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Posted by angelbabe43 on January 15, 2010

Kenny on Oprah about phone call with Michael: Apparently Michael is asking him several times if he is awake now. (A wake up call?) MJ: ‘’We need fireflies!’’ KO: ‘’I kindda looked it up’’… ‘’Bioluminescent’’… ‘’A creature, a species that have the ability to its own biological make up to eliminate itself – Michael Jackson.’’
Hence the lyrics of This Is It: ‘’I’m the light of the world I feel grand’’. (MJ is a true light of the world.)

KO: ‘’He had been channeling’’…’’a higher person was working through him’’ KO asks if he can ask the higher person to work through him later when they get to London … ‘’Then He’s (God is working through Michael) gonna give the ideas to prince!’’
KO ends this story by saying that Michael loves Prince and mentions the song Purple Rain.
Here’s a selection of lines from the lyrics of Purple Rain:
‘’I never meant to cause you any sorrow, I never meant to cause you any pain’’… ‘’Honey I know, I know, I know times are changing’’… ‘’You say you want a leader’’ … ‘’Let me guide you to the purple rain’’… ‘’If you know what I’m singing about up here. C’mon raise your hand’’… ‘’I only want to see you, only want to see you’’. (Michael to lead us).

KO: ‘’Michael really wanted to do something special. For the last couple of years we’ve been talking about finding the right project. That had to have meaning and real purpose behind it.
You know for him to wanna do something and when he called me he said ‘’This Is It’’.

I don’t think Michael was ever part of the Illuminati even in his younger days. But I think they tried to invite him and have him spread their messages. They work through our sub consciousness through music, movies, politics etc. Michael might have found out they were using evil methods and had evil plans and broke free, of their plans. But he must have been involved somehow since they tried to control him. Maybe they wanted him to send out their evil messages and he refused. I don’t know.
It is certain that Michael always fought for a better world with love. And it is certain that someone was out to get him. I think they tried to control him. They are racist, evil men controlling the governments working towards their New World Order. Maybe Michael was going to expose of them. I believe Michael planned for his escape for many years – and that he plans to return. I really think he got away. I pray he is in a safe place. He outsmarted them. And he will come back and fight with us for a free world. I believe that God works through Michael.

As some has pointed out the Illuminati symbols have shown up around Michael. And the Illuminati do control most of the music (especially rap and pop) industry and Hollywood. Cause this is what we relate to and identify us self with. This goes especially for the youth who are very easy to ‘mold’. They control who gets to the top and who doesn’t.
Michael said several times that there were conspiracy against him (and his people). Also, he said that ever since he broke all the record sales records they started spreading bad words about him, trying to turn the public against him. He also referred to Mottola as the devil and said that Sony never thought that he would outthink them. And why would he say that if it weren’t true? I never doubted Michael. He is all about truth and love. Michael is very strong.
They were after Michael because he had such a strong impact on so many millions of people all over the world. I believe they saw that as a threat to their NWO plans.
All those (us) followers of Michael because of love, it might have been too much for them if he did not do as they dictate. We love Michael not only for the beautiful music and astonishing performances – we love him deeply for his deep loving soul, his wisdom, his strong and giving personality and the loving messages he gives to the world. That is what we truly identify with.

Said in the Koran, the Torah, and the Bible, the savior will come back in great time of change and He will fight for us and for the free world. Michael will come back to the right time to show the world how we all have been manipulated and lied to, and He will help the people of the world. But to the people:
You have got to OPEN YOUR EYES! THE WORLD IS NOT WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE! We are being lured into the darkness through manipulation from the bad people whom are pulling the strings of all their puppets – entertainers as well as politicians.
Some people just want popularity, power and money. And they will do anything to get it. Even sell their soul to the devil (hence the song ‘’Money’’).
They get their success and in return let the Illuminati string them.
Michael is a lot more than just the music. He was a danger to them.

For those of you who never knew about these conspiracies of NWO before watching the Zeitgeist films go to this link to learn more: … 600562261#
Here you will find videos from Alex Jones. Scary stuff I know… And in this category you also find Michal Jackson’s film ‘Ghosts’.

