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Posted by angelbabe43 on January 31, 2010


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  1. Tracy Spain said

    Hi, this I wrote in November 2009 and it´s called “Sweet Butterfly”

    It all takes place in a beautiful valley, full of flowers and living beings of many different colours. A big family of caterpillars lived peacefully, and marched to the sound of the music, to the breeze gently.
    It´s the story of a little caterpillar that wished to be like his brothers. He could see how they were changing into beautiful butterflies dancing and singing, while he kept on dreaming.
    When his great day arrived, his heart filled with happiness and he surprised the whole world, with his beauty and his sweet melody.
    He was famous in the valley and later in every alley.
    His wings opened to the world, a range of sensations, like when the sun meets the rain and the majestic rainbow appears in the horizon.
    When he would be asleep at night, the sky would lighten up, and the stars like bright sparkles they would look like, because his wings would emanate gold and silver dust.
    He would help other little caterpillars to find their own way, be paient and to their destiny await.
    He tinted other butterflies with many different colours, and also many flowers, daisies, roses and others.
    With other living beings he would talk, bigger or smaller, showing all his splendour, but always with love.
    He was kind hearted and many loved him, though sometimes they overwhelmed him, but others attacked him, because they wouldn´t understand him.
    They weren´t capable of seeing, God please forgive them, that under that tiny little body, an enormous heart was hiding.
    Slowly, very slowly his wings were melting, and the colour they usually shed, slowly vanishing.
    His heart beat was more and more fragile, and in silence and lonely, he was dying very slowly.
    But one night all that changed, and when everything seemed lost, a light illuminated him and told him “come with me. I´ll help you find your way, like I trust in you, you must trust in me, and everything will be okay”
    Every living being that had loved him, very sad they appeared, feeling that something inside of them, had forever disappeared.
    And the ones that had humiliated him, very guilty they felt for all the evil they had done, to this little but at the same time big butterfly, who they should have loved.
    For a time there were no colours, no scents, and no happy feelings.
    But one day everything lightened up, ad happiness would sprout again in their sad hearts, very excited when they learnt that the beautiful butterfly would soon come back.
    His wings would open up again, bigger and more beautiful than ever, and his voice like an angel, would dazzle all of them, and the whole world they would save together.

    With all my love, Tracy *******

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