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Posted by angelbabe43 on January 5, 2011


  1. ck said

    Please tell michael i love him so much,
    and i like to support him
    and like to work and help him at his wonderful neverland
    with love and hugs
    thank you

  2. ok for dpast yr and a half ive seen videos on youtube saying to”prove”Hes alive..and reading posts of peps saying how, why and with who he did it…i must admit..SOME of the things were pretty suspicious to begin with…now theres a question…if michael is really alive den obviously murray has to be in d trick right? so y would mj have him going throgh all dis hate from d fans??? AND if michael is alive i garantee murray WONT GO TO JAIL!if murray goes to jail for d death of mj…den ill be fully convinced dat mj is DEAD ….now can someone email me to let me know if im wrong???or am i hitting d ball park??

  3. kay said

    Dr. Murray is nobody’s Fool. He is doing exactly what he got paid to. When he said he didn’t give M J any amount to kill him he was telling the truth. M J didn’t die. The man that was there died of natural causes. How can they convict Dr. Murray of mansaulghter? But, he knew all of this in the beginging so he might have to bite the bullet and retire rich. I am very happy that the truth finally came out about M J. My prayers are for his family during this diffcult time. God Bless You and May His Face Shine on You.

  4. dlwink said

    you meantoned that the word alive wea on the front of the album cover ididn.t seeit? also,how do we know as michaels fans that you aren’t just givin us false hope haven’t we been threw enough???

  5. When Michael comes back, will he allow his California fans to meet him? I only say this because I was raised with Michael Jackson. I was born in the same month and year as Michael. I have always wanted to meet him. I hope and pray that my dream will come true. I lived in Reseda, while he was in Encino. I wanted to camp at his home but thought I would get arrested. My heart has always ached for him. I could always see his soul through his eyes…. God bless him.

  6. wanda/nasir said


  7. Donna said

    Could you please ask these questions to the insider please:
    Do you know if MJ will come and perform at the IMMORTAL tour?
    Is Dodo the five alive bird on twitter Michael?
    Will Michael be touring in the US?
    Is Michael married now? A lot of people are claiming on the net they are his MRS.

  8. Donna said

    Could you please ask these questions for me.

    Was Michael the girl in Hollywood Tonight? At the end of the clip??

    Do you know if the people michael is hiding from going to be punished in any way and will he be safe when he comes back?

    Thank you very much,

    • I really don’t know it was a girl but then Michael does like disguises as well….your guess is is good as mine although she was pretty darn good like our Michael.

  9. kay houston said

    If Michael is coming back in July is that why Dr. Murray trial been delayed. Also Why has Jermaine finnaly came out and said he was dead after all of this time. Kenny Oretga said it was all unnessary. I so glad the truth came. It was almost worth it all for that one reason. Some people still don’t believe it,but thats O K because God knows and thats all that truly matters.

  10. kay houston said

    Are you going to answer my questions? Is Michael safe? Will he have to stay in hiding? Are his children safe if he returns? Why does katerine still try to make money? When is enough , enough? My heart goes put to them. It has to be very hard to tell these lies and very confusing to Blanket. I would think they are trying to teach the children to tell the truth. I know it was very hard for Micheal when he was little. Is it really worth it.There is no amount of money worth ruining your child conscience. So, think about it.

    • I’m a fan admirer just like you and every other fan if I know the answer I would tell you ….However I do feel it will be soon but most definetly in July …Keep the faith and beLIEve…..L.O.V.E.

  11. dlwinkl said

    you said that clues would come out but you haven’t said what time of the year you said early but is it the middle of may and you have not posted any thing eles so what is going on with michael and when are you going to update more information and what happened to cassandra

  12. kay houston said

    Michael I realized your life has been a rollar coaster ride. I just kmow I would be crazy if I had gone through what you did. It is for certain your faith in God and your realtionship with Jesus has pulled you through it all. Plus all the prayers that was prayed. My father use to beat us with a belt. We had to get up at 4 in the moring to take out a barn of tobacco and fill it back up in the same day . This was when I was 10 years old. Every day when we got home from school there was always something to do. We lived in an old house where you could see the chickens through the floor. It snowned on the foot of my brothers bed one winter. We had no bathroom. We had to get dress behind a wood heater so we wouldn’t freeze. I have had a hard time forgiving my father. He died one month before you. When I saw the movie an Amercian Dream it brought back so many memories.I started crying and I have fianlly got pass it. I have a good life now. I admire you so much. It has taken me 42 years to get over my first 18. My heart really goes out to you and your family . You deserve everything this old world has to offer. I have a wonderfull mother like yours. also a good family. May God contiue to Bless You and keep You.

