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Posted by angelbabe43 on October 7, 2009

I’ve been listening to the dangerous album alot the last few days and there is alot of hidden messages in the lyric there I have realized so need to write them out and try to figure this out.There are also 33 key players and the Movie This is it also has clue .I have to say I’m not really good at this clue game thing,and my being not able to see the movie well even more dishearting, the theaters in my town are not showing it .But I did order the collector set and won’t recieve that until the first part of I’m off for now will be keeping my eyes and ears open and beLIEve that the truth will prevail!! I love and miss you MJ!!

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    Angelbabe43 you are absolutely right!!!!!!Don’t be afraid!!Michael WILL comeback!!!I have some really interesting news!!Go to ”michael jackson death hoax”site and you will see a very interesting video about michael!It shows michael alive the day he died out of the ambulance!!!It’s not the fake with the coroner’s van…Is sth different…i cried when i saw it…

    • Michael needs his fans now more than ever and and all we have to do is BeLIEve(Lie becomes the truth)I know I’ve been listening too( alot of his music) lately and you know what it all makes sence and he is our King and all we know to do is have a litlle faith and believe.I still need to go through all the signs in the (messages in the music) to make more sence of it.This is absolutley incredible.Our King is alive and we are the ones(fans),and it’s all for L.O.V.E.=Let Obvious Visuals Exonerate. I was blind but now I can see somewhat of how it all fits.TOY=Thinking Of You


    Sorry…I meant…The only thing all of you have to do is to believe!!!OUR KING IS ALIVE!!!!!

  3. In LOVE ~:

  4. Michelle Wilkie said

    Hi how are You I am from Dunedin New Zealand and Angelbabe43 is this Yur site?? Hi can You please help me with this whole clue thing, like are we meant to be going through all his albums or jsut the Movie?? I saw You wrote about Dangerous and someone wrote about players 33 in Dangerous?? no that was You in same paragraph wasn’t it??
    well take care and I believe!! and lvoe and ahve great gratitude!!
    all my love and take care

  5. Katie said

    Please give me some more information about michael being alive! I am still on the fence about this all! Please give me some more information so i can know that michael is really and truly alive please! thank you!

  6. If you go through lyrics very carefully there is a message,don’t have solid proof but when I was listening to the Dangerous album everything became alot more clear {WILL YOU BE THERE)(KEEP THE FAITH}[GONE TOO SOON}and more in the lyrics.I don’t know how I know but I know.

  7. Coralee ~ USA said

    When you watch the movie THIS IS IT…just look at the grin on MJ’s face at the end of the song “They Don’t Care About Us”. Let me know what you think…I would enjoy your feedback on this.
    It all for love ~ L O V E ~ love. I love you Michael

  8. Prisme said


    Just thinking that Michael is alive make me happy. And I want to tell him that “I will be there (and I am sure all his fan in the world) for him”, and personnaly I understant why he did what he did. I hope he is happy right now and have the chance to relax, and have fun and than more laught, it’s so very good, we have to take all the occasions to laught, when we are happy, it’s contagious, everyone near us feel happy too.

    I love all the fans of Michael (we like a big family, because we share something (our love and faith for Michael) in common).

    Big hug to Michael, and take care, I miss you so much.



  9. Prisme said


    You sing like a nightindale
    You dance like an hummingbird
    When you perform it’s a blowing dale
    But you are oblige to hide like a bird

    You are an intelligent man
    You wrote so many beautiful songs
    You love all human
    And your messages are to be right, not wrong

    Still your gone it’s not the same
    You have many things to do
    Please comeback on the scene
    Because all your fans miss you

    I never met you, but I heard many things about you
    « Falling in love was not my plan »
    And I never believe the bad things, they said about you
    And you are such a man

    You are so generous and incomparable
    We feei your presence, you are magic
    Your chilhood was miserable
    And nowadays you are a man, your life is sometimes tragic.

    You are a dreamer and we can resist to follow you
    You gave so beautiful messages
    And it’s the reason we so miss you
    And you will be cherish for ages.

    The childish side in you
    Help me to keep my child heart.
    I would like to know you
    Because you took a big part of my heart

    You are so charming when you shy
    And I miss your beautiful smile
    It always make my spirit high
    And to see you, I wiil run many miles.

    You are so sweet and gentle
    I want to catch you my hummingbird
    And I am sure we can handle
    Together we can heal the world.

    With all my admiration!


    P.S. Sorry if I did mistakes, English is my second language. But I feel the need to write a poem for Michael.

  10. Kimberky Walker said

    Yes, Micheal’s songs are full of clues… I love a lot of the songs from Danerous. I don’t have the album yet but I would like to get it soon. From the songs that I know from the Dangerous album my favorite is ” will you be there “. I like the video to ” WILL YOU BE THERE” because the backup vocals are sung by a chorus. To me having the chorus sing the backup vocals is Michael letting God know that he will need God’s help: to inform the people about what’s going on that’s wrong (government, Environment etc), and For his personal safety. Michael is also asking his fans will we be there with him as well. I have always supported and loved Michael. So my answer to Michael is yes I “Will Be There” any way that I can. The song “You Are Not Alone” to most is a love song (which it is), but it also could mean that if you want to change and save the world from the diabolical small elite that we will not be alone because he (Michael) will be there with you (us). Now, Man in the Mirror could refer to when Michael was under the influence of the Illuminati (If that story is true about the Illuminati), and then Michael realized what the Illuminati was doing to the world and didn’t like it so he said “I’m looking at the Man in the Mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways, no message could be any clearer, if you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make that CHANGE!” So to me that is MJ saying I don’t like what the elite is doing to the world and I don’t want to be a part of it, so I will get out and help people, so we can change what they are trying to do!! But I (MJ) can’t do it “alone”, and I need to know if you “will Be There” with me! My answer again MIchael is “YES” “I WILL BE THERE WITH YOU”!!!

    “BREAKING NEWS” Also has a lot of clues regarding why Michael went into hiding, and about his return! If you don’t have MJ’s new album “Michael” then you should by it now and you can hear for yourself the clues that are in “Breaking News” and other songs on “Michael” (his new album). If you want to know more about what I think the clues are in “Breaking News” you can go to this web site, I wrote about what I think the clues are regarding “Breaking News”. I think it is on the home page of that sight and it is under my name. Thanks and God bless you all, ESPECIALLY MICHAEL XOXOXO!!!!

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