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Michael Jackson is Alive: “The Man Who Knew Too Much”

Posted by angelbabe43 on December 27, 2010

This short film investigates a deeper focus on Teddy Riley‘s involvement in the hoax. It will discuss the facts and evidences found that prove Riley does play a part.

Teddy Riley’s Blog…

The Grape Juice Interview with Teddy Riley…

3 Responses to “Michael Jackson is Alive: “The Man Who Knew Too Much””

  1. SWB said

    This really sounds like TR “wanna be starting something” and that was MJ’s first command. 1) Start controversy, 2) Keep it going, 3) Shock the world.

  2. SWB said

    For Michael to be physically alive means that hundreds of people would have to be in on the hoax, doctors, nurse, EMTs, funeral home people, Karen Faye and Bush, the family, friends, and others (unless a double was used and fooled everyone; but, it also still means there was a dead body that was dissected in autopsy, embalmed for the funeral and is entombed at Forest lawn. How can I believe this? This must be a controversy being perpetuated to keep MJ’s name out front.

  3. kimta22 said

    I must admitt that in the beginning i thought that Michael was dead, but I still had doubts because so, many things did not make sense to me. I don’t have any facts like Teddy, I just had doubts. I know Michael is Alive, but it is not from inside information it is a feeling and common sense. For one all of the documents surrounding Michael’s death does not have Michael’s correct middle name, thereby, making these documents fakes. Because these documents such as: the death certificate, autopsy report, ect have the wrong name on them these douments are not legal! Speaking of the death certificate no doctor signed off on it (probably because Michael is alive) LaToya did? Now the fact that a doctor did not sign the death certificate makes Michael’s death certificate a fake, or not a legal document. Another thing about MJ”s death certificate, is that it is a duplicate it is not an original form, thereby making it yet again a fake, or not an legal document! The autopsy report was full of errors. This document said that Michael had short brown hair with bald spots on his head. The AR (Autopsy Report) also listed Michael’s height as being 5′ 9″, but according to A recent california driver’s license Michael’s height was listed as 5′ 10 or 5′ 11″.

    Getting back to the brown hair with bald spots again, we all know that Michael always had BLACK hair, and he always had a lot of hair. Now it is possible as he got older that he may have lost some hair, but his hair would not turn BROWN? The body that was autopsied that was supposed to be Michael was wearing a Black wig that was attached to his Brown hair? The person being described in MJ’s A R is not Michael. These are the 3 names that was listed on this report: Michael Joseph Jackson, Michael J. Jackson, and Michael Jackson. Michael’s legal name is not present on this autopsy report, thereby, it is a fake, or not a legal document? These are the facts that lead me to know that my MJ is still ALIVE. Teddy Riley’s statments about MJ being Alive only confirms what I’ve BELIVED for a long time now. There are many clues such as all of these fake documents. Michael’s latest Album has a lot of clues as well particularly the song “Breaking News”, which Teddy Riley produced. hmmmm! The cover of the Album is said to have a lot of clues as well. I am awaitng Michael’s return and when he does it will definitely be “Breaking News”. I hope that he is Happy, and I send my Love to Michael. May God continue to Bless HIM!!! L.O.V.E.

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