  13. kay houston said

    I forgot something .When my children were small and now my grandchildren have always slept with me when they spend the night. all of us would get in my king size bed and watch movies. Even when we go on vacation they would in up in my bed. Now they are older and sleep in the spare bedroom.

  14. kay houston said

    I just looked at the insider and they answer questions. I couldn’t read some of them because of the other translation. I am very glad to hear that MJ is doing good. I hope he is able to spend some quality time with his children. I still pray for the salvation of his family since some of them has converted over to Islam. It would be terrible for the rapture to take place and they are left to go through the tribulation. I realize you can’t make any one accept Jesus as their personal savior but we need to keep all of our love ones in prayer and ask God to do whatever it takes to get them in heaven. I believe they have heard the truth because of Katherin.A mother can only do so much. If you really do decide to return this July there will be alot of SUPRIZE PEOPLE, as well as HAPPY PEOPLE.Whatever you decide please continue to put God first, family second, the fans third. Ireally hope you can go back to Neverland and make it home again for your children. I am glad your children have had the experience of going to school and making new friends and able to play sports ,etc.May God continue to bless and keep you and to shine His face on you.

  15. kay houston said

    MJ, Ijust watch The dark side of M J. I don’t understand why they had Bobby on , about Anna N Smith. Is June Gatlin the only one you can trust? Now that I think about it I have only 7 Ican trust.I don’ know what would happen if I was famous. No wonder you said this is it . IWOULD HAVE TOO.I was glad to hear you didn’t get into the clult of sciencogly. Do you really believe that Lisa Maria married you because the church wanted you in ? I believe you truley loved her.One reason you looked the healtiest and happiest. I wish you could have had a child togeather. I also believe she loved you. If she had foscus on being a wife instead of a fixer upper or caretaker you guys would had made it.I was raise if you wanted something you had to work for it. This is also how I raised my chidren and now my grandkids. I can not stand to be around a amanitulator or anyone with their hand out. If you don’t work you don; t eat. I am not a slave driver. My children and grsndkids need any money I will find them something to do to earn it. I don’t just hand money out.All 3 of my children had to work to buy their 1st car. I paid for their insurance. But, they had to buy the gas and do the maintance. I believe Amercia needs to get back to basic principals and use comon sense. Please don’t let money ruin your children . They are to precious. Don’t rob them of experciencing God in their lives. They need to look to God to supply all of their needs not Michael Jackson. May God comtinue to shine His Face on you. Love ya!

  16. kay houston said

    I just read why do people like MJ. There answer was his talent. I have been busy raising my children,who are now 41,35,and31.I have work on a job until my fibromaligy got so bad that I had to quit.
    when I had to stop.Then Logan, my oldst grandson cane along and I started keeping him and 4 more came within a 5 year period. I have loved being a grandma. Therefore, I really have not paid alot of attention to MJ. My grandchildren are now 14, 13, 12, 10, 10. So , when I looked at the movie An Amercian Dream in Nov. of 2009, my father had died on may 24 , I started crying and could not stop. The n is when I began greveing. I have had alot bitternes, anger, hate, resentment etc. that I have to overcome . Now 2 years later I am healed, by the grace of God. My answer to why I like MJ is because he is a loving, caring person. I could not believe all that he had gone through and still have his right mind. I would have been crazy. some days I still have flash backs. I have to ask God to help let go.Ihad never seen any of his videos until recently. Some of them I do not care for . I was so ashamed of myself for believing the lies that was told on him. I learned a vauble lesson, to check out the truth. I will not ever make that mistake again. I use this lesson to teach my family not to believe everything you hear.I have to take alot of pain medcine. So, Iwould be called addict. I question my doctor and his reply was if you are sick you need this medicine to help me have to a more balance life.So,its makes me so mad when people say all these bad things about you.But this is the world we live in. Life goes on. MJ took after his mama. I also took after my mama.May God Bless You.

  17. kay houston said

    I just read about Jane Burgermuster and bthe mass genocide.
    Thank You MJ for all you have done! I belive in the 7 year tribulation. This confirms that Jesus could split the eastern sky at any time. Also I believe that during the 1000 year reign you will be one of people who will help judge the people at that time. Thank You Thank You Thank YOU! God Bless!