If you are not that much into hours of documentary (though I really think you owe it to yourself and the world to take the time to look in to it) you may also (once more) watch the more ‘entertaining’ films like The Matrix, V for Vendetta or The Lord Of The Rings trilogy – You were warned. The world is not what it seems, it’s barely a reality that is being pulled over your eyes. We need a revolution to avoid the fascist one world government. The All Seeing Eye is everywhere trying to lead us in to slavery and darkness.
It’s a long term plan they have had going on. They are working towards the NWO. To them it is not about the money. They already have all the money in the world. All they care about is power and control. And their plan is working. Once they have it, once they gain full control there will no ending it. Like Michael said: ‘’THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE TO FIX THIS PROBLEM THAT WE HAVE’’.
WAKE UP! WE ARE LOSING TIME! Say no to the satanic slavery. Say no to evil. Say no to control.

To those who still think the Illuminati is a bogus. Think for a minute of the Middle age… How the church used the most horrible methods to gain control of the people. Through fire they took advantage of the peoples fear. They blinded the people to the truth through manipulation as they deceivingly called themselves ‘’the men of God’’. What makes you think that with an adjustment in methods they wouldn’t be able to perform this evil on us today? Why do you think they could not control the world from behind the scenes? – Because that is what they make you believe!

And if still not good enough for you who don’t believe… You might want to take the time to look up Leo Zagami. He is former Illuminati even of Illuminati bloodline. And he can tell some pretty scary stuff on child sacrifices and the work towards a New World Order.

This is not the world of God and love! This is a world of evil! And we must stand up to our fears and fight the evil forces. They control through the fear. We must overcome that.They shall not win their endgame! We are warned!
I believe in mankind. I believe in humanity. I believe in the right to be your own. I believe that the truth will prevail. Follow the rabbit to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes. WAKE UP!

You might now want to ask – Where is God then? And God is in us! ‘’It starts with us!’’.
Seek the Lord and you shall find. Follow Michael! Follow the King and He shall lead you in the fight for freedom. Maybe Michael had to leave to make us see his prophecy.
It’s all for love… L.O.V.E.

Power to the people! To all of the people. Make that change. Fight back with love and respect.

(I wrote this comment with all respect to other opinions. No matter what your opinion on this subject (or any other subject for that matter) – though I advise you to look into it and also do your own research – I still love you only for the fact that you are a person and we are all one in the same world.
But you must not forget that far from everyone sees you or the world that way so watch out – evil might be lurking just around the next corner).


  1. Wen people believe in our Lord Jesus Christ an admit that we
    Are not from this world, but from God. Then here is only New World
    Order. And Jesus is The King!! To much people left him and his good message. That’s why they step ‘d on commandment 4 they shall not kill. 1 is Love God with whole your heart and soul, and at the same time, your nabor! Honour you father and mother,so you live
    Shall be coming old in the name of the Lord. Don’t steal. Jesus also said children are the Kingdom of Heaven. Honour the Sundays
    Cause on the 7e day God Finnish the earth, and keep it Holy.
    Jesus said also: Don’t judge nobody, cause when you do, with that same judgement, I will judge you! Children are the kingdom of heaven. Jesus told the crowd by then also this at the temple
    You see that old lady over there, she trow a few penny’s in the box for the poor, but she gave more then you rich people. Cause she gave all that she had. And don’t glorify yourself, cause the first are always the poor, and the children, rich people are the last. They give while they can give more then the poor. So and now I tell you all a story I wrote:

    Harvest Time
    The time of harvest is coming, all the workers are in
    The field to get all the large corn in the fields
    They finally get it all, and then The Lord of the fields
    Says: Why do I see so much little corn’s in the fields
    Well the great helper of That Lord says..
    Lord just look at them, they are far to small.
    The Lord looked very angry, he said you know why
    Those little Corns are so small?
    Because of the Great Large Corns..
    The small one’s didn’t get the light they needed,
    Even the rain, pas them by, they always where the last
    Corns that get any of this..And then the Lord said:
    Get those little corns, they are also mine,
    And believe in my kingdom of workers in the Light
    I have always workers they see the small corns,
    And they see those small corns and will fight
    For them.

    Angel Wynton

  2. Tracy Spain said

    Hi Angelbabe43,

    First of all I want to say that all the things you write and all the things you post here are all beautiful. Thank you!

    When I read what you have written I thought: Thank you God, now I know I´m not the only one.

    I wrote an “Important message” in Oct. 11th 2009 and “Believe in God and in yourself” in Jan. 2010. (the first one I sent to my family and friends, and the second one I haven´t sent yet, but I will). I´m sorry if they´re a bit long.


