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Michael Jackson is still alive! Michaels message to the world through latest movies!

Posted by angelbabe43 on March 22, 2011

6 Responses to “Michael Jackson is still alive! Michaels message to the world through latest movies!”

  1. kimta22 said

    I am a believer that Michael is still alive, but I have to admitt that sometimes I begin to wonder because so many people are pretending to be Michael. Some say Michael Jackson real, and then they will say stop calling me Michael I’m not Michael. If someone puts MJ real then the believer will believe that it really Michael Joe Jackson. Now I don’t believe that all of the pages that says the real Michael is MJ, but it is confusing and I would hope that the people pretending to be Michael would stop. It is confusing when we see these situations, by first saying you are the real mj and then saying stop calling me Michael..

    I am excitedly waiting for Michael to return.. I hope to meet him one day… I know he will be very busy when he comes back. I hope I can help Michael with what he’trying to do when he comes back.

    • I know what you mean exactly I’ve come across these type of people and then when you say that you think they are Michael Bam ….No I’m not him and you had your hopes up because you just know it was him or you thought is was…Boy does that hurt I know because it’s happened to me so now I just take it with a grain of salt and go on …triing to find whatever I can find and let it go…I’m excited too but I have too say that for what ever reason he did all this ,and I’m sure there are many reasons. I do thank him for showing me what was really happen in this sick world we live in.I believe in Love and that if we all raise our voices as one we Can Heal this World. Much Love and God bless.

      • kimta22 said

        I agree with you angelbabe43, we need to take Michael’s message of love and spread it around the world. Michael’s disappearance has enlightened a lot of people, including myself. I always knew that the government was not working for the people as it should, I always thought that our government catered to the very rich and the corporations. I had no clue about the illuminati or the new world order, so for enlightening me I Thank You MICHAEL and all of your helpers. Thank You Angelbabe43, when MJ comes back I hope we can all HEAL THE WORLD TOGETHER!!

  2. celine said

    im so excited i can’t wait for him to come back when he comes i just want to give him a big big big big big big big big big big big hug come one back to us

  3. Louise said

    I believe Michael Jackson is alive. I believe Michael faked his death he had so many reasons to do it too! However I do not believe that Michael will make a big return like everyone is saying. One of the reasons I think that Michael Jackson faked his death was to get away from it all, he had so many bad rumours about him all the time, they just never left him alone! Like he was a paedophile I STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH THAT RUMOUR! If that was actually true then how comes they never had proof? I’ll tell you why BECAUSE IT WASN’T TRUE! Also I’ve been doing a bit of research he was fed up with people telling him what to do and controlling him and his life. I watched a video a couple of minutes ago of Michael taking his kid to the zoo, he was there for 4 MINUTES and it took 3 hours just to get out of the zoo! Personally I think Michael had enough of the famous life style and just wanted a normal life for him and his kids and to do that I believe he had to fake his death

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