  18. kay houston said

    M J, because of you I have learn alot about illuminiate and the nwo. I have shared this information with alot of people hoping they would look it up and see the need to be in prayer for their lost love ones. I truly believe prayer and knowledge of what is happening is essenital for people to wake up and to make a change.
    I really love your songs. They have such a powerfull message that we all need ! I have never met anyone that I wanted to see them go to hell when they died. Although I have to love them at a distance because my flesh feels like stomping them in the ground. So,please continue to keep us inform on any new events about the last days before Jesus returns. I don’t have the resources that you do. But, I will pass on any new information . Souls is my buisness, my only buisness. May God’s face Shine on you!

  19. kay houston said

    MJ, I have live a .sheltered life. I didn’t know you hurt your back until now. I saw the video of you in munich. When I read what Karen Faye said about why you kept on preforming and you said all you could hear in your head was michael don’t disapoint the audience I cried! All your father thought about was money.My daddy was the same way. Your fans loved you and would not hqve wanted you to continue. Your health is the most important thing. I hope you realized that now. I want you to take care of michael take care.

  20. kay houston said

    M J I have been reading the theiories of why you pulled this hoax. I hope ypu will let God fight your battles, when you come back. He has done a pretty good job these last 2 years. God has open many people eyes including mine and I am so grateful. I was so, so ashamed of myself for not checking out the facts. I hope you are strong enough to go through all the negatitve stuff that will still be brought up and not let it get to you.I have already started praying for you and your children, My heart goes out to them. If someone says somthing bad about me its alright because I know the truth.But if someone says something to hurt my children or my grandkids I am just like a mama bear, I could tear them all to peices but, I don,t.I wait untii I get over my mad spell then I pray for them and watch God work it all out. God amazies me all the time. You would think I would get use to it after awhile but, I don,t. Remenber this when you can see the hand of God in your problems then you will have that peace that surpasses understanding. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit. When we connect to the Spirit that lives within us we can do all things through Christ who strenghens us. I know you know all of this now teach it to your children. I am praying for guidance to teach it to all of my family.So, I need your prayers too.! Have a Bless Day!

    • I hope you realize that this is Not MJ just a fan like you whom started this blog after things just didn’t seem right God bless you much L.o.v.e./angelbabe43

  21. kay houston said

    angelbabe43 what do you mean after thinks just didn’t seem right. So you don’t have any connections with MJ. Are you a fraud too! Is MJ going to return in July? I read yesterday that Latoya said when got to the hospital the children were sitting on her mama’s lap crying. Then they all went in to see MJ. After the children saw the body they never cried again. This brought closer for them. I believe they saw it was not their father is why they had closer for them. Prince and Paris already new the truth. I believe MJ sent a double to the airport and he stayed in the house. Also the man that died , died of natural causes.. So Dr. Murray didn’t kill anyone. Michael has never left L.A. A limo left the house sometime on the 25. I belive this is when he left Carolwood Dr. Debbie Rowe said MJ had lots of hideouts in LA. The FBI and the Presdient help him to go underground. Why I don’t know ? His children have contact with him all the time for them to be this well adjusted.I really do hate what Katherin has been through. I do pray for her and the whole family because they really do need it. MJ is a very special person (not talking about talents) . It has really hurt my heart to see how he has been so manuplated, hurt, slandered ,lied about,the list goes on and on. Its makes me sick to my stomach to see someone tortured liked MJ. I have comfort in knowing that God sayes vengance is mine and I will repay. All of the reporters will stand before God and it will not be a good day for them. I hope they will repent before then. If not they will have Hell to pay.All that money they made will not help them then.Money is truly the root of all evil. I really wish MJ and his childrens could lived as I do. My problems are nothing compared to his .I learned along time ago some money and people are not worth the trouble you have to put up with.You are better off without it. When Oprah asked prince and paris they favorite time was with their dad their answered was walking on the beach and sitting on top of the house looking at the lights. All we all need is love. All of these worldy thing cannot buy happiness. I would love to have been able to walk with my dad on the beach and have the relationship and love these kids have with their dad but, I won;t because he is gone. He was always trying to get more money , because he believe the old lie satan has been using since the beginnig of time .your self worth is basic on material thing not of who you are. I am vaulabe because I am the daughter of the most high God EL’Shaddiah. When I learn that God would be my daddy you would not believe the freedom the ,joy,that Ihave. I would not trade it for anything. I love spending time sitting at Jesus;s feet. I have fellowship with Him through the Holy Spirit. I really do believe MJ found out and could see that what he learn from the Bible about the last days is really and truley going to happen in the next few years. If he does come back and I certainly hope so for his children sake, that in his message he will include the Bible. I realize now that he can reach people that no other person,not even Billy Graham could have reach with this message of hope. I am praying for a great revival in the world. It would be wonderfull for MJ to lead it.Just think of all the souls that would be saved! If this was to happen MJ would be slapping satan in the face.I would love to slap him too! May God Bless and Keep You whoevere you are!

