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Re: We are the world 2010 and the Green Man / Child

Posted by angelbabe43 on February 17, 2010

Rofl, the black girl has her hand to her mouth like ,her face says it all!!

“Let me bathe in my own time when I come back in. I’m gonna button my shirt or my jacket or whatever it is. I’m gonna look around a little bit, play with them. Snap my fingers maybe, then BAM!”

One Response to “Re: We are the world 2010 and the Green Man / Child”

  1. Kimberly Walker said

    I had lost touch with Michael Jackson over say since the mid nineties after he married the first time. I never met Michael but I tried to buy all of his music and see him on TV whenever he appeared on a show. But when he got married my fantasy of being Mrs. Michael Joe Jackson disappeared, however. I never stopped LOVING Michael; I just didn’t follow him as intently as I had before, but Michael also stayed abroad (out of the US) for many years, so I was not able to keep up with him e from 2005 until 2009. Michael was right because here in America they were not playing his music much on the radio (conspiracy), so I was not aware of his last 2 albums Dangerous and Victory. So I guess sony did not do a good job promoting those albums like Michael said. I would have bought both of them they are exceptional and I love all of the songs.

    I am conflicted regarding whether MJ is deceased or alive. Although, I am more leaning towards MJ being alive…It is a gut feeling that I have because to many strange things have happened even before MJ was supposedly reported dead. First, in January 2009 the Enquirer tabloid tells us that Michael Jackson only has 6 months to live? huh! Then in June 2009 Michael Jackson is pronouced dead? huh? Second, in March when Michael agreed to do concerts in London he only agreed to 10, and somehow it turned into 50. Despite Michael stating that he only agreed to do 10 concerts, and that he could not perform 50 concerts in 2 months AEG, Kenny ORTEGA, and Frank Dileo never changed the number of shows. They did not care about Michael’s FEELINGS they just saw dollar signs $$$$$$. Third, When it was announced that Michael Jackson was in cardiac arrest there was a lot of conflicting information: 1. when the 911 call is made the caller never identifies that it is MJ like it is normally done for celeberties. 2. The guard that calls 911 states that the personal doctor is performing CPR on the nonresponsive victim on the bed? huh? This is supposed to be a Cardiologist (meaning a heart specialist) and he does not know that you have to perform CPR on a hard surface. The 911 operator had to tell the caller to tell the doctor(?) to put the victim on the floor and continue CPR. 3. when MJ was brought out on the strecther his skin was dark, like during the early 1990’s. I noticed that the person showned on the strecther was not pale white as MJ had become? Also, we were hearing he was in a coma on one channel and that he was still in cardiac arrest on another channel.

    TMZ pronounced MJ dead before Jermaine came out to state that Michael was deceased? Now the fact that Jermaine pronounced his brother’s death is strange because usually the doctor will tell the press that a celeberty has died? Why didn’t the doctor come out to tell the press that MJ was deceased? Finally, some clues from the This IS IT DVD is that at the end in the credits never refer to MJ as being deceased. The credits dedicate the DVD to his children, but live people dedicate things all the time. There is the time I think during Thriller where MJ is hiding in a Spider and then he pops out. There are many more reasons why I am Leaning towards Michael Joe Jackson being alive and taking time away from all the mess, so that he can recooperate physically, emotionally, and to get help for his prescription drug problem. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL WHEREEVER YOU ARE. In my fantasy MRS. Michael J, Jackson, but in real life Ms. Kimberly Walker, Love You Much!!!!

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