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Stonegrooved on YT (via mjjjusticeproject)

Posted by angelbabe43 on March 25, 2011

More than likely if you are a Michael Jackson supporter you have run across the major MJ hater named stonegrooved at least once on YouTube. We thought it might be beneficial for the public to see an example of how this 'stonegrooved' person writes on the YouTube comments  pages. He can be found on various Michael Jackson videos and he basically states unsupported opinions and beliefs in an effort to stir up the MJ fans that go there to enjoy Mich … Read More

via mjjjusticeproject

One Response to “Stonegrooved on YT (via mjjjusticeproject)”

  1. stonegrooved said

    Wow. What a shock. The mighty MJJUSTICEPROJECT has just deleted my comments on their web page! Now you fans have the full dimension of their version of “the truth!” Pick and choose whatever comments from their opposition that they think they can counterpoint with a biased rebuttal and then delete any follow-up comments that they fear might blemish your “final word.”
    What cowards they are!

    MJ fans act like they’ve fallen asleep in the middle of a cheesy good guy / bad guy movie and can’t wake up.
    The good guy never does anything wrong and the bad guy is rotten to the core. For a while, the bad guy gives the good guy a few close calls but in the end, the good guy wins and rides off into the sunset with the girl!
    This is the happy ending they’ve been waiting for. Unless everything is neatly wrapped up this way, they’ll never wake up.
    Happy endings are a must.

    In the absense of that obligatory “happy ending,” MJ fans go crazy and start calling MJ’s untimely death “their victory!”

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