  22. kay houston said

    I would love to know what L.O.V.E. stands for? Also, why do people wear sunglasses when they are inside? I loved the part of the song I heard yesterday of
    all in the name sung by MJ,and barry gibb. I was raised baptist and now I go to a nondeomantional church that my husband and I help start 20 years ago called Potters Wheel. We have 50 men in our regenerational progam for subastance abuse. I taught a series on the names of
    that is why I am sooo excited over this song! I am so proud of MJ for writting it. It just blesses my heart. I can’t hardly wait to hear the rest of it!
    thank you ! thank you! thank you! I will be so glad when July get’s here!

  23. kay houston said

    I just heard All In The Name, all I can say is Praise God! I hope there will be more songs like it . MJ you are truley a gift from God.May you continue to be a Blessing! Lord knows we need songs that lift us up spiritually and remind us of God,s plan for our life.May God Bess you and Bless You and Bless You! I Love you more and more!

  24. kay houston said

    MJ’s children look so happy.
    they know something that we don’t? I sure hope MJ return doesn’t create problems comcerning the freedom they are enjoying now? I know they rather be with thier daddy than anythiny else in the whole world. I really hope they can have the best of two worlds. I can only imagine how hard this has been for MJ. You have made a tremdous sacrifice that may not ever be truley appreciated. If we seem ungratefull don’t let it get you down. God knows your heart and He will reward you one day. When we stand before God He will set us straight and we will repent and be sorry for our stupid ways. I already hate to think how the press may torture you and your family. You have been through so much I cannot hardley bare to think of you having to go through the pain of there lies again. maybe it won’t be as bad as I think it could be. You are loved by so many people. Love will get you through . Just don’t read the papers.Burn them! Please remember God first, family second and then your fans. Take care of michael and whaterver happens happens. Try to lived a bless and balanced life. Let go of some things and let God take care of the rest! Please becarefull! love mamakay.

  25. kay houston said

    I pray for God’s mercy on all of our souls! God help us all in the days to come. Please make sure your loved ones are saved. Being saved means you believe Jesus is God’s son . He died on the cross for our sins and rose up from the grave and now sits at the right hand of God in heaven. The evidence of being saved is the Holy Spirit living inside you. When you repent of your sins and ask God to come into your life He sends the Holy Spirit. God convicts us when we do wrong. He gives us strenght to do His will. He never leaves us. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are the church not a building made by our hands. Religion makes life hard. With God in your life you can go through anything and if you choose you will be more like Christ. Everything can be a stepping stone not a crutch. I am praying for a great revival in our world.Please exaime your hearts and minds and make sure all is well in your soul.God told the woman caught in adultry neither do I condem you go and sin no more. God dosen’t condem He convicts! A big difference. So please get right with God for your sake! What you do now will last all forever! Hell is a real place. It is full of good people,please don’t let satan fool you mamakay

  26. kay houston said

    This past christmas I gave my 2 daughters and my daughter in law a trip toLa Vegas. We flew out the last of january. I decided we should go to the Gene Autry Western center since Dessiree my daughter in law was kin to him . The next day we took a tour of the movies stars homes. I was dissappionted because all we saw was gates and walls and trees. I had been on these tours 2 times before but they carried us to see the old movies stars homes and we could actually see the house. Well it hit me the other day that the reason MJ choose the house at 100 carolwood dr was because the tourtist could see the outside of the bedroom MJ supposlly died in. Michael really thought of everyt hing. He just blows my mind. I love a good mystery and this adventure that Michael told his cast of this is it has not been disappointing. It sure has taken my mind to places it has never been before.
    I can’t hardly wait for his return and to tell us all the details so I can see what I was fooled by. love you! mamakay

