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Louis Farrakhan talks about MICHAEL JACKSON humiliation

Posted by angelbabe43 on March 8, 2011

3 Responses to “Louis Farrakhan talks about MICHAEL JACKSON humiliation”

  1. kimta22 said

    Yes, I agree with Minister Farrakhan, that Michael was singled out and villafied in the Media. It is true, when you are Black you are accepted as long as you do what the Power that Be wants you to do. But if you use your own mind and question things that you know is not right, or you don’t feel comfortable doing then, you are stepping out of your place (Black) and they will take you off of the good boy list and place you on the let’s destroy him list. Unfortunately, Michael was placed on this list. Michael is a Good Man and a Great Human being, and I know that he did not abuse any children or any human being period! Those false allegations was the way the Power That Is In Charged used to destroy, or put Michael back in his place. Whwn that did not work they went after his money,by having all of these people suing him for money, that he did not owe. If all the other nationalities are allowed to be proud of their heritage and be successful, then why should it be different for Black Artist. Why do the Black Artist have to distance themselves from their roots and heritage in order to be successful? If you are talented color shoulld not matter, but unfortunately it does. Michael God Is On Your Side! God Is Blessing You!!

    • I know what you mean they did single him out ,and tried to destroy him in all ways possible he never deserved any of the way they treated him. I have believed in him since I was 10 yrs old and have always felt a special closeness too him . I too have learned alot from him most of the artist I like are black artists.Michael was going to expose them even more than he already did,I wouldn’t have known what I know now if he hadn’t faked his death I would still be clueless about everything I thank him and pray for him to be happy and at peace….and that he be exonerated because he was always innocent I never believed he did anything the media or anybody else said about him…..It doesnt matter too me what color anyones skin is …Forever and always I will be there for Michael and him whole family.I love you more Michael. Much Love too you always and forever sweet angel .

      • I agree with you Angelbebe43, I would like to live in a colorblind world too. I love all people of all colors who are good people. If you are not nice to me I am not nice to you regardless of color. I just like positve, good, knowledgable people. If you are not knowledgable someone who is willing to learn new things. Like I have learned, so much since Michael’s disappearance. I truely would love to meet Michael the man one day, and I would be estatic if we could be friends. I will do whatever I can to help Michael with what he is doing. LOVE, KISSES AND HUGS TO YOU MICHAEL FROM ME ..KIMBERLY MICHELE WALKER!!!! I WILL BE THERE!

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