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Surviving the New World Order

Posted by angelbabe43 on January 31, 2010

In the near future there will be no elections – our leaders will be appointed for us by the wealthy elite. There will be no cash – we will work for “credits” on an implanted microchip. There will be no home owners – we will all live in public housing. There will be no cars – we will ride public transportation. Jobs will be assigned, not chosen. Food, clothing, and shelter will be allocated, not bought. There will be military police on every street. Your children will swear allegiance to the state every day during indoctrination in school, and spy on you for their leaders. Even your preschoolers will be cared for by government appointed nannies who will raise them to idolize the New World Order while you work.

Plastic coffins like the ones in the video:

And their competitors:…

And if you still doubt that they’re coffins, look here where they say, “This vault comes in Adult, Infant, and Oversize sizes.”….

This video was completed in October 2008, and part of it is already coming true, namely that the US Dollar is being intentionally destroyed by our government. The purpose is to destroy the Middle Class and force a North American or World currency on us. The ultimate plan is to eliminate money altogether and implant us with chips, which will hold all of our information on them, allowing full control over every aspect of our lives by our billionaire banker masters.

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