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The Grand Conspiracy Agianst Michael Jackson

Posted by angelbabe43 on February 18, 2011

2 Responses to “The Grand Conspiracy Agianst Michael Jackson”

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  2. Kimberky Walker said

    This information regarding Weitzman (forgive if his name is spelled incorrectly) if Michael fired him in 2003, then how was he back with Michael again 8 days before 6/25/09? Did Michael forgive him, and then rehired him, or did that shady character Thome hire Weitzman without Michael’s knowledge? How can Branca and Weitzman be allowed to get 10% of Michael’s estate when Michael’s father was not receiving anything in the beginning, but now gets a ridiculously small allowance. Joe Jackson should be getting the 10% and Branca and Weitzman should be getting the small allowance. Branca and Weitzman don’t have to continue to be executor. It is their choice to be executor,this is especially true for Weitzman since he was not supposed to work for or do any business with Michael anymore period!!

    Now things that don’t make sense to me. First, a lot of MJ’s fans BeLieve that Michael’s death is a hoax. Well the will that we have all seen plastered across the news and online is a forgery, because this will does not have Michael’s correct (legal) name? In addition on the video the Lady (don’t remember her name) stated that the will that Weitzman presented was a forgery, yet Weitzman and Branca was still made the executor of Michael’s estate. Now, if the will was called a forged will why would the judge still make them executor of MJ’s estate? Why did the judge dismiss Joe Jackson case against the executor’s of his son’s estate? These things don’t make any sense. Now, are the judge in Michael’s estate case, Weitzman and Branca all apart of the hoax? Or did things go wrong and are not turning out the way Michael thought it would, and could this be why he is coming out of hiding? This death information is confusing and makes me sometimes doubt, what I feel so strongly, which is that MJ is still alive. But I am trying to keep the faith… I hope you come back soon Michael…

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