  27. kay houston said

    .I just saw B.Howard. He moves, talks, dances, sings, like MJ. He is a very good impersonater or he is a Jackson? I wish you would respond to this . mamakay

  28. kay houston said

    I just looked at the reflections in a petri dish site and read musing on the banks of a dry river bed. This articile gave me the impression that it was MJ writing it. If so, does this mean he is not returning in July. To whoever wrote it happiness is a state of mind. If your life is built on anything other than your relationship with Christ you will never experience all that God has to offer you. Have you ever wonder why Paul and Silias was singing in jail. They knew they were in God”s perfect will. Please remenber this, anytime you do God’s will satan will always find and I mean always find someone’s mouth to hurt you or something will tear up or something will go wrong that would not have ever gone wrong before. This is proof that you are on the right road so don’t give up! Remenber I said let God fight your battles. When you can put the problem in God’s hands ,then starting praising Him for Who He is The Great I Am, then and only then can He start to work it out for your good. The problem is leaving it and getting on with the progarm. Satan will try to keep you in bondage so you can’t go for ward for the greater good! Let Go and Praise God. Forgivness is a key factor also. Sometimes I have to ask God to help me. If I keep saying I choose to forgive every time I think of the bad situation then one day I will wake up and the unforgiviness is gone. I don’t like the way I feel when I have justified anger, bitterness, ect. in my heart. I have learned the hard way it just isn’t worth making my life miserable. Life is to short to live that way. Please remember you have the Holy Spirit inside you and He is greater than Satan.I get mad with satan and tell him to go to hell where he belongs and guess what it works! Jesus told him to get behind him. We look at Jesus to plan our life after! Now guess what will happen to me for writting this? You are right satan will find someone or something to cause me greif! He never fails. I will be praying for you. love mamakay

  29. kay houston said

    B Howard’s left ear looks like MJ right ear. One of jermaine’s sons has an ear like MJ’s. So I believe B Howard is a Jackson. Also brandon was at Havenhurst on june 25 and he said Katherine left early that moring and no one knew where she went? Dr, Murray didn’t have the security guard to call 911 until after 12. So where was she at and what was she doing. The nephew of one of the guards was at MJ house and he saw on the moniter MJ come steaming out of a room . Katerine came out simily and said this one is it. Dr. Murray also came out of the room. This was before June 25. I don’t know wherther this is true. I can’t find it again so it makes me wonder!

  30. kay houston said

    I got the ears backwards. Its MJ’s left and B.Howard right ear.

  31. kay houston said

    well it is sunday night at 10;04 and no MJ. I am disappointed because I am readytofind out what really happen and how it all took place. Ipersonalty want to see if MJ is OK. Then on the other hand Iwish he would stay in hiding for his children. I don’t want the press ruin thier’s lives. MJ and Katherine has been through eneough.The next 5years needs to be normal for Paris and Prince.8 years for blanket. Please be very carefull. I’ll will be praying for you. love mamakay Angel babe43 please respond!

  32. kay houston said

    I was wondering why nothing has been said about the shirt hanging in MJ closet with blood on it. Do you have any imput?MamaKay

  33. kay houston said

    I just looked at paris and prince and blanket coming from church. Debbie rowe did two things right. She has 2 goodlookings kids. Paris is maturing early and is turning into a beautifull young lady, Prince is a goodlooking young man. Blanket is looking more and more like MJ.I know they are MJ pride and joy just like mine are to me they are growing up too fast.My Logan is 15 and has a driving permit. Dalton is 14,griffen is 12 brittany will soon be 11 augest 18, and karley will be 11 dec.18, They all have to go to church too!love youmamakay

  34. kay houston said

    I just read about Frank Paul Jones and John Gohi. Now I am wondering if someone trying to blackmail the Jacksons. That could be why MJ at the O2 gave a fist and angry look at the end of the announcement. This would make more sense than anything else that I have read. I realize you can;t tell me the truth. I also noitce nobody is sueing MJ right now.I can,t hardly believe it. It just blows my mind how people will sue over anything.MJ has certaINLY BEEN TO HELL AND BACK!I sure hope and pray MJ is enjoying his life now. love mamakay

  35. kay houston said

    I am so excited. I saw the video’s of MJ telling of the hoax, this is it, and about his return. I can’t hardly wait. I am so thankfull that MJ is OK! Love MamaKay

  36. kay houston said

    I just read part 7 and it is about time. You should have done ita long time ago!

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