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Absolutely appalling, disgraceful rant by Bill Gates against caring, decent, intelligent people who have the audacity to question the effects of vaccines (via The Truth About Our World…)

Posted by angelbabe43 on February 8, 2011

From David Icke's site, I share the same opinion that Bill Gates is  full of BS. It is NOT true that Dr. Wakefield's research on autism and vaccines is fake. They are so desperately trying to discredit and tear his name down. You dare not go against the giants such as the vaccine industry or else…. Do the research yourselves. Even if you conclude that vaccines have nothing to do with autism, you cannot deny that many c … Read More

via The Truth About Our World…

2 Responses to “Absolutely appalling, disgraceful rant by Bill Gates against caring, decent, intelligent people who have the audacity to question the effects of vaccines (via The Truth About Our World…)”

  1. kimta22 said

    This message regarding using vaccines to de-populate the world by disguising these vaccines as necessary for our children is appalling. Now they have added so many more vaccines then when we were children. They want adults to get booster shots. I would not let my daughter get the HPV vaccine. I would not let her get the H1N1 vaccination shot either. I told her we don’t know what the side effects will be from these shots. I could not understand how the H1N1 shot was available so soon after the so called out break of Swine flu. The Swine flu occured some time after The Easter Break (late March or early April I don’t remember), and the H1N1 vaccine was available in May. Research is suuposed to occur for a minimum of 5 years before new drugs or vaccines are given to Human Beings. Yet the World Health Organiztion made an exception for the H1N1 vaccination? At this point I started to research the Swine flu. This is when I learned that Vaccinations is a way that the People that want to control the world want to use to kill off as many Human Beings as possible not really because of CO2, but for control. It is easier to control less people, and that is there goal. These people that are a part of the new world order could care less about our environment. They want control! I also, posted on my facebook a video that stated the 2010 vaccination for the regular flu shot was combined with H1N1 to get more people to get the H1N1. A Lot of people would not have gotton the H1N1 flu shot if it (H1N1) was not added to the regular flu vaccine. This video also stated that the scientist that created the H1N1 vaccine will not get an H1N1 vaccination shot, because they know that it is not safe!! Speaking of depopulating the world they (TNWO The New World Order) has already found a way to kill off millions of Human Beings.

    This mass weapon of Human annihilation is A.I.D.S. Many people speculate that A.I.D.S. is a man made disease that was craeted in either america or Europe and planted in South Africa where milillons of South Africans are dieing from this disease. Presently, there is no cure for this disease(I don’t believe that there is no cure FOR A.I.D.S.). The TNWO won’t release the cure because they need A.I.D.S. to kill more people. for

    • I know it’s terrible what they are doing ,the more I research the more I realize this appalling human Genoside to all human kind ,My son wanted the H1N1 and I told him no that we don’t know what they put in them therefore we Will Not be getting the H1N1….If I had known all this when all my children we’re babies they would never have had any of the vaccines…I have read somethings that the A.I.D.S virus was man made also .I have a facebook also Sheri Believer Langley if you want to add me.

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