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The Grammys 2010

Posted by angelbabe43 on May 7, 2010

This is actually an “in between” blog, since we are working on something else for a few weeks already. But because this has not been fully picked up yet, we thought we’d make a blog about it.

The Grammys were great, but we wonder if anyone saw the big statements on stage that were made. Artists breaking free; the beginning of a revolution in the music industry. Those who have knowledge of Mind Control and the Illuminati symbols must have seen what happened on stage.

We will analyze as much as we can, but we might have missed things. Feel free to add.

Also there will be a few side notes. While analyzing the performances using the book we have about MK ULTRA and Mind Control, we found some things that in our opinion stood out about Mike and mind control so we just threw that in for your information.

The book we have about the programming of Monarch slaves is very disturbing and the authors even warn at the start that if you are a victim yourself, the book can be dangerous. Some parts of the book are very revealing, but too disturbing to post, so we will not post everything we have found, even though a lot of naysayers are ridiculing the whole subject and will say again after this one that we ‘can’t prove it’.

“You tell me I’m wrong
Then you better prove you’re right”

Also we made a video with the things we saw at the Grammys that reminded us of Mike, and there were many of them, too much to be coincidences.

Here is our evaluation and interpretation of some of the performances.

Note: some of the video’s are blocked in the US and Canada, you can watch them by going to first.

More of Doubledutch can be veiwed at:

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