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The Truth Behind ………

Posted by angelbabe43 on February 19, 2011

In our groundbreaking exposes Secrets of the Illuminati and More Secrets of the Illuminati, we enlisted the help of famous Harvard symbologist Dr. Janus to decrypt secret Illuminati codes and messages hidden in the $10 and $2 bills.  Then, with the help of Dr. Ockhertz, we decrypted the messages hidden before our eyes on the fifty cent piece in Even More Secrets of the Illuminati Revealed.  We knew we were taking on a certain amount of risk in exposing these secrets.  We did not know how much danger we were truly in until we learned the truth behind the unfortunate death of music legend Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died on June 25, 2009.  The Los Angeles County Coroner declared Michael’s death a homicide caused by drugs that had been administered to him.  Dr. Conrad Murray was charged with his death.  And if the Illuminati had their way, that would be the end of the story.  But the truth is much more sinister.  Conrad Murray is simply a scapegoat of … the Illuminati.

The story they don’t want you to hear involves Michael’s lifelong affiliation with the Illuminati, an affiliation that ended in his untimely death.  Since his days in the Jackson Five, Michael was taught the secrets of the Illuminati.  This is part of the Illuminati’s longstanding plan to recruit popular performers.  The Illuminati use these performers to insert subliminal mind control messages in their songs.  After achieving the rank of King of Pop, Michael began to realize the danger the Illuminati presented to mankind and approached the CIA offering to spill the secrets in exchange for protection.
Michael knew he could not speak out directly against the Illuminati.  His only course of action was to hide hidden messages in his album artwork as a means to pass information to the public and his CIA handler.  He did so at great risk to himself, and he paid the ultimate price when the Illuminati were tipped off by some of the song titles on the Dangerous album.  “Remember the Time” was written as an ode to Michael’s pre-Illuminati days.  “Keep the Faith” was a coded message to like minded Illuminati defectors to keep the faith.  Michael sensed his days were numbered.

Fearing the Illuminati could shut him down at any moment, Michael included “Will You Be There” in the Free Willy soundtrack as a signal to his CIA handler that he needed immediate extraction and requesting confirmation that the CIA would be at the predetermined meeting place to take him into protective custody.  Unfortunately, “Will You Be There” became known to almost everyone as “The Free Willy Song.”  The tragic result was the CIA failed to catch the message.  When Michael showed up at the meet, his cover was blown.  The Illuminati initially attempted to discredit him through child molestation charges.  When that failed, killed him.

With Michael out of the way, the Illuminati plan continues today through Kanye West,  Jay-Z, Rihanna, Ice Cube, Lady Ga-Ga, Britney Spears, and possibly Mission Man.  It is imperative that all fans of Michael Jackson share this page to ensure that this hero did not die in vain.

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Postscript: The Illuminati are most likely mobilizing right now to stop our message of knowledge. Educate yourself, because knowledge is power. It is only a matter of time before they shut this site down in an attempt to silence us.  Please forward this link to everyone you know.  We have to get this message of truth out before we become the next target of … the Illuminati .

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4 Responses to “The Truth Behind ………”

  1. Kimberky Walker said

    The main point in this story is that Michael was being controlled by the Illuminati. I am surprised to hear that this control started when he was young. Did the Illuminati only target Michael and not his brother’s? I am sorry that Michael had to suffer under the Illuminati! I am glad that he left them. Trusting the CIA had to be a difficult decision for Michael when he decided that he could no longer partcipate with the plans of the Illuminati any longer. He had to be desperate because the CIA and the FBI have been linked to the death’s of President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and Robert Kennedy. Towards the end of his life Malcolm X knew that the things that were happenening to him was bigger then the Nation of Islam. The prime proof of this was when Malcolm was invited to France to speak at a college (speaking engagement) when malcolm was going through customs in France he was turned away by the customs agents. The agents told Malcolm we’re sorry Mr. X, but we can’t let you in.. At this point Malcolm knew that the Nation of Islam did not have that type of power, and he knew it was our government. Malcolm also, knew that the nation of Islam was not responsible for tapping his phone calls.

    I guess I can see why Michael spent a lot of time in the middle East, but that is a situation that I would not trust as well. The Illuminati is anywhere where there is money to be made. The Rich parts of the Middle East has a lot of Natural resources, and I am sure they would have some of their people (Illuminati) there as well. The death anniversy of malcolm is in Feb. We lost him 46 years ago. Now some former Nation of Islam men were used to kill Malcolm, but the orders came from either the CIA or the FBI, or possibly the rumored secret government within in our government (NWO). All I can say is that where there is Evil, you have to replace the evil with God. How can you replace evil with God? Firist you have to accept Jesus Christ as your savior (Because you can not get to the father (GOD) except through the Son (Jesus). Now I know there are different religions, but I am speaking of my religion and how we create our relationship with God. This struggle to stop the Illuminati cannot be won without God! Once you have established your relationship with God (however your religion does it) then you must pray and have faith that we can stop NWO. That was a lot of pressure for Michael to deal with, no wonder he had to go into hiding. Murray is the scapgoat but the truth will have to be revealed in the end about Murray and his role with Michael going into hiding..

    I must admitt the title of this blog confused me somewhat because it is stating that MJ is dead? We believe that he is still alive… I am praying that God will protect the righteous so I know that Michael will be ok…God is L.O.V.E.

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  3. […] The Truth Behind Michael Jackson’s Murder ( […]

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