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True Friends Michael and Liz

Posted by angelbabe43 on March 25, 2011

One Response to “True Friends Michael and Liz”

  1. It had to have been very hard for Michael on 3/23/11 when Elizabeth Taylor passed away, especially since Michael is still hiding. I am sorry, for his lost of a long time friend, although, I don’t think that they have had a lot of contact since the 2005 trial where Michael was falsely accused of child molestation. Even though, they didn’t have a lot of contact since the trial of 2005 I know Michael must have been very hurt when Elizabeth died. And I would like to say to Michael I am very deeply sorry for the lost of a dear friend that she was to you for so many years. Don’t be sad because she was suffering here and is in a better place now. May God Bless Elizabeth Taylor (R.I.P), and may God Continue To Bless You Michael. I will Love You Always… Kimberly!!!

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