

  16. kimta22 said

    Yes, Kay I am relieved too, and I amlooking forward to Michael’s return. Then all of my friends and family that think that I was crazy when I said that he is still alive will have to say Kimta you were right. I am happy for his family, so that they too, can get back to a normal life. With Our Prayer’s and God’s Grace I know Michael will have a better and more of a normal life ten he had before. God is Good All The Time and All The Time God Is Good!

  17. kay houston said

    Michael, I don’t know where you will read this or not but I just read part 7 MJ messages and I say it is about time! You should have done this along time ago.. My husband has been manipulatied by his family and thought it was the christian thing to do. Now he knows different. we have lost alot of money because of it. God has bless us and we live a good life. I certainly hope everything goes good for you and your mamakay

  18. kay houston said

    Kimta22, you said on Aug. 1 that there are some changes about MJ over net. How do you find this infromation. Do you really have connections or just know how to get info. Also on part 7 MJ didn’t mention Janet or Marlon what do you think?

    • kimta22 said

      Hi Kay,well on facebook there was a page that had a discussion called something like: Would you still want Michael back with changes.. My response was yes.. So that planted the seed in my mind (that Page is not there anymore?) There is MJTunes which plays Michael’s songs and shows his video’s, well on MJTunes Michael is walking and it shows Radio City Music Hall, but Michael is a little heavier then we are accustomed to seeing him (now I don’t know if it is MJ for sure because he is in the shadow, but I think it is really him because he walks like Michael and has MJ’s mannerisms. His hair is shorter too. Remember, that Janet’s NYC concerts wer at “Radio City Music Hall, coincident, I don’t think so. Now, if you want to know if I am connected? Well, I don’t get information from Michael, but I was getting information from sites that MJ mentioned in one of his messages video’s..And I use to get a lot information from this facebook page that is directly connected to Michael’s Official web site. I also, get a lot of my information from my own hard MJ work, by investigating the things that didn’t make any sense to me. I don’t have any direct contact with Michael or his family. I wish I did, especially Michael I would love to have the chance to get to know him the Man! Yes, I did notice that Michael did not mention Janet or Marlon.. I’m not surprised about Janet because she is financially independent so she does not bother MJ because she has her own money.I guess we will find out soon why Marlon was not included from Michael. I Love ?You Much Michael! from kimta22… (smile)

  19. kimta22 said

    Yes, it is a shame when family members put the burden of the family financial dependences on the shoulder’s of one person. Especially, when these family member’s are grown-ups. Michael has had a tremendous burden to bare every since he was a young kid. Michael’s siblings had two years of the lime light to make or rejuevinate their careers. When Michael comes back It is everybody for himself.. Although, being the caring person that he is, it would be hard to ignore family needs.. This happens to me all the time.. i think my family thinks that I am Super Human, and they don’t realize that I get tired too. For Michael this has to be 10 fold. .MJ, if you need a friend or someone to talk to, “I’ll Be There”………

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