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Posted by angelbabe43 on January 27, 2010

Love is a great thing ,a good about all others,which alone maketh every burden light,Love is watchful,and whilst sleeping,still keeps watch;though fatigued,it is not weary; though pressed,it is not forced.—Thomas A. Kempis

Love isn’t just a feeling, Love is a truth filled with forgiveness and kindness. It’s a gift that’s bursting with generosity and honesty. Love is the willingness to serve and protect,to cherish and respect,to honor and to be strong.You don’t have to be in love to feel love,you simply need to embody it. That means that while you might not have feelings of love for everyone you meet you can love them nonetheless.

Have you loved those around you today? Have you shown them that you accept them and love them just the way they are? Have you given this love freely and willingly,with no expectation to be returned in kind?

From now on ,concider that you can love more people in your life than you’re in love with.To do so, see love as separate from the feelings of falling in love. Love is really part of everything and everybody!!!


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