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The whole truth!

Posted by angelbabe43 on February 13, 2010

What we know about BOW?
> Is an Italian
> Shall be granted only on the Italian Forum
> Is a journalist
> MJHD users [user WonderingWho] believe that it may be A certain Daniela Petroff – Italian journalist, dealing with topics concerning fashion. Trail seems to make sense – Bow admitted that his name is Daniel, and Ms. Petroff is the author of articles on projects, costumes for This Is It, and at the time of writing – met with Christian Audigier.

According to their announcement, was present at the Grammy ceremony.

> Keep an eye what will happen in January,
> Thome Thome is not a threat to Michael – he works for, do not believe in that, what newspapers write.
> MJAwakening too much faith in their theories.
> I posted the video [* famous movie, “Michael Tito seen at home” / “Michael seen in Berlin”] is a view of the back of the house of Tito, where few have access, accompanied by a description that was filmed in Berlin, there to people thought it was fake

> Michael knows the fans who visit Forest Lawn. He is very sorry to have caused so much grief
> Karen Faye is his friend. Is responsible for placing the mess (of doubt, conflict)
> My informant could ask Michael some questions, but only when I meet with him
> When Michael returns certainly recognize it (this is not double)
> Wants to sing again
> From the legal protection provided for him
> People who work with Michael and claiming that it does not intend to return, they are not initiated in all threads
– Michael did not return to LA
> Comments about the family: who has seen Michael in the coffin? In fact: none
> At a conference at the O2 Michael was very excited, so it’s strange ‘behavior
> The person behind the curtain that his personal cameraman, who always accompanies this type of events
> Michael has no twin [* famous theory of Mo Su.]
> 2010 is the year of the return of Michael, revealed much information on the Hoax, and this page was created on their basis.

> Michael is aware of our support, you know about this site. I used to appear on her special guests, will not register, but read the comments.
> Children are not gone. Miss Dad ..
> Please watch what will happen 17.1.
> Michael was on holidays in LA, now gone.
> Liz Taylor knows it.
> TOY does not apply to Michael.
> Diana Ross knows, though few, have lost over the years in close contact with each other.
> When Michael decides to have back, it will be the No. 1, as it was on June 25.
World will once again be shocked and turns him respect for what he did.

> A lot of things happen in January.
> TOY does not apply to Michael. Therefore, Michael is LOVE.
> TOY is for someone with Ortega’s private life.
> CIA and FBI are involved in the hoax.

> TMZ is a clever team of professionals (eg, the first that gave Mickey “died” a few minutes after the confirmation of this and give as many sales in first!).
> TMZ is partly involved, not all employees, editors know about the hoax.
> Only the bosses are familiar with it.

> Dvd will contain less guidance than we suspect.
> Michael is not a person in the car, Tito and Jermaine.
> Michael is not worried in the gossip network. Home hoax, for example, has its purpose.
> Disguised reasons of death are very serious, it involved the FBI and CIA. Iluminati has nothing to do with this, it is quite another matter.
> is not such a cheap party, for which it appears.
> Forums and online entries are not taken seriously, if they are not too flashy.
> Inquiry should have been the end, Halloween seemed to be a good day to return (Michael on them is 100%), however, plans have changed, I told you before, to organize the return is a complex matter. If you would be if you could move the “This Is It.
> As I wrote earlier, in principle, there was no financial reason to sfingowania death. This was to divert attention, but you should know the truth. Unfortunately, the risk was very different and very serious.
> I can not tell you how things are now, but we are moving in the right direction.
> The case with the vaccine is not here relevant when [* flu].

> News Fox News June 14, termed “dress rehearsal” [* info on this, that Michael had a heart attack and dies in the hospital]
> is not associated with hoax
> Fans will not be angry, but to know the reasons why the entire plan
> Threats were directed at Michael’s concerts and related
> [Pyt.: If the threats were linked to concerts, then I assume that Michael has decided to hoaxie after the March conference?]
Although I try to mix – because I was told – making all together and closer to the truth. Think though about tickets sold … if Michael knew that he would have to disappear, do not admit to this. What was planned, the movie. In such a situation had no choice but to leave us a gift, something like a drop in
> [Pyt.: So he decided to hoaxie after ticket sales?] In fact, he did not. He had no other choice.
> [Pyt.: You said that already at the conference knew that the tour takes place] Yes, I contradict myself. I was told to say so, slightly deviating from the truth. The case have changed after the disclosure of FBI documents. Your questions lead to truth.
> Concerts in London gathered together millions of people … You can only guess what could happen [threat].