    This letter is for anyone who cares about our World.

    We should all open our eyes and our hearts, and believe again in the simple things. We always want more and more, and we don´t need so many material things to be happy. We must be thankful everyday for what we´ve got because there are a lot of people out there who haven´t got anything.

    Where have we gone to? Where has our humanity gone to? Where is our faith in other people? Where is our helping hand? Where is our sharing? And the most important of all, Where has our love gone to?

    What have we done to our beautiful planet? Nature is pure beauty and we can´t see it, we´ve gone blind. We are destroying it and it is rebelling against us. It´s been trying to warn us, but we can´t hear it, we´ve gone deaf. If we don´t do something soon there will be no more trees, no more colours and most of our beautiful animals will disappear. It´s out duty to look after this magnificent world. The ice is melting and the water in the oceans is warming up. Can´t we see it? There are more floods, more hurricanes, more earthquakes, heat waves,… It´s on the news all the time.

    A lot of good people have been trying to warn us for years, but we´ve just ignored them. We can´t leave everything for others to deal with, we must also help. We can´t turn our backs on the problems and we can´t believe everything the “money ones” say. Most of them don´t really care.

    We have to start with ourselves, love our families, friends, neighbours… We must teach our children right from wrong, teach them to respect people, animals and nature. Children are very intelligent and they learn things very fast if they are taught properly. We only give them more and more things, and we think these make them happy, but sometimes we don´t give them the most important: love.

    If we don´t do something soon what legacy will we leave for our children? Drugs and alcohol? Sadness and interrogations? We have to protest against all this. I´m sure that between all of us we can find a way to stop all this destruction and start reconstructing a better world for all of us.
    (Drug addicts and alcoholics have to realize by themselves that they have got a problem before they can do anything about it. It´s about time we realize our problem, which is provoking a disaster to our planet and people, and do something about it).

    Please understand that I´m not saying all this to dramatize the situation, the situation is very dramatic by itself. I´m saying it to give hope to people.

    We have all got a heart, but maybe we have forgotten how to use it. Let´s make it beat with all its intensity and start loving and caring, and not hiding our sentiments and worries. Let it all out without being embarrased. We are all part of this world, we are a big family and families should be united. With love we can all get together again and make things better.

    Please, let´s heal the world and make it a better place for all the living beings.

    Let´s make this a new beginning.


    What is it about people? Why can´t they realize that God gave us two special gifts : The Earth and Love.
    We can invent things everyday, we can learn more things everyday, we can repair things, we are intelligent. But why do we use our intelligence to destroy our precious planet? Wars, hunger, diseases, … We are so selfish¡ Maybe the problem is that we think we can do anything we like with it, that it is ours, so we can do and undoo as we want. We are so arrogant. But how wrong we are. This land isn´t ours, it´s God´s, he made it for us. If we don´t react and try to undoo this mess there won´t be anything left. How can we be so blind not to see it? There are signs everyday. Please world, open your eyes before it´s too late.

    Before, people use to help each other. Today we just look the other way. But is shouldn´t be like that. If we learn to put ourselves into the others place and try to feel their pain, then we will be able to change. If we do it, we will feel much better, it will feel like a good spirit is guiding us and we will want to do it again and again, helping the people who most need us.

    I suppose you don´t throw your rubbish all over your house and garden, or you don´t burn it inside your house? So why do we do it when we are out in nature? If we are intelligent we should realize that nature provides us with everything we need. Vegetation provides food for animals and for us. We also eat those animals. But if we destroy nature, there will be no vegetation, no food for animals or for humans. It´s easy to see and even a child can understand this.

    Contamination is also a mayor problem because it is getting worse every day and the ozone layer is being destroyed. That´s why the weather all over the planet is changing so much. If we are so intelligent we can change all this.

    And this is all we are doing to our little planet, our only home. We must pray to God and believe in Him, and believe in ourselves to make this change.

    I lost my faith in God and blamed him for all the calamities in the world, until I realized that it wasn´t Him who was destroying it, it was us. The intelligent animals.

    God please try to forgive us and lend us a helping hand. Please help us open our eyes and open our hearts, and give us one more chance to make things better. I know we can.

    Keep your faith and make the change.

    With love, Tracy *******

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