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Michael Jackson was Murdered… As was Jimi Hendrix,MLK,JFK ECT…..

Posted by angelbabe43 on February 11, 2010

When will it end? They kill the people we love left and right, after they frame and ruin them. We as sheep listen to the lies and turn on them only to watch as they are ruined in front of us….

Here are just 2 of many links, more people around MJ are coming out with info about his death, his Dr. was a freemason, and you will see that in part 2, There are 4 parts for a reason……

If all the fans of Michael see this, and wake up to the New World Order, that would make about 1/3 of the planet mad as hell that they killed off someone they loved, so please support and spread these videos. Those behind this, MUST be stopped.

You wont see a smoking gun, its rare you would, but you will be able to connect the dots quickly.

Remember, his good ol Doc, waited 30 mins before all 9/11 and did CPR on the bed (a lie, they never did CPR) you dont do CPR on the bed, you do it on floor. There is so many facts showing he was murdered, just look into it and spread word, and wake up the rest of the world to what the New World Order and The Illuminati are doing.

R.I.P. Michael… I waited for awhile before I spoke on this, but now I am certain it was murder just like all the rest…

Important – more proof as these guys NOW if Mj was murdered, they better then anyone would know…

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