Liberian Girl pictures from the funeral and the last picture of the Memorial were chosen deliberately. Just like photos from the funeral (to FL), but the same funeral has been scheduled later, it had not been taken into account.

Explain the case doubles. Michael was trying to Staples Center for 2 days, is wearing at all times the same clothes. OK? The only double in the film is that wearing orange pants. He was on the other trials, in general – was not at Staples Center in those days. Was very similar, he needed only a few instructions. Michael was busy preparing for something else … 23. and 24 Michael with his crew were at Staples. Notice that he’s wearing a black tshirt and black pants. Only changed the shirt. 2 days …

When Michael returns to all recognize him.

• inform the booklet from the funeral of the “temporary place of burial”, used as a tomb, in which Michael was to be buried, is used temporarily, for people to believe that he is there. Similarly Mausoleum – people have to believe that he is there.

• This is not true that Michael is in the Ascension Temple.

• When Michael returns will not be any spiritual action (?)

• “Another Day” is delivering a song, written several years ago. Michael was chosen by a few weeks ago, like “A place with no name”. Thanks MJCOMPANY able to do so.

• in the song is a hidden message. Seek it.

• There is no connection between the movies TII – 2012 and LEGION THE BOOK OF ELI

• Earnest (double) was invited as the guest of one of the best doubles. Was not involved in the shooting of the film. It’s not he is in the film “The Making of ” should help you understand that the video showing the load to the car body is also fabricated. 757 days … you should make other calculations. I told you, in hoaxie a few contradictions.

• Michael had gone, He can choose any date in the past months.

• At the time arose “Escape” and “Morphine” Michael passed through a difficult time. But they do not have anything to do with the hoax.

• 2040 is the clue that will help to believe that Michael is alive.

• Michael showed up several times in a wheelchair, to deceive the media.

• Information on the state of his health were false. Life under the eye of the paparazzi 24/24 is heavy.

• tears … if you knew all the reasons hoax, you understand the tears flowing cheeks Katherine. Blanket was very confused, did not see dad for a few days.

• Karen Kaye knows hoax.

• The song “Another Day,” Michael says to us that we are his strength that he is sorry for the whole turn of events … The song was not made public accidentally. But intentionally, by Michael. Even if Sony does not have expressed permission to do so because of copyrights.

– Dave Dave, which was always seen together, it is not Michael in disguise. It does not help him, he knows little if anything.

– From 1 to 10 Michael was at Culver Studios, remember those who hear TWYMMF videos, listen to double.

– Michael Branca and again hired McClain. The two lawyers to help Michael in the settlement of legal matters such as wills, which is fabricated.

– Michael has to die because of an overdose of drugs and murder (to deceive).

– Michael had to fake his death, he could not cancel the concerts.

– Murray speaks on behalf of Michael, listen carefully to his words.

– Neverland was restructured. Hence the cement, which is provided there.

– Photos from ambulances to fake.

– Larry King know in part.

-Michael left instructions everywhere, the truth is at hand, but we can not see.

– 757, 756, 755 amount to the same date, but not to the date of return.

– In “Another Day,” Michael says to us is another, a great tip.

– Michael is worried about the reaction of fans when he return, but sooner or later – come back.

– The helicopter is not as true as it seems. Has never been registered.

– The body of a famous van never arrived, as it turned out – it was a simple wan. You saw just how rode into the underground parking coroner’s office. Wana no, no gain. Everything was gone.

– Several interviews revealed recently been fabricated.

– Fighting Joe the fall will help us to understand that it is all fabricated, and the right to health over time.

People who have threatened to Michael not suspect that Michael is alive, the FBI has addressed this matter. Threats were directed against Michael. At his concerts were to receive thousands of people.

President Obama protect Michael.

The whole truth will come out at the time of the return of Michael.

Death certificates are falsified, the messages are fabricated, is that I start again from scratch … These info were released to the public to confuse us. But the most important thing is that there are no remains.

Michael concert in London was planning something special, but he could not finish, so can not wait to return to work.

Michael does not risk again. Despite what some think Michael is protected from the law. After that, I do not think it was attacked again. The documents are forged. Coroner never signed anything. Nobody saw the body. UCLA has never confirmed the death. Michael is buried at Forest Lawn. Neither the film nor the board have no connection with the death of Michael. Nobody died.

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  1. tisha said

    I had a thought that MJ did this for his own protection of safety.

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